15 January 2013

Sometimes Life is Hard

As I'm just laying in my bed tonight, I am thinking, sometimes life is hard. Sometimes things are really hard! I had my feelings hurt pretty badly by a dear friend of mine the other day. Someone who is almost family. It hurts, and they most likely have no idea that they did it. Either that or they don't care. What hurts the most is that I think it is the second one and that makes me even sadder. Anyway, the hard thing is trying not to act hurt. Trying to pretend it's all normal and trying to make it better. I am just not tough enough some days. Also, I fell on some ice this weekend and my knee hurts a ton! It's all bruised and swollen. I do not like winter. Bleh. Ok, so this is a pity party post. It happens sometimes.


Unknown said...

You're not alone in pretending everything is alright.

You're also not alone period, no matter how hard to try to be when dealing with your feelings.

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