16 November 2010

Time Drags Sometimes.

I am of the opinion that to every time there is a season.  I love, Love, LOVE Christmas, but I choose not to decorate for it until after Thanksgiving has come and gone.  This is not to say that I go all out for Thanksgiving or anything. (My mom has some really cool hand carved wooden statues of pilgrims and Native Americans so I’ll probably have something like that one day, but I don’t have anything yet… Is pilgrim supposed to be capitalized?  I digress…)  I also don’t really love listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  This is mainly because I get kind of tired of hearing the same songs over and over, just done by different artists.  It’s not really their fault, there just aren’t that many Christmas songs.  It is what it is.

Lately, however, I have found myself in the Christmas mood.  I still don’t want to break out Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I REALLY want it to be Christmas now!  I want to put up my tree, I want to play the tunes, I want to hang my super cute wreath, and I want to be kissed under the mistletoe.

And I want this:Image of Mistletoe Kiss Necklace

It’s super cute and not that terribly expensive!  I bought two mistletoe decorations to hang up in my house when the time comes.  I just think it’s a fun tradition.  I think I’m getting into the spirit early this year because it got cold really quickly and I figure if it is going to be cold, it may as well be Christmas.  My logic is sound, right?  I thought so too.

In other news, for those who have been diligently asking about my love life, I’ve decided to start going on *dramatic pause* blind dates.  I figure the worst thing that will happen is that I will have an awkward evening.  It could be fun… I hope it is anyway.  I am not desperate to get married or anything, but I would like to date more.  We’ll see how it goes.  I guess that’s all the updating I have for now.  I have some other blogs coming soon, but I’m not sure when.  Keep your eyes open for them though!  :D

12 September 2010

Random Day

Today (well, technically yesterday but hey, I’m still up) is the anniversary of 9/11.  We all know that.  I’m not sure if I’m thankful that I remember where I was and what I was doing on that day or not.  I talked to someone today who made the comment that while she still thinks it’s terrible, it didn’t have the same impact on her as she was in 5th grade and didn’t really understand what was happening.  It’s strange knowing what I know now and seeing the hatred and violence that is sparked from fear and lack of understanding.  It’s more than a little sad.  I am a religious person and it is painfully obvious that these are the tools used by Satan to upset God’s plan for his children.  In and of itself, that’s not a problem.  The problem is that we choose to let these tools to destroy ourselves and each other.  Anyway, I think I am glad I remember it because it is a life moment I will never forget.  What happened then and what it means to me, then and now.

Also, three great quotes today:

In the part of this universe that we know there is great injustice, and often the good suffer, and often the wicked prosper, and one hardly knows which of those is the more annoying.
  - Bertrand Russell

A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.
  - Anonymous

It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.
  - Oscar Wilde

In other news, 1) I got extensions.  I LOVE them!  Pictures to come soon!  2) My family went to see the traveling production of The Lion King tonight at the Capitol Theater.  Freaking amazing show!  And afterward, our friend Anthony (who plays a gazelle, hyena, grass, dancer, etc) took us on a backstage tour!!!  Pictures to come of that too… They may or may not be contraband… :D

01 September 2010

Two Months… Ok, Nearly Three Months Late

My cousin Lauren tagged me in a blog post well, nearly three months ago and even took the trouble of leaving me a message to check her blog because I was tagged.  I feel a little sheepish to admit it, but I didn’t really check it until recently.  For a minute though let’s be honest, I don’t even take the time to write for my blog, let alone read all of the blogs I can’t get fed into my Google Reader.  In any case, here we go.  10 current things about me to share.

I bought a condo.  It is awesome and I LOVE it!  I finally got my living area put together so now it’s onto the guest bed/bathroom so I can rent it out and make some money on it.  That’s the idea anyway.  :)

My life is a mad house.  I am trying to do marketing, be a makeup artist, look for a career path I want to take, be a good employee at our office and get my house put together.  All while I would rather be outside in the sunshine… Well, it was sunny at one point.

I am getting extensions.  I think it will be fun having super long hair again.  It probably won’t be like that for a super long time, but I am excited anyway.  (Pictures to follow… At some point.)

I am back in voice lessons!  I love doing vocal training!  I always seem to learn so much about myself when I sing.  I also discover loads of emotional issues that need working on, but that’s to be expected I guess.  In any case, I am really enjoying it!

