30 November 2011

Wonderful Things

I have had a lovely last couple of weeks.

On 19 Nov, I had my 6 month vocal recital and sang “Practically Perfect” from Mary Poppins (my favorite song from my favorite show by the way) and it went amazingly! I really had the best time! I’ve discovered the trick to performing and not being scared to death and it is fantastic!

That same day, was the opening of the Mystery Theatre production I’m in. It’s called Wanted: Dead. I play a bounty hunter and it is a super fun role! In actuality, I had one of my top ten moments that night. One of the guests at the show came up to me and said, “Due to your general badassary, I think it was you.” It was a brilliant moment and it took everything in me to keep it together, but I did because I’m just that good.

I found a new musical that I have been listening to also. It is a little edgy but the music is fantastic! It is called The Wild Party. I bought the cd and the book of music, all in the same day… Yeah, I may have been slightly overexcited.

I had the opportunity to go to the local fire department to take some stuffed animals that my church group raised as donation for calls they go on where children are involved. It was really neat to see how thankful they were for them. It made me feel like all the work I’d put into the project and all of the donations were way worth it.

The night before Thanksgiving, I went to a karaoke competition with my friend James. It rocked, and I won prizes! Yay! First public karaoke performance and I won prizes! It was fantastic! I sang “All That Jazz” from Chicago. I just played it up all the way and it obviously paid off!

Thanksgiving was, of course, awesome. It’s not my favorite holiday because the traditional Thanksgiving food isn’t necessarily my favorite (Except for yams… I LOVE yams! It also helps that I make the yams and I have the BEST recipe ever! I’ve been perfecting that for years. Don’t mess with my recipe…). Also, I’m not keen on eating myself stupid until I feel sick. Nonetheless, I love my family and I love spending time with them, therefore I love Thanksgiving. Plus, it’s a four day weekend. Lovely!

I spent Black Friday doing a bit of shopping (Petsmart and REI = no lines), lunch with my sister, then hanging out with my friend Paul. We went geocaching which was so fun! We found a bunch of them, and one had this crazy metal machine thing.

I don’t know what it was, but we had to hike to it.

I don’t hike. Most of you know that, but Paul decided we were doing it. I told him hiking makes me cranky, but brave soul that he is, we went anyway. Paul learned something new about me on that hike. I prefer pedicures to hiking… And that’s saying something. He made it up to me though by taking me to get tea at a great little place. Then we grabbed a pizza at my cousin’s work made with blackberries and some other stuff. Kind of a weird pizza, but definitely tasty! Also this lovely soup. We talked books, nooks, and musicals. It was great!

I have my house almost completely decorated for Christmas and I have my tree topped with a mini Mary Poppins umbrella. It is all practically perfect!This week I’m back at work, but I’m still going off of the awesome of the last couple of weeks and my show is back on this weekend. It will be awesome. That’s all for now, but things are going great! I hope you all are too!

17 November 2011

You know who you are

There is an individual that I know.  Growing up, I was very close to this particular individual and loved them very much.  While I still love this person, I have lost virtually respect for them recently.  See, I have a history of being a big softie that takes people back time after time.  I have a tender heart (even though I try to look/act tough) and I get my feelings hurt easily, but I tend to let people get close to me again and again even after they have done things to be hurtful.  I do have a few things that are crazy important to me though, and those lines you do not cross.  One of them is:



I WILL find out and we may not be able to remain friends.  Sadly, this is the case in the situation at hand.  I have found out and, I’m not going to pretend that I’m not sad.  Frankly, I am hurt that you would cut me out like this.  I am hurt that you would then try to cover it up with lies (multiple).  I am hurt that you would think I am stupid enough to not notice.  Mostly, I am hurt that you have done all of this to the people I love and care most about in the entire world.  My family.  Even though I have a really hard time letting people back after they have lied to me, you and I have a long history.  We would have had a rocky recovery, but I think we might have been able to make it work.  You have taken those I try my hardest to protect and you have lied to them, and some of them have believed you.  This breaks my heart.  The fact that they don’t see you for what you are saddens me, but it isn’t my place to rat you out.  If I see you at a mutual event we are both attending, I will not stoop to your level.  I will be civil, and I will treat you with the same respect that I would treat a complete stranger.  Know that I will under no circumstances seek you out.  I will always be here for you if there is some unforeseen crisis in your life and you need me, but I will not be extending my hand only to have it slapped.  I feel like you have betrayed a bond that is precious, and that is unacceptable. 

I do want you to know, that I forgive you.  I forgive you, but I have to protect myself and the people who I trust and who mean the world to me, therefore I will not allow you to continue to be a presence in my life.  I am letting go of the anger and the baggage I have carried around with me over this.  I wish you happiness in your life with the people you have chosen as your family and friends.  I hope you’re happy with this life you’ve chosen and that it gives you relatively few struggles.  I hope you will be happy, healthy, and go all of the places you want to go in your life.  I will always try to remember the best of times, and I will try to forget the worst of times.  God be with you.

06 November 2011

I’ve been wondering…

Are people who are idiots born that way, or are they idiots because as a society we allow them to be?  I mean this in all seriousness.  I’ve met some people who just are about as clueless as they come.  Some of them are super nice individuals, but they just don’t seem to understand, retain, or care about things.  They can sound like a moron, and they don’t even seem to care!  I don’t get it!  Perfect example: On my study abroad to London, one girl asked (in a crazy loud voice in the middle of a busy tube station) why there was a musician playing “My Country Tis’ of Thee” because, isn’t that an American song?  Me:… Um, yeah.  It’s “God Save the Queen”, and we stole it from them… Of course this is also the girl who got left at the train stop simply because she just failed to get on the train with the rest of the group AND while visiting Paris, looked through a view finder on the Eifel Tower and saw one of the Lady Liberties and commented, I didn’t know you could see New York City from here!  Me:… *walk away*

Part of the reason I’m wondering is because I want to know if society needs a good solid slap in the face for letting people get that way and then interact with the rest of the population.  I’ve seen kids who play dumb to get attention from a parent, teacher, or friend.  I’ve seen teenagers and young adults do it to look more attractive (Epic fail by the way.  There is nothing sexier than smart as a friend once told me and I agree whole heartedly.) to someone they are interested in.  I’ve seen adults do it to get out of things they don’t want to do or pay for (I see this especially in the elderly.  It’s infuriating!).  Part of me wonders if we just encourage, or at least accept this behavior for long enough, that the individual will eventually stop trying because they know that the people around them will just allow it.

On the other side, there are some people who come from some great families with very smart people and they just seemed to get skipped.  They just don’t get it their whole lives.  Beginning to end they just float through life like it’s a grand merry-go-round and that’s all they need to know.

I don’t get it.  I’d be embarrassed if it was me.  I know there are times when I look like a moron and I’m not the leading expert on every subject.  We all have our moments when we are the idiot, but sometimes I think it’s a state of being for some people, rather than a moment in their life.  Give me your feedback please.  I’m curious what you think.

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