30 November 2011

Wonderful Things

I have had a lovely last couple of weeks.

On 19 Nov, I had my 6 month vocal recital and sang “Practically Perfect” from Mary Poppins (my favorite song from my favorite show by the way) and it went amazingly! I really had the best time! I’ve discovered the trick to performing and not being scared to death and it is fantastic!

That same day, was the opening of the Mystery Theatre production I’m in. It’s called Wanted: Dead. I play a bounty hunter and it is a super fun role! In actuality, I had one of my top ten moments that night. One of the guests at the show came up to me and said, “Due to your general badassary, I think it was you.” It was a brilliant moment and it took everything in me to keep it together, but I did because I’m just that good.

I found a new musical that I have been listening to also. It is a little edgy but the music is fantastic! It is called The Wild Party. I bought the cd and the book of music, all in the same day… Yeah, I may have been slightly overexcited.

I had the opportunity to go to the local fire department to take some stuffed animals that my church group raised as donation for calls they go on where children are involved. It was really neat to see how thankful they were for them. It made me feel like all the work I’d put into the project and all of the donations were way worth it.

The night before Thanksgiving, I went to a karaoke competition with my friend James. It rocked, and I won prizes! Yay! First public karaoke performance and I won prizes! It was fantastic! I sang “All That Jazz” from Chicago. I just played it up all the way and it obviously paid off!

Thanksgiving was, of course, awesome. It’s not my favorite holiday because the traditional Thanksgiving food isn’t necessarily my favorite (Except for yams… I LOVE yams! It also helps that I make the yams and I have the BEST recipe ever! I’ve been perfecting that for years. Don’t mess with my recipe…). Also, I’m not keen on eating myself stupid until I feel sick. Nonetheless, I love my family and I love spending time with them, therefore I love Thanksgiving. Plus, it’s a four day weekend. Lovely!

I spent Black Friday doing a bit of shopping (Petsmart and REI = no lines), lunch with my sister, then hanging out with my friend Paul. We went geocaching which was so fun! We found a bunch of them, and one had this crazy metal machine thing.

I don’t know what it was, but we had to hike to it.

I don’t hike. Most of you know that, but Paul decided we were doing it. I told him hiking makes me cranky, but brave soul that he is, we went anyway. Paul learned something new about me on that hike. I prefer pedicures to hiking… And that’s saying something. He made it up to me though by taking me to get tea at a great little place. Then we grabbed a pizza at my cousin’s work made with blackberries and some other stuff. Kind of a weird pizza, but definitely tasty! Also this lovely soup. We talked books, nooks, and musicals. It was great!

I have my house almost completely decorated for Christmas and I have my tree topped with a mini Mary Poppins umbrella. It is all practically perfect!This week I’m back at work, but I’m still going off of the awesome of the last couple of weeks and my show is back on this weekend. It will be awesome. That’s all for now, but things are going great! I hope you all are too!


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