I am trying to get back into the swing of things and get into more shows.  I auditioned for The Drowsy Chaperone but I didn’t get in, so I’m going to audition for Christmas Carol.  I would like to perform again.  I miss it and I think I’m good at it, so I’ll just keep auditioning.  :)

I really like teaching.  This is an entirely new and seriously weird thing for me.  I taught as part of a kid’s summer theater program this summer and LOVED it!  I think I may be moving in that direction in the near future.  Who knows.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty limited on what I can teach, so then again it may be a while yet.

I am pretty amazing at throwing baby showers.  I’m just saying.  If you want a fun baby shower that isn’t too game oriented and still leaves everyone feeling like they participated and had a great time, I am the one to throw your shower.  Also, I am super awesome at decorating.  ;)

I work at a haunted house.  It’s way fun to do the makeup out there, but I hate being scared.  I won’t even go through the show and I KNOW everyone in it!  It’s kind of weird, but we can just look past the irony there and move on.  If you like haunted houses you should totally come through though!  :D

I am a quarter of a century old.  It’s not as bad as I was worried it would be.  Actually, as it turns out I really don’t care much how old I am.  I have done some pretty cool things in my life and I’m going to do a lot more.  Hooray for me!

One of my favorite things EVER is go get flowers.  For an occasion or randomly.  I love it all!  Even though some people think it’s a waste because they just die eventually, I think they are beautiful and they can cheer anything up.  They also usually smell nice and they make people happy.  They also don’t make me get fat… Like candy does.  Moving on.  My favorite flowers are snap dragons, lilacs, and daisies.  I really love getting any flowers, but those are the best.  Roses are amazing too!  I got a really great bouquet of roses and hydrangea from my awesome friend Jen recently and an amazing 2 dozen long stem red roses from my parents as a thank you.

The beautiful bouquet from Jen (not my picture, but a good representation)

Also not my picture… Pretty though!

Anyway, that’s it for this blog.  I love everyone so whoever wants to do this (if anyone) you are it.  Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to bed now.

27 August 2010

Ok, so 3 things…

First, private blogs + Tiff = FAIL.  I am sorry if your blog is private.  I understand that you might want the extra privacy it gives you, but I RARELY read private blogs.  I don’t have time to go hunting them down.  It’s not that you aren’t worth it, but you took yourself out of my google reader by making it private and until someone can tell me how to get private blogs there, it will be very periodic.  I bring this up because my cousin tagged me in a blog ages ago (which, buy the way I also can’t link because it is private) and I just got around to reading it.  It’s true.  Sorry.  That blog will be coming… well, we can all see how good I am at regularly updating my blog, but it will be coming at some point!

Secondly, my mother has practically perfect teeth and my father has… well, not so great of teeth.  They both take really good care of their teeth, we’re just talking genetics here.  I landed somewhere in the middle.  I have been very lucky though in that I haven’t had a ton of cavities… except for that one time.  I love me some chocolate, that’s for sure, but I don’t eat a ton of sweets generally speaking, I don’t drink soda, I have bones of granite, and I brush and floss everyday.  So how, you might ask, is it that I have a cavity right now?  The sealant popped off of my tooth!!!!  It’s not even my fault!  Lame…

Thirdly, when it comes to hiring I hate that there are questions I can’t ask.  I understand why you can’t ask them, but I’m not going to not hire you because of your age, religion, sex, etc.  I’m just curious!  So here’s a tip.  Since I can’t ask you these things if you want the job, make it obvious.  Maybe not the religion one, but put what year you graduated high school.  I am interested in who you are as a person and I want to know how old you are so all the better for you if I can get it down to a couple of years as a window.  Also, as awkward as it sounds, some people could go either way as far as gender.  HUGE TIP: IF I CAN’T TELL YOUR GENDER, I’M NOT GOING TO HIRE YOU!  I don’t want to be constantly wondering if you are a man or a woman.  Make it obvious people.  And a name isn’t enough.  You just can’t be sure of that kind of thing anymore.  Names are so interchangeable.  There is a woman at my condo named Troy.  Case and point.

