03 March 2013

Sunday Thoughts

I am tired of hearing that we should expect to be mediocre, and it is ok. I EXPECT 100% from myself and from other people. I think we SHOULD make goals to achieve perfection, we SHOULD push ourselves to get there, and we SHOULD know and love ourselves and we must be kind to ourselves and others WHEN (not if) we fail. That does not mean we don't try and fail again and again, but we accept, love, and learn so we can progress. In the end, we won't be perfect. We will each probably have perfect moments, but not on a whole. We will fail. A lot. We have to be kind to ourselves and keep going without getting too hard on ourselves, but I refuse to stop expecting perfection because when we stop expecting that, our bar will drop and people will accept less as good enough, and I will not stoop to that level. End rant.


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