26 June 2010

Things That Annoy Me. Top 10 of the Moment…

Not necessarily in this order, this is just how they came to me.

10. Private Blogs – I hate having to log in every time I want to read a blog that someone has blocked to the public (and yes, I know that in the very recent past I actually considered that as an option).

9. Lack of Kitchen Storage – That really says it all.

8. Loud Upstairs Neighbors – Most of the time my upstairs neighbors are AWESOME!  Not up too early in the morning or too late at night, but seriously!!!  Sometimes it sounds like a small heard of elephants live up there!

7. People With Bad Manners – Take some basic etiquette lessons people!  Or at least use some common sense.

6.  Un-alphabetized DVD’s – HOW ARE YOU EVER SUPPOSED TO FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IF THEY ARE ALL A MESS!?!?!?  (Alright, so an alphabetical organization is my style, but as long as there is a system that the majority of people can navigate around that’s fine)

5. Fresh Produce Going Bad – Sad story!  I love fresh fruit and vegetables, but I get overzealous sometimes and I buy more than I can eat and then it goes bad and I am sad.

4. Waking Up Early – I just don’t like it.  I have a tendency to get a lot done most of the time, but it is hard for me to wake up.

3. Bad Lighting – It’s hard to do makeup, pick out clothing or even have happiness.  In fact, a little piece of me DIES every time I see a fluorescent light bulb…

2. When Spell Check FAILS – I have never been particularly gifted at spelling, so when spell check fails me, I am not a really happy person.

1. When Friends Are Flaky – It makes me not want to talk to or hang out with anyone.  It kind of makes me mad at everyone even if it isn’t called for.  Moral of the story, don’t be flaky! ;)

That’s pretty much all for now.  I am tired and going to bed since I’ve been up for a long time.  It was a good day, but I’m pooped!

24 June 2010

Blogging is fun, and at times, hysterical!

So I had a friend a little while back who was dealing with some issues with a friend while at the same time worrying that her blog wasn’t good enough. This is the hysterical conversation that ensued between the two of us. (Some minor editing has been done so that it isn’t so long and so that it is more anonymous. Also, so that it reads better.) I don’t know, maybe it was just funnier when you were there, but I knew it had to be out here in its true form and I still think it’s pretty dang funny!

J: I haven't shown my blog to anyone else. I am worried it's too lame

me: no way! your blog is great!

J: maybe...

me: i've read tons of way lame blogs and yours is not one of them :D

J: thanks! But you're biased!

me: yes, but that doesn't make it any less true. it's not my first time at this rodeo ;)

J: I am pretty bummed.

me: why?

J: I hate fighting with him

me: oh yeah? well, if he's being a douche...

J: yep. go home to your shrew of a wife

me: totally

J: who encourages you to get a haircut that makes you look like a pencil with a half used eraser

me: LOL!!! awesome! please blog about that!

J: why?! you are being too encouraging!

me: no, you are funny! you should write about it! plus, it will make you feel better about the situation

J: true! maybe I will... how would i make it look like it wasn't about his wife and him?

me: just say i have a friend and for the purposes here, he shall be known as chuck

J: lol! ok

me: and please, do call him chuck. i picked that name on purpose

J: done! "chuck is an asshat with a shrew of a wife"

me: sounds like a great title! i'd read it even if it wasn't your blog just because it sounds awesome

J: ok I'll write it! yikes! what should I say?

me: how about chuck is an asshat with a shrew of a wife?

J: what else

me: i don't know say how chuck is married to the crazy person named… mindy and how their tepid relationship has landed you in the position you are in and how it sucks that you are now the emotional/spiritual connection that is missing there because he is an asshat and she is a shrew and aparently can't have their own spiritual connections.

J: lol

me: i don't know

J: I'm rolling!

me: sorry if i got the details mixed up, but the punch line is definitely that chuck is an asshat and mindy is a fridged shrew yay for their kid whom we shall call bob. or maybe pat since that can be a girl or a boy.

J: lol! I am dying!

me: see! blogging is fun! now don't you feel better already? ;)

J: hold on I need to write a few things really quick

me: like mindy is a shrew and chuck is an asshat? i thought that would be easy to remember. oh, i forget, you need to remember the baby bob pat

J: hold on! this is going to be so funny!

me: i should hope so! i'll be disappointed if it's not

J: I’ll try

J: i just transcribed our conversation.. it makes a weird contrast with the post before it

me: but way funny

J: did you read it? seriously, it kills me

me: yay! i just read it and it is fantastic!

J: so funny.

me: you totally have to share your blog!

J: with who?

me: we can't be the only two people who are allowed to enjoy it! i don't know, James?

J: i think he reads it on the side (james, that is)

me: good

J: I follow his blog.

me: think he'll know he's chuck?

J: i don't know...

me: yeah, well he is an asshat with a fridged shrew of a wife or he might be a fairly funny, decent guy

J: so funny. I feel better

me: but he's still an asshat with a shrew of a wife and that's what's important

J: thanks dear!

me: remember the important parts like him being chuck

J: I might change the name of the guy

me: and she's mindy

J: why!

me: and they are going to have poor bob pat the baby and then he/she will have to deal with that whole awkward situation

J: what about biff instead of chuck?

me: that's very back to the future of you! i might forget and still call him chuck

J: lol!!!! i think i collapsed over the back to the future thing

Anyway, that’s the funny blog conversation. I hope this wasn’t boring. It was super funny while it was happening. I just sat in my office and laughed, so if it was lame, don’t tell me. I like thinking my life is super funny.

10 June 2010

Final Decision

I am not making my blog private.  I have put a lot of thought into this and I am not going to let someone else dictate how I live my life.  I will write what I want to write and if you want to mess with me, be prepared for whatever you get.  I will not have anyone intimidating me and I will not be scared off.  I am who I am 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I don’t change who I am for anyone.  Take me or leave, but love me for that.  There will most definitely be opinions up here and if you want to comment please do!  I welcome other points of view and I’d love to hear from you.  That’s all for the time being, but I will be back soon.  Love to all!

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