That’s all.  I love you each and every one in your own way.  I always promise I’ll be better at blogging, but I am super busy so I will make no promises.  Just know that I often think of it as I’m getting in bed, but then I’m too tired.  But it’s the thought that counts!

25 July 2010


I’m afraid I’ve been thinking.  A dangerous pastime, I know.  Just kidding, in all honesty I have been thinking about some pretty serious things lately.  I am at a place in my life where I have achieved a lot of my big life goals.  I’ve finished school, I’m working on my career, I have traveled quite a lot (not nearly as much as I plan to of course, but quite a bit for my age), I have a car that I own free and clear and I’ve purchased a home.  At this point I am at a bit of a stand still.  I’m not quite sure where I’m going now.  I want a family.  I very much want a husband and children.  My own personal values are such that I don’t participate in sex before marriage, so obviously the children bit isn’t going to happen before marriage, so it’s frustrating in some ways for me to be stuck at this juncture.  I have had a lot of dating experience and I know what I’m looking for, but for some reason I’m having problems right now with the guys I’m dating.  I am not finding that I am able to date the men who have the attributes I am looking for.  The ones who do have what I’m looking for aren’t asking me out.  *sigh*  I can’t even begin to explain how much I want a family and I feel like this is the next thing in my life.  I know that everything will work out.  It can just be hard sometimes.

09 July 2010


Yep!  I read these on one of my friend’s shared blogs so I really don’t know where she found them.  Anyway, I laughed really hard… Then I stole them.

(Record Store | Las Vegas, NV, USA)

(A customer about the age of thirty walks into the store.)

Me: “Hello, how may I help you today?”

Customer: “Yes, I’m looking for some recent Beatles records. Do you have any?”

Me: *assuming she means recent re-releases* “Hold on one second.”

(I find some and hand it to her.)

Customer: “Thank you so much! The Beatles are my favorite band! I would shoot myself if they ever broke up!”

Customer behind her: “Well, get your gun ready.”

(Post Office | Brisbane, Australia)

Customer: “I need to pay this bill and the bank said I had to come to the post office.”

Me: “Ok, that will be $625.80.”

Customer: “No, it’s $500.”

Me: “No, it’s $500 US. In Australian dollars, that’s $625.80.”

Customer: “No, it says right there it’s $500. You are just discriminating against my daughter!”

Me: “Um…”

Customer: “How else can you justify a $125 fee?”

Me: “Our fee is $8; the Australian dollar is only around .8 of the American dollar.”

Customer: “So what you are saying is, I would be better off paying a thousand dollars?”

(This continues for some minutes until an old lady in line behind the customer speaks up.)

Old Lady: “I’m going to have to go to another post office. This will never get resolved. This woman is just too stupid to live!”

04 July 2010


I am proud of my country.  I don’t say it enough, but I am very proud to be an American!  I know that not everyone agrees with me, but I am so thankful and forever indebted to the brave military men and women who make sure that we stay free.  Free to make decisions on how we want to live our lives.  I’m thankful for freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms and freedom of religion. I am so thankful for God.  I am thankful for the freedom to choose what I do with my life.  That He has not made my choices for me, but that He gives me the freedom to make those decisions even if they are wrong.  I am so thankful for my ancestors who did what they did so that I can be where I am today.  For the brave founding fathers (and mothers) who built this country at the beginning and all throughout our history.  I am grateful for the teachers who have made a difference and for the great people who have decided that people are people no matter what they look like or believe.  As long as they are good people who act like decent, kind human beings, they should be treated nicely.  I am grateful for the valiant politicians (yes, I think that there are a couple of you out there) who stand for something and don’t abandon their morals because it’s more popular.  Keep going.  And I’m thankful for my family.  They support me when I am down and they help me be a better person.  I love you!

Happy Independence Day!

26 June 2010

Things That Annoy Me. Top 10 of the Moment…

Not necessarily in this order, this is just how they came to me.

10. Private Blogs – I hate having to log in every time I want to read a blog that someone has blocked to the public (and yes, I know that in the very recent past I actually considered that as an option).

9. Lack of Kitchen Storage – That really says it all.

8. Loud Upstairs Neighbors – Most of the time my upstairs neighbors are AWESOME!  Not up too early in the morning or too late at night, but seriously!!!  Sometimes it sounds like a small heard of elephants live up there!

