29 July 2011

Piano on a bike…

Have you ever wanted to move your piano and thought to yourself, “Dang, I wish I had a truck to move this piano, but sadly, all I have is my bike and two good friends.  Well let’s give it a go!”?  Obviously this guy did.


This is right outside of my office.  I wonder how it all worked out.  I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to do this.

25 July 2011

The things I would buy if I were independently wealthy…

I think this is the cutest!  I would wear it around all of the time.  It is, sadly, too expensive for me to get right now.  Sadder still, by the time I can afford it, they will most likely be gone.  This is life.  So I will continue looking at it and loving it from across the pond.

Image of Vintage Strawberry Mouse Handbag

Also, not for buying purposes, I wish I was in London this summer because they have this amazing exhibit happening!  Gorgeous!

18 July 2011

10 Things Guys Should Know About Girls

Recently, I have had some of my close guy friends tell me that it’s really frustrating to feel like they know nothing about women.  Or that as soon as they think they are figuring things out, it seems like girls change their minds.  As I’ve been chatting with them, I’ve felt really bad because I can only speak for myself and tell them the things that I like/don’t like/want/don’t want/etc.  It did, however, make me think about the things that I prefer or that completely freak me out.  So now, for your general education and insight into my mind, here are the suggestions.

1) Secret admirers may seem like a sweet thing, but in an extended time frame, they are really more creepy than anything.  To have a single rose anonymously sent and then later that day find out who sent it is TOTALLY endearing, but having a correspondence (especially if you are texting me repeatedly and I have no idea who you are) is creepy!  Nothing says stalker faster and is a bigger turn off then not knowing who is withholding their identity from me.  Who are you, what do you want, how did you get my number?  All thoughts that cross my mind.  And if you didn’t get my number from me, you DEFINITELY want to identify yourself.  I don’t take anonymous messages well.  Not coy and cleaver, it’s creepy.  If the issue is fear of rejection and you don’t feel brave enough to flirt with me and be upfront about your identity, maybe you should wait until you build up the courage.

2) Please forgive me in advance for my hormones.  Try to understand that I really have no control over them and that I REALLY, TRULY, do try to keep them as rational as possible, but it just isn’t happening sometimes.  I also do try to apologize for being a crazy person after I have regained my senses.  I know that I’m being insane, but in that moment (as totally weird as it sounds) when I am being mean and angry, I feel totally justified and completely validated in those emotions.  It’s not until later that I can look back and realize that they were not.

3) Chivalry is still important to some girls.  Myself included.  Don’t use text messages to ask me out.  At least not on a first date.  I want you to make the effort to show me that you actually want to spend the time with me.  There is nothing more annoying then a sloppy text message asking me on a date because it feels very cheap (not the money kind of cheap, the effort kind of cheap).  And please open the doors.  I think it is super sweet when a guy opens the door for me.  Even if we aren’t on a date.  I have a friend (you know who you are) who is married and he still opens the door for me when we are out.  A very attractive quality.

4) Don’t be afraid to show your personality.  I don’t have any problem when people are a little bit quirky.  I like seeing your character come through with the creativity of the dates you put together.  What isn’t attractive is when you are awkward and stiff as a board.  That isn’t fun.

5) When I present an idea to you and say the words, “what do you think?” I am not really asking for your input unless there is something DRASTICALLY wrong with it.  What I’m really asking for is your support in the matter.  Now that’s totally different from when I say the words, “what is your opinion on X-Y-Z?”  If I say that, then I AM looking for your opinion.  I know guys are problem solvers, but most of the time we don’t want you to solve our problems for us.  We are perfectly capable of doing it on our own, we just want you to genuinely listen to us, share our frustrations, and support us in our decision.  And as I said, if we want your problem solving expertise, we will ask you for it.

6) Don’t do a movie for a first date.  It isn’t a good place to talk or get to know each other.  Also, it’s pretty cookie cutter.  Mini golf or bowling are better alternatives to the movie.  Plus, then you don’t have popcorn stuck in your teeth.

7) Things don’t have to be expensive.  I like walks in the evening, a drive up the canyon, sledding and hot chocolate in the winter.  I don’t think dating or even hanging out with friends has to be expensive or complicated.  It can be, but that’s just not necessary.

