06 September 2013


I have a pretty amazing life. I have a great job, I am part of a really fantastic charity where I get to dress up in costume and make kids smile, I get to do what I love when as a freelance costume designer/makeup artist, I have the opportunity to be in shows quite often, and I am working to become a powerlifter. It's all amazing! I get to go places and do things that people dream about, but sometimes it gets hard. Maybe it's just a matter of being overwhelmed, burning the candle at both (or six...) ends, or maybe I can't make a decision on what to do with my life. Sometimes life stuff is hard. My body aches and I can't figure out why or how to fix it. People do or take things, disappointment hits me hard, I feel like I'm not very pretty or that I won't ever find someone who will want to spend the rest of forever with me. I feel like my friends aren't necessarily against me, but they aren't for me either, and the stress gets to the point where I'm just maxed out. That's where I'm at right now. My life isn't perfect. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes I just want to scream and cry and be held and not and read a book or write a letter and sleep and sing and sit in silence all at the same time. And then sometimes I don't do any of it, or I do some combination of them.

I am very blessed to have some amazing friends and family and a crazy, but awesome kitty. I do love my life, but sometimes... I have hard days.

22 March 2013

Damn You Auto Correct - The Tiffany Addition

The following conversation took place between myself and a friend last night after I got home from the gym and it was so funny that I couldn't not share it.  I had my very own "Damn You Auto Correct" moment!

  • Me: Doing well. Just got back from the gym. Super hard day, but it paid off. I impressed my trainer by doing my very first sumo deadlift with "perfect" form! 
    My shins do not love me, but that's ok. I feel great about it and I love the lift!
    Her: awesome!
    • Me: This must be how runners feel when they have a great run! 

      Her: I think so!
      • Me: When I run, I just feel like punching someone in the throat, vomiting, and dying. Lol!

        • Her: hahahahahahahahahaha
          You got issues.
          • Me: I've never understood the feeling they talk about when associated with running, but this is the best! I am full of endorsements.
            End of fins.
            Damn it!!!
            I hate auto correct!
            Those feel good hormones that my phone obviously has none of. 

            Dear phone, the word is ENDORPHINS!!!  Good grief!
            Definition: any of a group of endogenous peptides (as enkephalin) found especially in the brain that bind chiefly to opiate receptors and produce some pharmacological effects (as pain relief) like those of opiates. - www.merriam-webster.com

            Sometimes, I hate technology... But usually just when it makes me look like an idiot.

            For the record, I was practically ROLLING on the ground laughing because it was so silly!  End of fins!?  Oh man!
            This is a picture of me doing the lift, by the way.

          03 March 2013

          Sunday Thoughts

          I am tired of hearing that we should expect to be mediocre, and it is ok. I EXPECT 100% from myself and from other people. I think we SHOULD make goals to achieve perfection, we SHOULD push ourselves to get there, and we SHOULD know and love ourselves and we must be kind to ourselves and others WHEN (not if) we fail. That does not mean we don't try and fail again and again, but we accept, love, and learn so we can progress. In the end, we won't be perfect. We will each probably have perfect moments, but not on a whole. We will fail. A lot. We have to be kind to ourselves and keep going without getting too hard on ourselves, but I refuse to stop expecting perfection because when we stop expecting that, our bar will drop and people will accept less as good enough, and I will not stoop to that level. End rant.

          15 January 2013

          Sometimes Life is Hard

          As I'm just laying in my bed tonight, I am thinking, sometimes life is hard. Sometimes things are really hard! I had my feelings hurt pretty badly by a dear friend of mine the other day. Someone who is almost family. It hurts, and they most likely have no idea that they did it. Either that or they don't care. What hurts the most is that I think it is the second one and that makes me even sadder. Anyway, the hard thing is trying not to act hurt. Trying to pretend it's all normal and trying to make it better. I am just not tough enough some days. Also, I fell on some ice this weekend and my knee hurts a ton! It's all bruised and swollen. I do not like winter. Bleh. Ok, so this is a pity party post. It happens sometimes.

          07 January 2013

          Power Lifting Win

          Real conversation at the gym tonight:

          *while I'm bending over doing dumbell rows*
          Power lifter 1 "Have you been having her do squats?"
          Trainer and power lifter 2 "She did 175 max effort last week."
          Me "Snaps!"
          Power lifter 1 "I was just wondering because her ass is rounder!"
          Me *defensive/self conscious* "Don't look at my bum!"
          Power lifter 1 "No, it's in a good way! You're looking more toned."
          Me "Um... Thank you then." *going back to the weights*

          Power lifting for the win! I think... :)

          31 October 2012


          I am so stinking excited!  I finally got my Rogue costume finished!  It’s in the style of the later comic book character/90s cartoon character.  I’m still working on the accent, and I will get yellow boots when I have the time and finances to do so, but otherwise it’s so much win!  Unfortunately, most of the “under 20” age group have no idea who I am…  That is not so much win.  Happy Halloween!

          Reference photos:

          My costume:




          25 September 2012

          Give Away Blog Post!

          I decided to participate in a sort of blog challenge so here it goes:

          The rules:

          -The first three people to comment on this post will receive a little gift - something personal from me to you.

          -But in order to receive your present you have to play along. Spread the love on your own blog promising to send a little special something to the first three people who comment on your post.

          -You get 72 hours to re-post, or I'll have to move on to the next person.

          -Please only comment if you're willing to pay it forward. If you want to receive something unique from me in the mail and if you are willing to do the same for others, leave a comment below! Please leave your blog URL so that I and others can visit your blog!

          Now, comment on this post and then go make someone else's life better today! :)

          21 September 2012

          A Matter of Life and Death

          In 2007 (when I started this blog) I lived in London for a semester.  It was GLORIOUS (cue choir of angels), and I got to see a ton of shows!  Some were musicals, some were Shakespearean, and some were straight plays (for you non theatre people, a straight play is a non musical/non Shakespearean play).  I was basically in heaven!  I loved the city, I loved the theatre, I loved (mostly) the people I was with, and I loved tea time!  Everything about that experience was amazing!  Ok, not everything...  I didn't like falling down the stairs and I tended to do that a lot.  It's totally my fault, but I now want to explain why I fell so much so I don't sound like a complete klutz.  A lot of the stairs in London are, for some reason, really shallow.  They are only like 6 inches deep!  The interior ones at my flat were carpeted, but the carpet was old and worn smooth and super slick, especially when it was wet, which was most of the time since it rains a bunch in London.  Obviously, that means that the outdoor stairs are wet most of the time.  Some of them are old stone (worn smooth and also very slick) or metal (I sound like a broken record).  Needless to say they are slippery old stairs, and I fell down them a bunch since I have a habit of running when I'm going up or down stairs.  Heavens!  This blog post isn't even about falling on the stairs!  I digress!

