25 April 2012

Extreme Hoarding - Blog Edition

Well, here I am. I am not dead, as you may have deduced by my lack of blogging for the last... few months. Now, before the comments judging my hiatus, or how I always get cranky when blogs I read are not updated regularly start, let me clarify. NOT MY FAULT! At least not directly. I downloaded a 'new and improved!' blogging app that was really just a blog hoarding app. So all of the blogs I've written in the last...few months... are permanently stuck there (until I can re type them or figure out why they haven't posted). Yay! That's a neat part of my day!

In related news, more blogs are unlikely to come before mid May since my sister and I leave for Europe (for 2 weeks!!!) in less than a week and I've got stuff to do before then. I'll give it a go though! Cheers!


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