26 June 2011


I did this last night. It's just a humble little garden, but I'm very proud of it. I also planted a tomato plant, some basil, and a couple of other flowers. Yay! Go me!

18 June 2011


It's been a fun birthday week! I got to have dinner with an amazing friend, my coworkers decorated my office and were totally awesome on my actual birthday, then I had a family dinner. We went to the Spaghetti Factory for the 24th year in a row. It's tradition. I had probably one of my best voice lessons on my birthday too. Probably because I was feeling so wonderful! Everyone was so amazing that day! We should all try to treat each other more that way all of the time. It would be nice.

I got a super cute plant holder and a bunt cake pan from my parents. Sounds dorky, but I love it!

I also took my daddy on a date for fathers day. We went and saw X-Men First Class. I totally recommend it, but only if you've seen the others. It was awesome!

I watched Inception tonight, however, and it did not please me. I hated the lack of closure at the end. That's all I'm going to say. If you've seen it, you know what I am talking about. I am positive I am going to have messed up dreams now. :(

15 June 2011

Birthday Blog

It's my birthday and I feel so loved! All day I've had people telling me how wonderful I am and doing such nice things for me! I'm grateful for birthdays because we get to hear how loved and appreciated we are. I know I sure feel that way right now. And I truly feel that for my family and friends as well.

In other news, as of today I have blogging capabilities on my phone, so I, yet again, resolve to be a better blogger. This time it may actually happen! Here's to another AWESOME year! :D

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