          So recently, I have been thinking back to one of my most favorite plays.  A Matter of Life and Death.  Supposedly there is a film version, but I have never seen it for myself.  I saw the play for the first time when I was in London (And the second, and possibly a third time.  I know I thought about going a third time, but I don't remember if I did.) and I haven't seen it done anywhere else since then.  It was a well written play, and well acted, but the thing that really made it amazing was the visual production!  It was incredible!!!  I so wish I could see it again with the same production team because I was altered as a person and as a designer.  It is beautiful and moving and the set changes as the people do and they morph, sometimes magically, into other parts of the set!!!  Like when the bicycling nurses become the propellers on the WWII bomber plane!!!  AMAZING!!!  The short version of the story line is a pilot is supposed to die in a plane crash, but his conductor misses him in the fog and should he get a second chance at life since he survived, or should he die because it was his time?  It is fantastic!  They even decide the ending by a flip of a coin.  On stage.  EVERY PERFORMANCE!!!  How crazy is that!?  Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I missed London, I miss this play and I wish I could see it again.  *Sigh*  Enjoy the photos I stole online for your enjoyment (actually, more for my benefit so I could relive it).  Photo credits are at the bottom.

          The National Theatre all lit up at night

          The Program/script cover

          The bed/swing is frozen in time

          The Conductor trying to convince Peter to go with him

          Conductor 71 is my favorite character in the entire show!

          Peter and June's first physical meeting

          The final judgment scene/operation scene

          A few others for your general enjoyment

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          30 August 2012

          Cross One Off The List

          Today I came to a realization. If I had to choose how my life would end, it would NOT be by over eating junk food. I repeat: death by junk food would be bad!!! What a miserable way to go... I am crossing that one off my list because this day has been truly awful. Two doughnuts, two cheese burgers, a carton of fudge brownie ice cream (hey, it was small!), most of a package of chocolate covered cashews, and a Dr Pepper later, I can feel my insides revolting! I will now begin a 7 day cleanse... :(

          21 August 2012

          Hate (and boy, could this blog have the potential to get me some!) Part 2

          Sorry, I thought it would be better to take this in two parts so that people don't get overwhelmed.

          Now, when it comes to Chick-Fil-A, I have never eaten there.  I hear they have good chicken, and I hear that their chicken is rubbish.  I have no personal opinion on their chicken.  I think we can all agree that the argument of a "biblical" definition of marriage is complete crap because there is almost one of everything when it comes to different marriages in the bible.  The argument we are coming across is the traditionally accepted western world's definition of marriage which is that of one man and one woman.  Yes?  Good, let's carry on then.

          To be clear, I understand where people are coming from with their rage against the CEO of Chick-Fil-A.  I know about having my feelings hurt.  I also know about hurting people's feelings.  I would take a guess that unless you are Jesus (and if you are, I'd love to meet you!!!), you've probably hurt someone's feelings at one point in your life.

          There was a statement made where Mr Cathy said he didn't support gay marriage.  (Note, he did not say he hated people who were gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual, nor did he say he wouldn't serve or hire or in any other way discriminate against them in his business dealings.)  Here's the thing.  He has his beliefs and he is just as entitled to them as anyone else is to theirs.  I don't think it should matter if you agree with them.  He wasn't asking you to.  To me, what it comes down to, is that an imperfect human being (Wait, we all understand what it's like to be one of those, right?) said something that was insensitive and hurt people's feelings.

          Now, I do think that it wasn't the best idea he ever had saying that the way he did.  When you are a public figure, you should be more conscientious about how/what/where you say things.  I think this is true for both the conservative people and the liberal people.  Do I think what he said was smart, absolutely not!  I think it was idiotic for him to say what he did, how he did.  However, I support his right to say it.  That is what the biggest issue to me is.  He said something, and his first amendment rights were attacked!  I feel terrible that people had their feelings hurt, but  I think that the CEO should have every right to say that if that's how he feels.

          Now on the same token there are LOADS of stupid things said all the time.  Case and point, when the Dixie Chicks decided to bash President Bush.  Was it smart?  Well, I suppose if you think pissing off your main demographic is smart, than yes, yes it is.  I don't think it was very smart though.  Do I support their right to say it though?  As dumb as it might be, I totally do!  I still think that they should be able to have those opinions and they should be able to say them if that's what they want to do.

          What happened after the fact was, in my opinion silly and childish though!  First, there was the boycott of Chick-Fil-A.  Now, if there are ethical/legal reasons to not support the company, ok.  Be educated and informed and you should be making those decisions.  I just don't think it should be made over a person's personal feelings or beliefs.  I just don't.  Even if I don't share those opinions, it's the opinion of that person and he/she is entitled to them.  If you choose to not go because of someone's opinion, you look like you are throwing a tantrum and that is what children do.  The same goes for those who then put forward the support Chick-Fil-A day.  I kind of get that, because after all of the bad press, they needed something to boost them back up, but still.  Most of the time, places recover alright after a mistake like that and it probably wasn't necessary.   I really don't think most people were going to Chic-Fil-A because they hate gay people though.  I think that most of the people who were going went for one of 2 reasons.  1- there was so much bashing happening to the chain that they wanted to support it because they like the chicken or 2- they were supporting Cathy's right to have his opinions and that it shouldn't be the reason you don't support the company.

          I love my friends who are working for what they want.  I love my gay friends and my straight friends, but I don't love that when someone says they support gay marriage, it's being a forward thinker, and when someone says they don't it's being a terrible human being who should be hurt and humiliated and they should never be allowed into society again.  You have to recognize that hate is hate and it is still hate if it is coming from the "forward thinkers"

          It makes me feel like if I have an opinion, should I be afraid to say it?  Will I get my head ripped off if it's not what people want to hear?  I think that anytime people have a problem with something it's become so acceptable to attack the person(s) who said or did it, and I feel like it's fostering some serious resentment.  To me, it feels like it's only ok for certain people to say what they feel and in fact, it's only ok for people to feel certain ways.  If you don't think the same way, you're a bad person.  I don't want people to hate me because they don't agree with me.  I don't hate other people because I don't agree with them.  I don't agree with polygamy, but I don't hate them.  I don't believe in the Hindi gods and goddesses, but I don't hate the people who do.  I love them and I don't know why there is so much antagonism!  Why can't people calm down and just talk about things, then be ok if they don't agree with each other?

