07 June 2012


Tonight after work, I went swimming.  This is kind of a big deal for me because it wasn’t just going to my pool, I actually went swimming.  FOR EXERCISE!!!  I haven’t been swimming for exercise since I was 16.  Yes, you read correctly, that is 11 years ago!  There were definitely pros and cons to getting my cardio in this way.


I LOVE BEING IN WATER! It feels safe, warm, and SO natural!

Side note: my mom has always called me a fish out of water. There is a reason for that.

It is easier on my joints than dying running on the elliptical or treadmill is. I hate running.

(Ran my first 10k this morning… Just kidding, I’m on my third donut. Yeah, that’s about right.)

I love being in a pool!

I can walk to the pool in my complex.

My old swim team suit fits again! (HA! Take that!)

I am left to nothing but my own thoughts while I swim. The up side of that is I can think. I don’t have distractions and I can just go.

I don’t feel sweaty and gross afterward!

Did I mention how much I love being in the pool?


There is always the possibility that kids will ruin the workout by coming to play at the pool.

My goggles are 11 12 13 years old and fogged up almost instantly making them only good for keeping the chlorine out of my eyes.

The pool at my complex is very little! Definitely not a normal lap pool!

I MUST shave my legs to work out. I can’t just put on long work out pants and PRETEND I shaved my legs. Boo.

I am left to nothing but my own thoughts while I swim. No TV, no movies, no music to help pass the time or calculate how long I’ve been going.

I have super ridiculous hair after I get out of the pool.

All in all, I really enjoyed it.  I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but I think it is lovely!

04 June 2012

0 for 3

Do you ever feel like anything/everything you say turns into crap? Yeah, welcome to my night. Three of my conversations tonight went from great to suck in .6 seconds. Apparently I really suck at this talking thing sometimes. I'm going to bed before I can upset anyone else and I'll just have to try to salvage things in the morning.

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