30 August 2012

Cross One Off The List

Today I came to a realization. If I had to choose how my life would end, it would NOT be by over eating junk food. I repeat: death by junk food would be bad!!! What a miserable way to go... I am crossing that one off my list because this day has been truly awful. Two doughnuts, two cheese burgers, a carton of fudge brownie ice cream (hey, it was small!), most of a package of chocolate covered cashews, and a Dr Pepper later, I can feel my insides revolting! I will now begin a 7 day cleanse... :(


The Kammeyers said...

Tiffany! You crack me up, my dear. It must have been a really BAD day for you to consume said items all within a 24-hr-period. Well, at least you came to the conclusion that was most definitely NOT your thing. :) LOL. I love ya tons! Miss your face! And your voice! OK, so I guess I just miss YOU. Loved catching up on your blog just now. Hugs!

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