          A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook a while back and I really like it.  I think it says perfectly what I think on the subject.  "To let go isn’t to forget, not to think about, or ignore. It doesn’t leave feelings of anger, jealousy, or regret. Letting go isn’t about winning or losing. It’s not about pride and it’s not about how you appear, and it’s not obsessing or dwelling on the past. Letting go isn’t blocking memories or thinking sad thoughts, and doesn’t leave emptiness, hurt, or sadness. It’s not about giving in or giving up. Letting go isn’t about loss and it’s not about defeat. To let go is to cherish the memories, but to overcome and move on. It is having an open mind confidence in the future. Letting go is learning and experiencing and growing. To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry, and made you grow. It’s about all that you have, all that you had, and all that you will soon gain. Letting go is having the courage to accept change, and the strength to keep moving. Letting go is growing up." 


          Hate (and boy, could this blog have the potential to get me some!) Part 1

          This (and the next) blog post is going to be dealing with some very sensitive, topics.  It is not my intention to hurt feelings so I ask you to please read on with an open mind and a kind heart, and if you choose to comment, keep it civil and keep it clean.  I won't post comments that I feel are hurtful or inappropriate.

          It has been nearly a month since the shooting in Aurora, CO, as well as the Chick-Fil-A statement and the back lash that came after it, but I have a lot to say and I wanted to say it well.

          First, I would like to express my sympathy to the survivors who were hurt and those who were killed in the Aurora, CO shooting and their families.  I hesitate to call them victims, because I feel that carries a defeatist mentality, and that is not my position to impose that on someone.  You get to choose how you react to things, and so far I think that there has been a really positive reaction to an obviously terrible situation.  Bravo!  I would also like to commend those who are choosing to not glorify the shooter by saying his name.  He doesn't deserve to have the celebrity status, and I will not be dignifying him with the use of his name either.

          I would also like to take this moment to express my sympathy for the family of the shooter.  By all accounts, they seem to be normal people who do their best to be good people, raise good children, and contribute to society.  His father is the manager of a software company and his mother is a nurse.  They did their best to raise him in a good environment and give him the best that they could.  Now they are living any parent's nightmare.  They didn't choose to do something terrible.  In all reality, they probably didn't have any idea that he was going to do what he did, so there was truly nothing that they could have done to prevent it.  Now, in essence, they are being blamed for "not doing enough" and "how could they have allowed this to happen!?"  How do we think they could have stopped their ADULT son who didn't live with them?  He didn't even live in the same state as they do!  These are decent people who did nothing wrong, but became instant villains and who have lost their son in the same moment.  Grieving parents who are being blamed for aiding a horrific crime that they didn't know would happen.  I'm sure they were just as shocked and horrified (if not more so) than the rest of us.

          I have read reports from the families of the Columbine shooters as well as those from families of serial killers and it's almost equally difficult for them to cope with the situation as it is for the families of those who were hurt.  They want to say how incredibly sorry they are for the things their family member has done, but they don't know how to do it because people automatically hate them for being related to the person in question.  They want to see that justice comes to the people who were wronged, but they know that no amount of "justice" will ever bring back the loved one who is gone, or the person who won't ever be able to have a normal life again.  Yet, in many of these situations, they don't hate their loved one.  Of course they hate the terrible thing that they did, but not the person.  To the families, they are still sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, etc.  So how can we be so hard on them for standing by their loved one?  I don't think I could abandon the people I loved in that situation.  I can't even imagine how much they must be hurting and I seriously doubt if they will ever be listed on any survivors list.

          As a member of the costuming community, I am saddened by the shooting not only because it's a horrible event, but because of the blame that is being given to those who participate in these events.  I am part of a group called HEROIC Inc made up of people who dress in costumes of super heroes, villains, princesses, etc. and attend charity events and promotional events to entertain and to make people (especially children) happy.  I have only been involved with them for a short time, but I have been able to meet some of the most incredible, giving people I know.  They do these events with no compensation, they pay for all of their own costumes, and they give their time (lots of their time in some cases) to raise money for charity and just to make people happy.  They do promotional things as well, where costuming and playing the character is something that they do for their (and other's) enjoyment.  As far as any reports that I have seen have said, the shooter is not and has never been a member of the cosplay (costume player) community, so it is quite unfair to blame us (them) for the shootings.

          (This was made by my friend Charity Mack and her podcast Hello, Sweetie!)

          There have been some theaters that have chosen to not allow costumed characters at their movies any longer.  I hope they realize that they are taking away something that their customers enjoy.  Quite frankly, I'm a little surprised that they haven't said there will be no more midnight showings.  I truly hope that it is something that will be only last in the moment of panic that happens right after a traumatic event occurs and that when things start to be resolved we will be able to do it again.

          As a member of the human community, I think this is an absolutely vital moment to not let fear and hate win.  We must not allow one person to control us!  I don't mean it is something that we ignore.  Heavens no, but if we let his actions propel us into a state of fear and if we let that fear change how we live our lives, then we let him win.  We ALLOW him to take that control of us.  I know that I personally, will not stand for that!  I will not let my life be changed by someone's actions!  I choose to make the world a better place by not allowing the terrible actions of others to dictate how the world works.

          14 August 2012

          Do you ever...

          Decide to write a blog so you look busy while you're waiting for someone/something and happen upon a terribly funny situation? Yep, that just happened! I was waiting in front of a restaurant and a couple comes out. The conversation goes as follows:
          Him: I had a great time
          Her: mm hmm
          Him: We should get get together again sometime and get to know each other better.
          Her: Oh! Um, ok...

          *Awkward side hug*

          I nearly died! Unfortunately, then they got too far away to hear well. Ah good times! :)

          06 August 2012

          Bicyclists or The Blog That Made People Start Hating Me

          First, for the purpose of this post, I would like to make a few things clear.  1) I actually really enjoy bicycling and I think it is an EXCELLENT form of exercise. 2) I will be using the term "most cyclists" and I mean most of the cyclists I have been involved with or seen.  If you don't fit into this generalization, or if you haven't had the same experiences that I have, that's great for you!  Please remember that I HAVE NOT SEEN ALL CYCLISTS and this is my blog, so if you disagree, write your own blog post about it because I am writing about my experience and you don't have to read my blog if you don't want to.  Pretty easy fix.  Right then.  On to the post.