8) I DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WANT TO GO ON A HIKE WITH ANYONE.  That should be enough explanation for that point.  But… There is a loophole for you nature lovers/hikers out there.  I do enjoy rock climbing and taking a walk on a paved trail in the mountains.  Those are totally acceptable alternatives.  Smile

9) I don’t like surprises when they come with absolutely no information.  I still need to know the terms on which we will be going out.  For example, I am a firm believer in dressing for the occasion.  If you want an activity to be a surprise in and of itself, please tell me, in no uncertain terms, what I should be wearing.  If it is a casual activity that requires closed toe shoes, I don’t want to be wearing a summer skirt and sandals, and if we are going to a dinner for your work, I don’t want to be wearing jeans, a tee shirt, and tennis shoes.  I want to dress appropriately for the setting and to coordinate (the style) with what you are wearing.  You can still make the activity a surprise, just don’t keep me in the dark.  I will probably not have fun if you do that because I’ll be too busy worrying.

10) Unless you know me pretty well, or have inside information, planning an all day string of activities for just the two of us may be dangerous.  There is nothing worse then being on a long date when you run out of things to say or there is that totally awkward point where you have no one else there to help break the tension and you have to continue doing that for another 3 hours.  Oh yes my friends, I have been there.  It’s not fun.

I could keep going, but I’ll keep it at 10 because that’s a nice round number.  Ladies, feel free to comment and let me know what you think.  Like I said, I can only speak for myself, but I have a lot of girlfriends and they talk so I have a fairly good idea that these are mostly universal thoughts.  If nothing else, they are a good base that you can go off of.

Damn You Auto Correct! Too Funny.


Don’t visit this site if you are easily offended by language or content, but I laughed so hard at a couple of them, I cried!

13 July 2011

Improper Usage of the Word…

Case and point number 1:

UR is not, under any circumstances, an appropriate substitute for your or you’re!

It is infuriating! I will grant you that I am a little bit more neurotic about my text language (I mean really, I use commas) and I don’t expect that from everyone, but let’s use real English words shall we? No really, I insist. But that’s a soap box for another blog post entirely.

I would just like to take this short moment for an English lesson for those of you who slept through or decided you hated high school English classes (or any other English class growing up).

Your is a pronoun. It is possessive as in, “This is your coat.” It can also be used to direct, “The building is on your left.”

You’re is a contraction of the words you and are. That means that you may use this spelling when you are combining those two words. An example of this would be, “You’re wearing two different colored socks.” (see how that was used instead of saying, “you are wearing two different colored socks.”?)

There is a third usage. It’s not too common, but it can be confused in the spelling. It is yore. Yore is a noun. It means obsolete, of old, or long ago. Using it in a sentence may go something like this, “In days of yore, we had grand banquets.” Ok, so you may not actually say that, but it would work.

I know I’m not perfect in my spelling and grammar (I never can remember which then/than to use no matter how many times I learn it, so mostly I just avoid using it entirely.), but the you’re/your rule is an easy one. If it’s a one word thing, it’s your. If it’s combining two words, it’s you’re.

Most epic fail I’ve ever seen was on a film set several years ago we were shooting in a boys locker room (I know, there’s the first problem) and etched into one of the lockers was you’r. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Sorry kiddo, wrong on both counts.” Super funny though! :)

05 July 2011

Happy 235th Birthday America!

Independence day!  I love it and this year was no exception!  Things got a little off track at the first of the day because of the weather (we were going to go skydiving, but wind/cloud cover/rain ruined that plan) so I cleaned my house, went shopping, and read a book.  It was very relaxing!  In the evening I hosted a BBQ at my house (you should be jealous by the way.  It was delightful!).


Afterward we had chocotacos and watched Follow Me Boys

follow me boys

Then we finished up the evening with the annual Cottonwood Country Club fireworks that are shot off across from my parents house.  Thanks for being born America!  I like BBQ’s and fireworks!


The Facebook Poke

I totally stole this entire post from my friend Marcus, who is hilarious!  I take no credit whatsoever for writing this, but I laughed so hard I nearly peed.  Anyway, it pretty well sums up the facebook poke.  Read on!

“So I don't really understand what the Facebook poke is for. Facebook says it's a way to say hello to someone. Why can't you just go to someone’s wall and say hello?? And then what do you do once you have received a poke? Do you poke back? If so it could go on and on a long time.
Last time I actually poked someone in real life rather than the Facebook life they were not too pleased about it, I wouldn't exactly say it was a good substitute for saying hello.
For the past who knows how many months, probably like 6 months I have been in a poke war with someone. I will win. I will never lose. I think though it's more a question of who will die first more than anything.
I wish Facebook made it more clear what a poke means. Like a "Oi, I fancy you" or "I wanna marry you and have your kids" or "I wish you were dead and I could poke you with a stick". Makes more sense than a hello......”

03 July 2011

Sunday Summer Evenings

It's so nice living close enough to my parents to go over often. Today we had dinner, then relaxed in the back yard. My kitty was on a cable free to roam the yard and when I looked up I saw her watching my dad garden. It was so darling!

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