27 August 2010

Ok, so 3 things…

First, private blogs + Tiff = FAIL.  I am sorry if your blog is private.  I understand that you might want the extra privacy it gives you, but I RARELY read private blogs.  I don’t have time to go hunting them down.  It’s not that you aren’t worth it, but you took yourself out of my google reader by making it private and until someone can tell me how to get private blogs there, it will be very periodic.  I bring this up because my cousin tagged me in a blog ages ago (which, buy the way I also can’t link because it is private) and I just got around to reading it.  It’s true.  Sorry.  That blog will be coming… well, we can all see how good I am at regularly updating my blog, but it will be coming at some point!

Secondly, my mother has practically perfect teeth and my father has… well, not so great of teeth.  They both take really good care of their teeth, we’re just talking genetics here.  I landed somewhere in the middle.  I have been very lucky though in that I haven’t had a ton of cavities… except for that one time.  I love me some chocolate, that’s for sure, but I don’t eat a ton of sweets generally speaking, I don’t drink soda, I have bones of granite, and I brush and floss everyday.  So how, you might ask, is it that I have a cavity right now?  The sealant popped off of my tooth!!!!  It’s not even my fault!  Lame…

Thirdly, when it comes to hiring I hate that there are questions I can’t ask.  I understand why you can’t ask them, but I’m not going to not hire you because of your age, religion, sex, etc.  I’m just curious!  So here’s a tip.  Since I can’t ask you these things if you want the job, make it obvious.  Maybe not the religion one, but put what year you graduated high school.  I am interested in who you are as a person and I want to know how old you are so all the better for you if I can get it down to a couple of years as a window.  Also, as awkward as it sounds, some people could go either way as far as gender.  HUGE TIP: IF I CAN’T TELL YOUR GENDER, I’M NOT GOING TO HIRE YOU!  I don’t want to be constantly wondering if you are a man or a woman.  Make it obvious people.  And a name isn’t enough.  You just can’t be sure of that kind of thing anymore.  Names are so interchangeable.  There is a woman at my condo named Troy.  Case and point.

That’s all.  I love you each and every one in your own way.  I always promise I’ll be better at blogging, but I am super busy so I will make no promises.  Just know that I often think of it as I’m getting in bed, but then I’m too tired.  But it’s the thought that counts!

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