          My uncle was hit by a car this weekend during an annual bicycle ride my family organizes each year from Afton, Wyoming to Jackson, Wyoming.  He is definitely banged up, but thankfully he will recover.  Now, I don't know the specific details of the accident, but it serves to solidify and to provide evidence to my position which is that bicycles have no business occupying the same area as vehicles!!!  I don't care what anyone says, while the law states that bicycles are vehicles, BICYCLES ARE NOT THE SAME AS VEHICLES!  If you have a cyclist and a pedestrian who collide, they will both probably come out with some scrapes/bumps/bruises but the likelihood of a fatality or a serious injury is slim.  However, put a cyclist and a vehicle in a collision and the cyclist is going to get HOSED every single time!  I have come across the argument that motorcycles have the same problem as bicycles.  This is partially true, but they have more speed than a bike, they DO have more power than a bike, they are more grounded than a bike, and they are almost always more protected by their clothing because they almost never ride half naked like cyclists do at times.

          Now, I realize that I may seem a little harsh or unreasonable but let me be clear.  I have a large number of family members and friends who are cyclists and I worry like crazy about them ALL OF THE TIME!!!  The biggest issue is that given how cyclists behave when I'm around, I would venture to guess that most cyclists haven't even taken the time and effort to read and learn what their rules of the road are!  Allow me to provide that link for you http://www.udot.utah.gov/main/uconowner.gf?n=55126312117091464 (The laws start on page 8 in case you are wondering.  Go ahead, read away!  I'll bet you never have before.)  When you finish reading them, let's talk about how I rarely have a cyclist signal what their intention is, I have nearly hit cyclists who go from sidewalk (where I frankly think they belong, even though it's not recommend or even legal in some places, so let's not even get started on that!) and dive straight into traffic, and cyclists who insist on riding down the middle of whatever lane they fancy and blaze around between lanes like they own the road.  Let's also discuss how on almost a daily basis I see cyclists ignore traffic signals and stop signs because they don't seem to feel like waiting for the light to change, or putting down a foot while they wait.  Because that's neat and totally safe!

          Every single time I am driving downtown Salt Lake City, and I come to a stop light I am terrified that I'll go to make a turn and have a cyclist come flying up on my side and I will flatten them!  This is one of the traffic laws for cyclists that I find ignored with such a crazy regularity, it is scary!  I would like to quote:

          "At busy intersections, do not advance to the stop line by passing cars on the right—unless you are in a designated bike lane. (Even if you are in a bike lane, be cautious of vehicles swerving into the bike lane to pass on the right.) If there is no bike lane, wait in the through lane or turn lane with the other vehicles."  [Last bullet point on page 8]

          Really!?  I think I have seen that particular law obeyed one time.  ONCE!!!  I am talking to all of you cyclists!  Get with it!  We can't see everything at once, just like you can't see everything at once and you are a lot smaller than a car, so chances are you can see the cars better than they can see you.  Just saying.

          I would like to make a point about riding at night.  It is difficult to see bicycles at night.  That is just a fact.  It is recommended/required that cyclists have reflectors and headlights/taillights if you are going to ride at night, but let me say this.  If you plan on having a super bright, strobe light on the front of your bike and you plan to ride into traffic (incorrect decision by the way, even though it happens ALL THE TIME) you might get run over.  If you do that right into my line of vision, I am going to have a full blown seizure and then I'm not going to feel nearly as bad when you are a pancake.

          Now, I know that there are some situations where the drivers of cars aren't as courteous as they should be.  I'm sorry about that, but there is nothing I can do about that.  I do know, however, that I have had several experiences where I have had cyclists who have been particularly aggressive and or discourteous toward me.  Even in situations where I have been specifically looking out for them.  There was one situation where I nearly hit a cyclist, but it was an equal liability situation and I can say that I was genuinely SHOCKED at how she behaved.  It was a disgrace for cyclists and she should be ashamed of herself.

          I'm not perfect.  I don't always see everything, but I do try very hard and I think I see a lot more than some people because I am always thinking how it could be my family or my friend who is in danger.  You know what though, cyclists need to start taking responsibility.  They need to start learning and doing, what they should be doing, and if you want the cars to share the road, act like it.  You are responsible for yourself.  I am responsible for myself and for you, so take that into consideration the next time you decide to be a colossal asshat by flipping me off and yelling profanities when I give you some extra space as I pass your sorry butt instead of riding on top of you.

          01 August 2012

          OH. MY. HELL.

          I am either hypothermic, or sweating profusely today. There is no middle range. Dear body, please even out or I may loose my mind!
          Yours truly,

          22 July 2012


          I have been dealing with some different relationships lately and the levels of commitment that they are at. I have always felt that if you are going to commit to something, you should do it all the way, or not at all. Don't even bother if you're only going to do it half assed. Especially if it is a relationship commitment. People get hurt and sometimes relationships and trust are permanently damaged.

          Perfect example: when I adopted my sweet kitten I understood that it was a forever commitment. It wasn't just for when it is convenient. It's not just for when she is cuddly or playful. It's for the hard times too when she's obnoxious and bites and gets sick or chews my belongings. She trusts me and she knows I will protect her. I saved her from 'the cage' and she never has to go back again. Not ever. I have committed to taking care of her, loving her, to get her the care she needs, and be there no matter what. We're a package deal and you can either like it or walk away. She's my best little friend.

          People's relationships should be more like that. Commit to make the person you care about your first priority and make them as happy as you can. Care more about them than yourself and you will be successful. And make sure they will do the same for you because there is nothing worse than being more invested than the other person.

          07 June 2012


          Tonight after work, I went swimming.  This is kind of a big deal for me because it wasn’t just going to my pool, I actually went swimming.  FOR EXERCISE!!!  I haven’t been swimming for exercise since I was 16.  Yes, you read correctly, that is 11 years ago!  There were definitely pros and cons to getting my cardio in this way.


          I LOVE BEING IN WATER! It feels safe, warm, and SO natural!

          Side note: my mom has always called me a fish out of water. There is a reason for that.

          It is easier on my joints than dying running on the elliptical or treadmill is. I hate running.

          (Ran my first 10k this morning… Just kidding, I’m on my third donut. Yeah, that’s about right.)

          I love being in a pool!

          I can walk to the pool in my complex.

          My old swim team suit fits again! (HA! Take that!)

          I am left to nothing but my own thoughts while I swim. The up side of that is I can think. I don’t have distractions and I can just go.

          I don’t feel sweaty and gross afterward!

          Did I mention how much I love being in the pool?


          There is always the possibility that kids will ruin the workout by coming to play at the pool.

          My goggles are 11 12 13 years old and fogged up almost instantly making them only good for keeping the chlorine out of my eyes.

          The pool at my complex is very little! Definitely not a normal lap pool!

          I MUST shave my legs to work out. I can’t just put on long work out pants and PRETEND I shaved my legs. Boo.