7. People With Bad Manners – Take some basic etiquette lessons people!  Or at least use some common sense.

6.  Un-alphabetized DVD’s – HOW ARE YOU EVER SUPPOSED TO FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IF THEY ARE ALL A MESS!?!?!?  (Alright, so an alphabetical organization is my style, but as long as there is a system that the majority of people can navigate around that’s fine)

5. Fresh Produce Going Bad – Sad story!  I love fresh fruit and vegetables, but I get overzealous sometimes and I buy more than I can eat and then it goes bad and I am sad.

4. Waking Up Early – I just don’t like it.  I have a tendency to get a lot done most of the time, but it is hard for me to wake up.

3. Bad Lighting – It’s hard to do makeup, pick out clothing or even have happiness.  In fact, a little piece of me DIES every time I see a fluorescent light bulb…

2. When Spell Check FAILS – I have never been particularly gifted at spelling, so when spell check fails me, I am not a really happy person.

1. When Friends Are Flaky – It makes me not want to talk to or hang out with anyone.  It kind of makes me mad at everyone even if it isn’t called for.  Moral of the story, don’t be flaky! ;)

That’s pretty much all for now.  I am tired and going to bed since I’ve been up for a long time.  It was a good day, but I’m pooped!

24 June 2010

Blogging is fun, and at times, hysterical!

So I had a friend a little while back who was dealing with some issues with a friend while at the same time worrying that her blog wasn’t good enough. This is the hysterical conversation that ensued between the two of us. (Some minor editing has been done so that it isn’t so long and so that it is more anonymous. Also, so that it reads better.) I don’t know, maybe it was just funnier when you were there, but I knew it had to be out here in its true form and I still think it’s pretty dang funny!

J: I haven't shown my blog to anyone else. I am worried it's too lame

me: no way! your blog is great!

J: maybe...

me: i've read tons of way lame blogs and yours is not one of them :D

J: thanks! But you're biased!

me: yes, but that doesn't make it any less true. it's not my first time at this rodeo ;)

J: I am pretty bummed.

me: why?

J: I hate fighting with him

me: oh yeah? well, if he's being a douche...

J: yep. go home to your shrew of a wife

me: totally

J: who encourages you to get a haircut that makes you look like a pencil with a half used eraser

me: LOL!!! awesome! please blog about that!

J: why?! you are being too encouraging!

me: no, you are funny! you should write about it! plus, it will make you feel better about the situation

J: true! maybe I will... how would i make it look like it wasn't about his wife and him?

me: just say i have a friend and for the purposes here, he shall be known as chuck

J: lol! ok

me: and please, do call him chuck. i picked that name on purpose

J: done! "chuck is an asshat with a shrew of a wife"

me: sounds like a great title! i'd read it even if it wasn't your blog just because it sounds awesome

J: ok I'll write it! yikes! what should I say?

me: how about chuck is an asshat with a shrew of a wife?

J: what else

me: i don't know say how chuck is married to the crazy person named… mindy and how their tepid relationship has landed you in the position you are in and how it sucks that you are now the emotional/spiritual connection that is missing there because he is an asshat and she is a shrew and aparently can't have their own spiritual connections.

J: lol

me: i don't know

J: I'm rolling!

me: sorry if i got the details mixed up, but the punch line is definitely that chuck is an asshat and mindy is a fridged shrew yay for their kid whom we shall call bob. or maybe pat since that can be a girl or a boy.

J: lol! I am dying!

me: see! blogging is fun! now don't you feel better already? ;)

J: hold on I need to write a few things really quick

me: like mindy is a shrew and chuck is an asshat? i thought that would be easy to remember. oh, i forget, you need to remember the baby bob pat

J: hold on! this is going to be so funny!

me: i should hope so! i'll be disappointed if it's not

J: I’ll try

J: i just transcribed our conversation.. it makes a weird contrast with the post before it

me: but way funny

J: did you read it? seriously, it kills me

me: yay! i just read it and it is fantastic!

J: so funny.

me: you totally have to share your blog!

J: with who?

me: we can't be the only two people who are allowed to enjoy it! i don't know, James?

J: i think he reads it on the side (james, that is)

me: good

J: I follow his blog.

me: think he'll know he's chuck?

