23 October 2011

Things I’ve Learned In The Last Year With Moe

One year ago today, I adopted my best friend, Moe.  Well, more accurately she adopted me.  I went to Petsmart with my sister to get some supplies for her dogs, having no intentions of adopting an animal, and came out with the best companion anyone could ask for.  I made a quick stop over by the adoption center and asked to hold this one particular kitty because she had crazy feet (extra toes!) and as I held her, she reached up and grabbed my hair pulling herself toward me and I was hooked.  She got to come home that day. 

2 Nov 2010 141

Truth be told, I had about a days worth of adopters remorse.  What was I going to do with a pet!?  What about when I went out of town?  How was I supposed to feed, play, clean, and love another little life enough?  I got really scared that I wasn’t going to be able to give her everything she needed because I worked full time, but she has been the BEST thing that has ever happened to me!  She made my house a home that I wanted to come home to after work.  She made me a happier person.

Things I have learned in the last year…

My sweet little kitty has a bit of an identity crisis.  She is convinced that she is a dog.  She likes to go for rides in the car, plays fetch (Her favorite game ever! She even has tiny tennis balls!), chews on shoes, comes running to the door when I get home to greet me, and she will sit on command.  There has to be a treat involved in the last one.  She’s smart enough to know she can get something for it.


Patience.  I am not sure what her background was before she came to me, but she probably hasn’t had the best time.  She wasn’t even a year old when I adopted her, and she had already lost some of her adult teeth Sad smile.  I don’t know that she was abused, but I can’t help but think she wasn’t 100% loved either.  She can be a pretty jumpy and skittish so I don’t know what she’s been through.  She also bites.  A lot.  Most of the time, I think she is doing it to play, because she’ll bite and run.  She can bite pretty hard though so I’m not sure she isn’t traumatized from something before me too.  (The vet did say that polydactyl cats are prone to neurological disorders as well as immune deficiencies, so we are working on that with vitamins as well.  I hope that’s all her craziness is.)


Warning: Overshare ahead.  I am very lucky on the hairball front.  In one year, she has had only one hairball ever!  It was totally gross, I’m not going to say that it wasn’t, but only one isn’t bad at all!  She also sheds very little.  Even when I brush her, hardly any hair comes out in the brush.  Hooray for that!

I now have a baby proof house.  She has opposable thumbs.  Yes, it’s true.  The configuration of her extra toes has given her the ability to open cupboards and drawers with her paws, which she does, so I had to put child locks on them to keep her out.  Nothing like coming home to find your kitten sleeping in the pots and pans.  That’s just unacceptable.  When that happens, every dish in that cupboard has to then be rewashed and that is a lot of work.  She does like to sleep in the drawer of the spare bathroom if I let her though.

moe's paw

Cats love boxes.  She loves to sleep and play in them, but she also likes to chew on the edges of them!  I prefer this to chewing on shoes (see earlier reference) so she gets pretty much all of the cardboard boxes that she wants.


Finally, I have learned that shoes are perfect “storage” places for cat toys.  If I ever take a pair of tennis shoes to the gym and forget to check them first, it’s a really good chance that when I put my foot in the shoe, I will find a toy mouse or a crinkle ball stashed away.  Also, dryers make great storage places!  Until the door is closed…  Good times.



Overall, this has been an amazing year getting to know my sweet “Little Bean” and I look forward to many more to come.  We know each other pretty well now and we have gotten into a good rhythm for our daily routine.  There are still kinks to work out, and she is still a bit of a baby, but she is my best friend.  She makes me happy to come home, and I know she’s happy to be with me.  I love her so much!  Nothing beats kitten kisses and when she nuzzles her head on mine.  She’s a keeper, my pretty kitty!

moe's string

17 October 2011

25 Random Things aka Everyone's Doing It!

I was digging around on my computer and I found this OLD blog post from I don’t even remember when.  They are all still applicable except for a couple that I updated and #21.  I’m not sure what or when that was, but I’m back to not blushing all that easily.  Now, for your blog reading and enjoyment…

I’m pretty sure that only about 5 people read my blog regularly, and I would like to know some crazy, awesome, interesting things about all of you, so if you read this, you’re tagged!

Since I’ve been tagged about 25 times now, I figured I’d actually do the 25 random things about myself. So now, for the moment you have all been waiting for, here we go!