          I am left to nothing but my own thoughts while I swim. No TV, no movies, no music to help pass the time or calculate how long I’ve been going.

          I have super ridiculous hair after I get out of the pool.

          All in all, I really enjoyed it.  I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but I think it is lovely!

          04 June 2012

          0 for 3

          Do you ever feel like anything/everything you say turns into crap? Yeah, welcome to my night. Three of my conversations tonight went from great to suck in .6 seconds. Apparently I really suck at this talking thing sometimes. I'm going to bed before I can upset anyone else and I'll just have to try to salvage things in the morning.

          21 May 2012

          Public Service Announcement

          There are certain words that, when misused (or used at all), are some of my biggest pet peeves!

          1- "Nother" IS NOT A REAL WORD!!! In fact, I think I die a little inside every single time I hear the phrase, "...a whole nother ... If you are referring to "another" something, great! I'm thrilled about that! However, as I said before, nother is not, in and of itself, a word.

          2- Your/you're. This drives me to drink!!! Well, I don't drink, but it would drive me to it if I did! This is so EASY!!! Allow me to explain.

          "Your" is possessive. If something belongs to you, or you are referring to something that belongs to someone, this is the appropriate spelling.

          "Your sister is very pretty!" See how this works? The sister is yours. Not you are's.

          "You're" is the combination of "you" and "are". It should be used when shortening and combining the two words.

          "You're very pretty!" This could be written you are very pretty, but would not be your very pretty. That's just awkward.

          The worst I ever usage I've ever seen was on a film set in a boy's locker room etched into a locker it said, "you'r dumb." Right kid, good luck with life...

          3- There/their/they're. All I can do with this one is sigh.

          "There" is referring to the location of something. "Their" is possessive of something. "They're" is they and are combined.

          I know there are others, but seriously I'm exhausted and annoyed and I don't see how going into it any more will help. Most of the offending parties don't even read my blog! There should be a grammer help zone for some people. I do feel better now though. Hooray for that! :)

          26 April 2012


          So... I want to win this swimsuit!  I really like this company and I need a new suit for this season.  Plus, it's a rockin' color and super cute!  Anyway, I REALLY want to win and I've been entering almost everyday so I hope I get picked!  Thank you blog world.


          25 April 2012

          Extreme Hoarding - Blog Edition

          Well, here I am. I am not dead, as you may have deduced by my lack of blogging for the last... few months. Now, before the comments judging my hiatus, or how I always get cranky when blogs I read are not updated regularly start, let me clarify. NOT MY FAULT! At least not directly. I downloaded a 'new and improved!' blogging app that was really just a blog hoarding app. So all of the blogs I've written in the last...few months... are permanently stuck there (until I can re type them or figure out why they haven't posted). Yay! That's a neat part of my day!

          In related news, more blogs are unlikely to come before mid May since my sister and I leave for Europe (for 2 weeks!!!) in less than a week and I've got stuff to do before then. I'll give it a go though! Cheers!

          16 February 2012


          Well this is interesting. I usually have a certain task that I am in charge of. However, someone else wanted to take charge of it this month I guess. I tried to be really nice when I addressed the situation,but I must have frustrated or hurt that person's feelings. I feel bad about that, and next time I will absolutely say nothing. I thought that sharing my experience in doing this task would be appreciated. In reality, it would have been easiest to just let me do it since I've learned a few things that make it easier in the last couple of months. I wanted to avoid people being mad though, so I decided I'd just sit back and do whatever I was asked to do. Now, I'm being accused of "taking over again" and I'm not even doing anything! I can't win! If I'm going to get blamed, I may as well have taken over and just gotten it done! *sigh* No good deed goes unpunished?

          14 February 2012

          Valentines Day 2012

          Some people are not a fan of Valentines Day if they haven’t got a valentine, some people aren’t a fan of Valentines Day even if they do have a valentine.  I, myself, am a fan of Valentines Day.  I love love.  I think it is especially important to tell the people you love that you love them.  I’ve lost enough people to know that you have to say “I love you” when you have the chance.  I do think it is nice to have a special day to give some extra love though as well!  It’s like a birthday, or anniversary, or something but it’s for everyone to participate in!  I think it is a lovely holiday in general.

          I would, of course, LOVE to have a wonderful man to kiss and cuddle and bring me flowers on Valentines Day.  I will one day too.  This day would not be that day though.  C’est la vie.

          It was a lovely day though.  I got to sleep in, cuddle with my kitten/valentine, went to work for a little bit, then came home and had a date night with Moe the kitten, Mr Humphrey Bogart, and a bowl of pasta.  Ending in tears… I suppose it is only appropriate as I am a hopeless romantic at heart.  “Here’s looking at you kid.”  It gets me every time!  *sigh*  All while wearing my awesome red wig and heart handcuff jewelry!  I do try to make a statement on certain holidays you understand.

          Thank you mom and dad for the Valentines Day treats/flowers/card.  It’s the best kind of Valentine gift I could have.


          (And yes, for anyone wondering I had already eaten one of the strawberries when I took the picture, and I don’t care.)

          I made some handmade valentines this year.  I’m pretty proud of them and since this is my blog, I will brag.  They were awesome!




          Overall, it was a great Valentines Day.  My good friend Amanda brought me a wonderful Valentine!  She’s amazing! 

          Here’s to an even better one next year!  Please don’t forget to tell those you care about how much they mean to you.  It is so important.  I love you all!

          03 February 2012

          Buzz Kill

          Ugh. Do you ever go over and try to be around someone because you like them and you are on the borderline of having a crappy day only to have them shoot you down instead of pick you up? Yeah, no fun.

          It could have at least been a good hair day... :(

          13 January 2012

          Tacky, immature, and ugly

          Let me repeat: tacky, immature, and ugly. Yes, those are the best words to describe rhinestone encrusted jeans for grown women. Fine, if you are in Junior High (or younger) it's not bad. Pretty cute on little girls actually, but grow up. Plus, it's obnoxious because it draws 100% of the attention to your ass and then you get mad at the poor guys who are looking and it's all your doing! Here is an example, just so there is no question what I'm talking about. Gross.

          03 January 2012

          Trouble Sleeping

          Ok, so I know I posted a little while ago, but I can't sleep. I am laying here in bed (Yes now. One of the many benefits of being able to blog from my phone. I can stay in bed rather than get up, get my computer, turn everything on, blog, put it away, and go back to bed. But I digress...) and I am stewing over work stuff that is bothering me. I've gone so far as to create fictional situations in which I go through just what I would say/do if/when these things ever boil to the surface. So as I lay here, creating ludicrous situations that will most likely never happen because, for all intents and purposes I am a mostly rational person most of the time, I am winding myself up even more and making sleep impossible. That way I can tell myself that I will most definitely handle things calmly while at this moment my heart is racing and adrenaline is pumping just like I was in a real argument... No one will ever say I have a dull imagination. Let's just work on it not keeping me up nights for a start. That would be swell.