J: i don't know...

me: yeah, well he is an asshat with a fridged shrew of a wife or he might be a fairly funny, decent guy

J: so funny. I feel better

me: but he's still an asshat with a shrew of a wife and that's what's important

J: thanks dear!

me: remember the important parts like him being chuck

J: I might change the name of the guy

me: and she's mindy

J: why!

me: and they are going to have poor bob pat the baby and then he/she will have to deal with that whole awkward situation

J: what about biff instead of chuck?

me: that's very back to the future of you! i might forget and still call him chuck

J: lol!!!! i think i collapsed over the back to the future thing

Anyway, that’s the funny blog conversation. I hope this wasn’t boring. It was super funny while it was happening. I just sat in my office and laughed, so if it was lame, don’t tell me. I like thinking my life is super funny.

10 June 2010

Final Decision

I am not making my blog private.  I have put a lot of thought into this and I am not going to let someone else dictate how I live my life.  I will write what I want to write and if you want to mess with me, be prepared for whatever you get.  I will not have anyone intimidating me and I will not be scared off.  I am who I am 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I don’t change who I am for anyone.  Take me or leave, but love me for that.  There will most definitely be opinions up here and if you want to comment please do!  I welcome other points of view and I’d love to hear from you.  That’s all for the time being, but I will be back soon.  Love to all!

18 May 2010

Valuable Lesson Learned

So my posts from the blackberry apparently don't post to the blog. Fail. Probably user error unfortunately. Now I "get" to retype all of my previous posts that should be here and aren't. Yay...

So moving on. I'm most likely making my blog private in the near future. I don't want my personal life out there for certain people to look at. And it's not even the random strangers who are looking at it, it's some of the people who I know/have known that I don't want involved with me anymore. If you want to continue reading my blog I'll add you to the list, but I'll need your email, so please let me know if you want to be included. :)

Also, it's very late/early, however you choose to look at it. This does not bode well for tomorrow being an awesome day. Somehow I can't manage to get to the sleeping stage of my day. Maybe it's anxiety. It could just as easily be excitement. Or that I just can't get my brain to shut off with all I have to get done in the next few days. Who knows.

And while I'm on this random blog streak, I really, Really, REALLY want this:

I can't begin to tell you how much I want this umbrella. My birthday is coming up guys... Less than a month away... Just saying.

06 March 2010


So today I had planned on being very productive.  I started off well by going to the gym.  The work out was hard, but definitely not impossible even though my legs were already tired from working them yesterday.  Unfortunately, something in me snapped toward the end of my workout and I’m not even sure what triggered it, but it became pretty apparent to me that if I spoke, I was going to loose it.  I held it off for a while and tried to channel my weird emotional instability into my lifting (by the way, I dead lifted 95 lbs which is a personal best and my trainer said he was proud of me for doing it, but I digress).  For even a brief moment, I thought I was going to get away with it, but as I began my last super set of back extensions and inclined sit-up’s tears started rolling down my face and I could not control them.  Now let me just say this: I do not cry in front of anyone at anytime for any reason.  I do not do it as a matter of personal policy.  In fact, I could probably count on two hands the number of times I have done it since I graduated from High School, so this was crazy!  My trainer, being the sweet hearted guy that he is (even though he will never really admit to it) looked a little worried about me and told me to just leave it there for the day.  It was totally embarrassing and I was not sure where it came from, but I went to the bathroom and just sobbed for a couple of minutes.  Then I came back and ran for 45 minutes.  It was quite upsetting and after that, my day went to pieces.  I did walk the dogs with my sister and I got one load of laundry done, but mostly I sat on the couch and watched “Ghost Adventures” with my sister.  Not a productive day.  In fact, I rather feel like I didn’t do much and just felt gross all day.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I guess we all have those days every now and again where it all just comes out and we break down a little bit… Mine was today.  Hopefully, that got all of the stress and anxiety out of the mix and now I can concentrate on what needs to be done to get into my condo!  Cross your fingers for me please!  It’s taking a lot longer and way more energy than I had hoped or expected it to.  Here’s to agreeing that tomorrow will be a better day and that maybe I’ll actually get around to doing my hair or actually cleaning my room.  :D

25 February 2010

Dear Universe…

I don’t ask for a lot (most of the time) but there are a few things I would really enjoy owning that I don’t have the budget for at this point in my life. So if you would be so kind as to provide a giant lump of money to land in my lap or perhaps just send a wealthy suitor my way I’d be much obliged.