  1. I don’t like lima beans. At all. Ever. Eww gross!
  2. I had had 3 surgeries, all on my feet, by the time I turned 21.
  3. My all time favorite food is spaghetti
  4. When I was a little kid, I would run around saying lines from my favorite movies all the while, expecting everyone around me to keep up on which movie we were in.
  5. I love to dance. I believe it’s good for the soul. I never feel quite as happy as when I’m dancing. There are not words in existence to describe it.
  6. I want to live in London (or very near there) for at least a year.
  7. I graduated from BYU with a degree in Theatre – Costume and makeup design.
  8. I own my own makeup and hair styling business
  9. I am deathly afraid of haunted houses. Really, I am so petrified that I have a hard time even going near one I’m not familiar with.
  10. I work at a haunted house. (Ironic, I know. It’s ok though, because everyone there knows my haunted house rule: Don’t scare Tiff ever, ever, ever, ever, ever…)
  11. I taught nursery for my church calling (the kids are18 months to 3 years old for those who don’t know) and it was the BEST calling of all time!
  12. I love to sing, but I will almost never do it except as a character in a production of some sort.
  13. I can fit over $1.00 in random change (not all pennies) in my belly button.
  14. I am still friends with two people (outside of my family) that I have known since I was 1 year old or younger.
  15. I have celebrated 2 of my birthdays outside of the USA
  16. I have been to the original Hard Rock Café (and I have the tee shirt to prove it!)
  17. I had my first swimming lesson when I was only 6 months old.
  18. One of my favorite things in this world is dark chocolate.
  19. My favorite show I’ve ever been in is probably Peter Pan even though it will make me cry every time I see it/listen to the music.
  20. My favorite musical ever is Mary Poppins. I saw it twice in London (I bawled through it the second time) and once in Salt Lake City.  It made a deep impression on me.
  21. I do not embarrass easily although for the last couple of months, I’ve been blushing much more than I’m used to. It’s weird.
  22. I’ve been horseback riding four times in my life. One I was too little to remember, the second I had a GREAT time, my third the horse tried to kill me (several times) by breaking into a dead run, and the fourth time the stupid animal bit my thigh!
  23. I am afraid of spiders to the extent that I will put a shoe on top of a dead spider until I can get someone to throw it out for me.
  24. My bone density is 150% of normal for my age group. I have bones of granite!
  25. I’ve kept a journal ever night (with a handful of exceptions) since my freshman year at BYU.

14 October 2011

Baby Names

I have so many family members and friends who are having babies right now!  It is crazy to think about, but I’m excited for them.  (On a semi related note, I’m finding out about a startling number of new pregnancies via facebook.  That should come to a stop FYI.  Come on people, pick up your phone and make a call.  You know, it’s that method of communication we used for our close friends and family before the mass email/text/social media… Just in case you forgot… But I digress.) It’s kind of funny the way that works out.  I think just about everyone has names that they have totally nixed because of knowing someone named that or something, but I have observed that (mainly girls) get very possessive over names that they like.  I am no exception to this.  I have 2 baby names that I am dead set on (well, one that is a must, the other is just one that I really like).  I have had a couple of my girlfriends call me furious that a friend/cousin/neighbor “stole” their baby name!  I can’t say that I blame them.  I would be irate if that happened to me.  I would probably not speak to that person for a solid space of time in fact.  I have put it out there that I have dibs on these names because they hold a special place in my heart and I would hope that they would respect that. 

That all being said, I’m sure I would forgive the person who did it and, frankly, I would still use the name.  I do not care if that person is mad at me or anything else because it’s my name and I have made it crystal clear that I am using it.  If you choose to use it on your kid then YOU need to be ok with our children having the same names.  The people closest to me know my names and they know I’ve wanted them for sometime.

Ok, so that was a weird blog… Anyway, congrats to all of my expectant friends and to those of you who had your names taken, be bold and use them anyway!  I’ll support you!

12 October 2011

Ghostly Adventures

Last Saturday, my friend Paul called me up and asked if I would go do a photo shoot with him at the Salt Lake Cemetery.  I love doing photo shoots and sometimes even getting to be the model, so I was excited to go!  We got there, took pictures, and got a little scared then it was time to head out.  It was getting too dark to take pictures, so we decided that was enough.  Of course, that would have been too easy.  As we drove to the exit, we discovered that there were gates, and they were closed.  At first, I laughed at the irony of the situation.  Then, thanks to Paul reminding me that we were in a cemetery… at night… and the gates were locked, it got really unfunny really fast.  I may have panicked just a touch.  Actually, it was pretty much one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  Good thing Paul kept a cool head and we found an open gate.  If it had been up to me, I probably would have jumped out of the car and ran full speed out of there!  I’ve never been so happy to leave somewhere, but the photo shoot was way fun and we got some cool pictures from it.  People probably thought we were taking bridal photos, so that’s kind of funny.  The last one is my favorite.  Great job Paul!  Let’s do it again soon!  Open-mouthed smile




01 October 2011

The Risks...

Of transporting a pumpkin home by yourself. It had such a lovely stem/hat too! :(

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