          In other news: I don't give a toss about the grammar and punctuation in this post. I should be asleep so I have bigger things to worry about than sentence structure.

          So Annoyed!

          Some days EVERY. SINGLE. THING. is just so annoying! Work is annoying, people annoy me, television shows annoy me, the choices for dinner annoy me, even the people who usually cheer me up annoy me. Especially when they try to 'help'.

          Today is that day.

          That is all.

          11 December 2011


          Love is such a complex thing.  I’ve been thinking about love a lot lately.  What love is, what love isn’t.  Love is kind, love is unselfish, love is painful at times, but most of all, love is worth it.  It is worth having, it’s worth waiting for, and it is worth giving.

          I love so many people in so many different ways.  I love my family of course, and I love my friends.  It’s something that I am so grateful for.  I don’t know what I would do without love in my life.

          This last week I saw two kinds of love that impacted me deeply.  Firstly, my first and oldest friend, had her baby girl this week.  I am always absolutely amazed with these tiny little ones.  They are such special, powerful spirits.  It is amazing to me that I can feel so much overwhelming love for such a tiny person that I’ve never met before in this life.  It’s so powerful.  So tender.  The other experience is that I was able to attend a friend’s wedding.  It was really beautiful seeing these two begin their lives together.  They are so happy and they deserve it.  The officiator was who really made some interesting comments that really made the impact on me.

          Confession: I have a secret.  I love someone.  This is not a particularly new development.  It is something I’ve felt for a while now.  It doesn’t change anything and I am not expecting anything.  I’m just truly grateful he’s in my life.  He is kind, smart (crazy smart actually), funny, caring, handsome, driven, and he is one of the best men I’ve ever met.  He doesn’t understand how amazing he is, but he’s absolutely choice.  I can only hope that someday I will be loved by someone like him.

          I have had struggles with wondering when I will find “Mr. Right” and when it will be my time.  I have realized that it’s ok.  I don’t need (or want) to hear how “someday I will find him” or how “I should be patient and it will happen when the time is right.”  I get it that people are just trying to be supportive and give words of encouragement, but please, remember when you were where I am.  Would you want to hear that same sentiment for the 523,482nd time?  No, you wouldn’t.  I know that I will find him.  I have chosen faith, hope, and action instead of fear, discouragement, and disappointment. 

          I love my life and the opportunities I’ve been able to have.  I love everyone who makes my life wonderful.  My Savior is my rock, and my family, friends and my little best friend Moe are the greatest support.  I feel so much love from all angles of my life, especially when I am having a hard time.  Thank you for everything and thank you for helping me have hope and helping me know I’m worth it.

          30 November 2011

          Wonderful Things

          I have had a lovely last couple of weeks.

          On 19 Nov, I had my 6 month vocal recital and sang “Practically Perfect” from Mary Poppins (my favorite song from my favorite show by the way) and it went amazingly! I really had the best time! I’ve discovered the trick to performing and not being scared to death and it is fantastic!

          That same day, was the opening of the Mystery Theatre production I’m in. It’s called Wanted: Dead. I play a bounty hunter and it is a super fun role! In actuality, I had one of my top ten moments that night. One of the guests at the show came up to me and said, “Due to your general badassary, I think it was you.” It was a brilliant moment and it took everything in me to keep it together, but I did because I’m just that good.

          I found a new musical that I have been listening to also. It is a little edgy but the music is fantastic! It is called The Wild Party. I bought the cd and the book of music, all in the same day… Yeah, I may have been slightly overexcited.

          I had the opportunity to go to the local fire department to take some stuffed animals that my church group raised as donation for calls they go on where children are involved. It was really neat to see how thankful they were for them. It made me feel like all the work I’d put into the project and all of the donations were way worth it.

          The night before Thanksgiving, I went to a karaoke competition with my friend James. It rocked, and I won prizes! Yay! First public karaoke performance and I won prizes! It was fantastic! I sang “All That Jazz” from Chicago. I just played it up all the way and it obviously paid off!

          Thanksgiving was, of course, awesome. It’s not my favorite holiday because the traditional Thanksgiving food isn’t necessarily my favorite (Except for yams… I LOVE yams! It also helps that I make the yams and I have the BEST recipe ever! I’ve been perfecting that for years. Don’t mess with my recipe…). Also, I’m not keen on eating myself stupid until I feel sick. Nonetheless, I love my family and I love spending time with them, therefore I love Thanksgiving. Plus, it’s a four day weekend. Lovely!

          I spent Black Friday doing a bit of shopping (Petsmart and REI = no lines), lunch with my sister, then hanging out with my friend Paul. We went geocaching which was so fun! We found a bunch of them, and one had this crazy metal machine thing.

          I don’t know what it was, but we had to hike to it.

          I don’t hike. Most of you know that, but Paul decided we were doing it. I told him hiking makes me cranky, but brave soul that he is, we went anyway. Paul learned something new about me on that hike. I prefer pedicures to hiking… And that’s saying something. He made it up to me though by taking me to get tea at a great little place. Then we grabbed a pizza at my cousin’s work made with blackberries and some other stuff. Kind of a weird pizza, but definitely tasty! Also this lovely soup. We talked books, nooks, and musicals. It was great!

          I have my house almost completely decorated for Christmas and I have my tree topped with a mini Mary Poppins umbrella. It is all practically perfect!This week I’m back at work, but I’m still going off of the awesome of the last couple of weeks and my show is back on this weekend. It will be awesome. That’s all for now, but things are going great! I hope you all are too!

          17 November 2011

          You know who you are

          There is an individual that I know.  Growing up, I was very close to this particular individual and loved them very much.  While I still love this person, I have lost virtually respect for them recently.  See, I have a history of being a big softie that takes people back time after time.  I have a tender heart (even though I try to look/act tough) and I get my feelings hurt easily, but I tend to let people get close to me again and again even after they have done things to be hurtful.  I do have a few things that are crazy important to me though, and those lines you do not cross.  One of them is:

          DO NOT LIE TO ME!


