13 January 2012

Tacky, immature, and ugly

Let me repeat: tacky, immature, and ugly. Yes, those are the best words to describe rhinestone encrusted jeans for grown women. Fine, if you are in Junior High (or younger) it's not bad. Pretty cute on little girls actually, but grow up. Plus, it's obnoxious because it draws 100% of the attention to your ass and then you get mad at the poor guys who are looking and it's all your doing! Here is an example, just so there is no question what I'm talking about. Gross.

03 January 2012

Trouble Sleeping

Ok, so I know I posted a little while ago, but I can't sleep. I am laying here in bed (Yes now. One of the many benefits of being able to blog from my phone. I can stay in bed rather than get up, get my computer, turn everything on, blog, put it away, and go back to bed. But I digress...) and I am stewing over work stuff that is bothering me. I've gone so far as to create fictional situations in which I go through just what I would say/do if/when these things ever boil to the surface. So as I lay here, creating ludicrous situations that will most likely never happen because, for all intents and purposes I am a mostly rational person most of the time, I am winding myself up even more and making sleep impossible. That way I can tell myself that I will most definitely handle things calmly while at this moment my heart is racing and adrenaline is pumping just like I was in a real argument... No one will ever say I have a dull imagination. Let's just work on it not keeping me up nights for a start. That would be swell.

In other news: I don't give a toss about the grammar and punctuation in this post. I should be asleep so I have bigger things to worry about than sentence structure.

So Annoyed!

Some days EVERY. SINGLE. THING. is just so annoying! Work is annoying, people annoy me, television shows annoy me, the choices for dinner annoy me, even the people who usually cheer me up annoy me. Especially when they try to 'help'.

Today is that day.

That is all.

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