          I WILL find out and we may not be able to remain friends.  Sadly, this is the case in the situation at hand.  I have found out and, I’m not going to pretend that I’m not sad.  Frankly, I am hurt that you would cut me out like this.  I am hurt that you would then try to cover it up with lies (multiple).  I am hurt that you would think I am stupid enough to not notice.  Mostly, I am hurt that you have done all of this to the people I love and care most about in the entire world.  My family.  Even though I have a really hard time letting people back after they have lied to me, you and I have a long history.  We would have had a rocky recovery, but I think we might have been able to make it work.  You have taken those I try my hardest to protect and you have lied to them, and some of them have believed you.  This breaks my heart.  The fact that they don’t see you for what you are saddens me, but it isn’t my place to rat you out.  If I see you at a mutual event we are both attending, I will not stoop to your level.  I will be civil, and I will treat you with the same respect that I would treat a complete stranger.  Know that I will under no circumstances seek you out.  I will always be here for you if there is some unforeseen crisis in your life and you need me, but I will not be extending my hand only to have it slapped.  I feel like you have betrayed a bond that is precious, and that is unacceptable. 

          I do want you to know, that I forgive you.  I forgive you, but I have to protect myself and the people who I trust and who mean the world to me, therefore I will not allow you to continue to be a presence in my life.  I am letting go of the anger and the baggage I have carried around with me over this.  I wish you happiness in your life with the people you have chosen as your family and friends.  I hope you’re happy with this life you’ve chosen and that it gives you relatively few struggles.  I hope you will be happy, healthy, and go all of the places you want to go in your life.  I will always try to remember the best of times, and I will try to forget the worst of times.  God be with you.

          06 November 2011

          I’ve been wondering…

          Are people who are idiots born that way, or are they idiots because as a society we allow them to be?  I mean this in all seriousness.  I’ve met some people who just are about as clueless as they come.  Some of them are super nice individuals, but they just don’t seem to understand, retain, or care about things.  They can sound like a moron, and they don’t even seem to care!  I don’t get it!  Perfect example: On my study abroad to London, one girl asked (in a crazy loud voice in the middle of a busy tube station) why there was a musician playing “My Country Tis’ of Thee” because, isn’t that an American song?  Me:… Um, yeah.  It’s “God Save the Queen”, and we stole it from them… Of course this is also the girl who got left at the train stop simply because she just failed to get on the train with the rest of the group AND while visiting Paris, looked through a view finder on the Eifel Tower and saw one of the Lady Liberties and commented, I didn’t know you could see New York City from here!  Me:… *walk away*

          Part of the reason I’m wondering is because I want to know if society needs a good solid slap in the face for letting people get that way and then interact with the rest of the population.  I’ve seen kids who play dumb to get attention from a parent, teacher, or friend.  I’ve seen teenagers and young adults do it to look more attractive (Epic fail by the way.  There is nothing sexier than smart as a friend once told me and I agree whole heartedly.) to someone they are interested in.  I’ve seen adults do it to get out of things they don’t want to do or pay for (I see this especially in the elderly.  It’s infuriating!).  Part of me wonders if we just encourage, or at least accept this behavior for long enough, that the individual will eventually stop trying because they know that the people around them will just allow it.

          On the other side, there are some people who come from some great families with very smart people and they just seemed to get skipped.  They just don’t get it their whole lives.  Beginning to end they just float through life like it’s a grand merry-go-round and that’s all they need to know.

          I don’t get it.  I’d be embarrassed if it was me.  I know there are times when I look like a moron and I’m not the leading expert on every subject.  We all have our moments when we are the idiot, but sometimes I think it’s a state of being for some people, rather than a moment in their life.  Give me your feedback please.  I’m curious what you think.

          23 October 2011

          Things I’ve Learned In The Last Year With Moe

          One year ago today, I adopted my best friend, Moe.  Well, more accurately she adopted me.  I went to Petsmart with my sister to get some supplies for her dogs, having no intentions of adopting an animal, and came out with the best companion anyone could ask for.  I made a quick stop over by the adoption center and asked to hold this one particular kitty because she had crazy feet (extra toes!) and as I held her, she reached up and grabbed my hair pulling herself toward me and I was hooked.  She got to come home that day. 

          2 Nov 2010 141

          Truth be told, I had about a days worth of adopters remorse.  What was I going to do with a pet!?  What about when I went out of town?  How was I supposed to feed, play, clean, and love another little life enough?  I got really scared that I wasn’t going to be able to give her everything she needed because I worked full time, but she has been the BEST thing that has ever happened to me!  She made my house a home that I wanted to come home to after work.  She made me a happier person.

          Things I have learned in the last year…

          My sweet little kitty has a bit of an identity crisis.  She is convinced that she is a dog.  She likes to go for rides in the car, plays fetch (Her favorite game ever! She even has tiny tennis balls!), chews on shoes, comes running to the door when I get home to greet me, and she will sit on command.  There has to be a treat involved in the last one.  She’s smart enough to know she can get something for it.


          Patience.  I am not sure what her background was before she came to me, but she probably hasn’t had the best time.  She wasn’t even a year old when I adopted her, and she had already lost some of her adult teeth Sad smile.  I don’t know that she was abused, but I can’t help but think she wasn’t 100% loved either.  She can be a pretty jumpy and skittish so I don’t know what she’s been through.  She also bites.  A lot.  Most of the time, I think she is doing it to play, because she’ll bite and run.  She can bite pretty hard though so I’m not sure she isn’t traumatized from something before me too.  (The vet did say that polydactyl cats are prone to neurological disorders as well as immune deficiencies, so we are working on that with vitamins as well.  I hope that’s all her craziness is.)


          Warning: Overshare ahead.  I am very lucky on the hairball front.  In one year, she has had only one hairball ever!  It was totally gross, I’m not going to say that it wasn’t, but only one isn’t bad at all!  She also sheds very little.  Even when I brush her, hardly any hair comes out in the brush.  Hooray for that!

          I now have a baby proof house.  She has opposable thumbs.  Yes, it’s true.  The configuration of her extra toes has given her the ability to open cupboards and drawers with her paws, which she does, so I had to put child locks on them to keep her out.  Nothing like coming home to find your kitten sleeping in the pots and pans.  That’s just unacceptable.  When that happens, every dish in that cupboard has to then be rewashed and that is a lot of work.  She does like to sleep in the drawer of the spare bathroom if I let her though.

          moe's paw

          Cats love boxes.  She loves to sleep and play in them, but she also likes to chew on the edges of them!  I prefer this to chewing on shoes (see earlier reference) so she gets pretty much all of the cardboard boxes that she wants.


          Finally, I have learned that shoes are perfect “storage” places for cat toys.  If I ever take a pair of tennis shoes to the gym and forget to check them first, it’s a really good chance that when I put my foot in the shoe, I will find a toy mouse or a crinkle ball stashed away.  Also, dryers make great storage places!  Until the door is closed…  Good times.



          Overall, this has been an amazing year getting to know my sweet “Little Bean” and I look forward to many more to come.  We know each other pretty well now and we have gotten into a good rhythm for our daily routine.  There are still kinks to work out, and she is still a bit of a baby, but she is my best friend.  She makes me happy to come home, and I know she’s happy to be with me.  I love her so much!  Nothing beats kitten kisses and when she nuzzles her head on mine.  She’s a keeper, my pretty kitty!

          moe's string

          17 October 2011

          25 Random Things aka Everyone's Doing It!

          I was digging around on my computer and I found this OLD blog post from I don’t even remember when.  They are all still applicable except for a couple that I updated and #21.  I’m not sure what or when that was, but I’m back to not blushing all that easily.  Now, for your blog reading and enjoyment…

          I’m pretty sure that only about 5 people read my blog regularly, and I would like to know some crazy, awesome, interesting things about all of you, so if you read this, you’re tagged!

          Since I’ve been tagged about 25 times now, I figured I’d actually do the 25 random things about myself. So now, for the moment you have all been waiting for, here we go!

          1. I don’t like lima beans. At all. Ever. Eww gross!
          2. I had had 3 surgeries, all on my feet, by the time I turned 21.
          3. My all time favorite food is spaghetti
          4. When I was a little kid, I would run around saying lines from my favorite movies all the while, expecting everyone around me to keep up on which movie we were in.
          5. I love to dance. I believe it’s good for the soul. I never feel quite as happy as when I’m dancing. There are not words in existence to describe it.
          6. I want to live in London (or very near there) for at least a year.
          7. I graduated from BYU with a degree in Theatre – Costume and makeup design.
          8. I own my own makeup and hair styling business
          9. I am deathly afraid of haunted houses. Really, I am so petrified that I have a hard time even going near one I’m not familiar with.
          10. I work at a haunted house. (Ironic, I know. It’s ok though, because everyone there knows my haunted house rule: Don’t scare Tiff ever, ever, ever, ever, ever…)
          11. I taught nursery for my church calling (the kids are18 months to 3 years old for those who don’t know) and it was the BEST calling of all time!
          12. I love to sing, but I will almost never do it except as a character in a production of some sort.
          13. I can fit over $1.00 in random change (not all pennies) in my belly button.
          14. I am still friends with two people (outside of my family) that I have known since I was 1 year old or younger.
          15. I have celebrated 2 of my birthdays outside of the USA
          16. I have been to the original Hard Rock Café (and I have the tee shirt to prove it!)
          17. I had my first swimming lesson when I was only 6 months old.
          18. One of my favorite things in this world is dark chocolate.
          19. My favorite show I’ve ever been in is probably Peter Pan even though it will make me cry every time I see it/listen to the music.
          20. My favorite musical ever is Mary Poppins. I saw it twice in London (I bawled through it the second time) and once in Salt Lake City.  It made a deep impression on me.
          21. I do not embarrass easily although for the last couple of months, I’ve been blushing much more than I’m used to. It’s weird.
          22. I’ve been horseback riding four times in my life. One I was too little to remember, the second I had a GREAT time, my third the horse tried to kill me (several times) by breaking into a dead run, and the fourth time the stupid animal bit my thigh!
          23. I am afraid of spiders to the extent that I will put a shoe on top of a dead spider until I can get someone to throw it out for me.
          24. My bone density is 150% of normal for my age group. I have bones of granite!
          25. I’ve kept a journal ever night (with a handful of exceptions) since my freshman year at BYU.

          14 October 2011

          Baby Names

          I have so many family members and friends who are having babies right now!  It is crazy to think about, but I’m excited for them.  (On a semi related note, I’m finding out about a startling number of new pregnancies via facebook.  That should come to a stop FYI.  Come on people, pick up your phone and make a call.  You know, it’s that method of communication we used for our close friends and family before the mass email/text/social media… Just in case you forgot… But I digress.) It’s kind of funny the way that works out.  I think just about everyone has names that they have totally nixed because of knowing someone named that or something, but I have observed that (mainly girls) get very possessive over names that they like.  I am no exception to this.  I have 2 baby names that I am dead set on (well, one that is a must, the other is just one that I really like).  I have had a couple of my girlfriends call me furious that a friend/cousin/neighbor “stole” their baby name!  I can’t say that I blame them.  I would be irate if that happened to me.  I would probably not speak to that person for a solid space of time in fact.  I have put it out there that I have dibs on these names because they hold a special place in my heart and I would hope that they would respect that. 

          That all being said, I’m sure I would forgive the person who did it and, frankly, I would still use the name.  I do not care if that person is mad at me or anything else because it’s my name and I have made it crystal clear that I am using it.  If you choose to use it on your kid then YOU need to be ok with our children having the same names.  The people closest to me know my names and they know I’ve wanted them for sometime.

          Ok, so that was a weird blog… Anyway, congrats to all of my expectant friends and to those of you who had your names taken, be bold and use them anyway!  I’ll support you!

          12 October 2011

          Ghostly Adventures

          Last Saturday, my friend Paul called me up and asked if I would go do a photo shoot with him at the Salt Lake Cemetery.  I love doing photo shoots and sometimes even getting to be the model, so I was excited to go!  We got there, took pictures, and got a little scared then it was time to head out.  It was getting too dark to take pictures, so we decided that was enough.  Of course, that would have been too easy.  As we drove to the exit, we discovered that there were gates, and they were closed.  At first, I laughed at the irony of the situation.  Then, thanks to Paul reminding me that we were in a cemetery… at night… and the gates were locked, it got really unfunny really fast.  I may have panicked just a touch.  Actually, it was pretty much one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  Good thing Paul kept a cool head and we found an open gate.  If it had been up to me, I probably would have jumped out of the car and ran full speed out of there!  I’ve never been so happy to leave somewhere, but the photo shoot was way fun and we got some cool pictures from it.  People probably thought we were taking bridal photos, so that’s kind of funny.  The last one is my favorite.  Great job Paul!  Let’s do it again soon!  Open-mouthed smile




          01 October 2011

          The Risks...

          Of transporting a pumpkin home by yourself. It had such a lovely stem/hat too! :(

          28 September 2011

          Look what the cat dragged in...

          Ok, so there isn't actually a photo because I had a second of panic and instead of grabbing the camera, I was more worried about the giant leaf bug my kitty dragged into my bedroom and how to get it back out! It was big! I felt a little bad about how it came about meeting its maker, so I decided to do the humane thing and flush it instead of letting Moe play with it until it was dead. That was sure the adrenaline moment of the night though!

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