P.S. All pictures are linked to their respective sites for ordering purposes. Thank you universe. :D

burberry nova bag drink me

union jack heart


12 February 2010

Touching Day

What a special day!  Earlier today I was at the temple waiting in the lobby people watching (a favorite pastime of mine) there were loads of people in a hurry today.  People rushing in and out.  Some were obviously there for a wedding while others were hustling in to make good time.  Then I saw an elderly man who was on his way out.  He was walking slowly and not without effort.  He was carrying his bag and his hat as he made his way toward the door and when he saw something on the floor he had so much respect for the building he was in that he bent down to pick it up.  Then, only a few feet further he arrived at the door and waited until he was outside to again, put his bag down and place his hat on his head.  It probably doesn’t seem like a big thing to some people, but it was a very touching gesture to me.

Also, the Olympics in general always touch my heart, but this year seems to be even more so with the tragic passing of the Georgian luge athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili.  It was very moving to see how everyone reacted to the situation.  My heart just broke when the Georgian athletes came into the Opening Ceremony.  The solidarity that their whole team had, as well as some of the other athletes who wore black armbands made me tear up.  I was so glad when they took a minute of silence as well as the flags being lowered to half staff.  I really feel it was so appropriate given the circumstances.  All in all, the opening ceremony was seriously awesome!  I LOVED the performance and it was executed perfectly (except for the torch not working quite right).  The imagery was BEAUTIFUL and the performance was just fantastic!  I love the Olympics!  It is a time where the world just takes a break and focuses on all of the best things and the things we have in common instead of their differences.  The world gets the chance to get together and cheer for a common goal.  Athletic excellence.  Anyway, It was a great day. :)

09 February 2010

Condo Progress

Today I accepted the counter offer that I was given.  It wasn’t as low as I wanted to be, but it’s not that much different so I’ll find a way to make it work.  I am SO excited!!!  I can hardly believe that it’s all happening!  I have to kick my butt into high gear now because we have a closing date of March 1st!  Yikes!  Lots and Lots to do in that time! 

In other news, my mom bought me a REALLY cute set of dishes and some freaking fantastic red pans!  I’m so excited!  I can hardly wait to get into my new condo and start using all of my new things!  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m even excited to go in and deep clean the whole thing!  After that, it will most definitely be party time!  Everyone has to come and see me when I move in! :D

07 February 2010

Disney Princesses on Ice!

I found this in my saved drafts.  This is clear from back in November so sorry about the delay.

For Kim’s birthday, I bought us tickets to go see the Disney Princesses on Ice show.  It was so fun!  We were not even the only people who were there without kids!  There were a few couples on dates and some groups of ladies who were probably having a fun girls night out.  It was great!  The whole show was really fun and it was even better being there with my Seester!  She’s one of my best friends and I LOVE spending time with her.  Here are some pictures from the show.  Don’t judge, most of them were taken with my cell phone so the quality isn’t as good as it could have been.

IMG00244Some of the 7 Dwarfs

IMG00253 Belle and the Beast (my favorite princess!)

IMG00299Tinkerbelle was hilarious!

IMG00300I tried to get a decent picture of Belle the whole show, but her back was always to our side of the audience by the time I got the camera to work.


So last fall there were a couple of things that I never blogged about. 

1) My cute friend Jenny moved away to do more airline school.  Still not 100% sure what she’s going to be doing, but she’s going to be freaking awesome at it and she’s going to look amazing to boot! :D  Just sad that she’ll be so very far away now.

27 Oct 09 228

2) I went through the temple.  For those of you who are not LDS and read my blog it’s a really special experience where we get the opportunity to make promises and commitments to ourselves and to God.  It was the best experience in my life so far.

Tiffany at the Salt Lake Temple 007

3) Thanksgiving: I ate myself stupid.  Enough said there.

4) My car was in the parking lot one night just before Christmas and some guy with a giant truck backed onto the hood of my car and tried to run, but two great guys got his license plate and we tracked him down.  It was sad because my car had just been fixed from the accident and had to go back to the shop, but it’s all better now.

5) Christmas: It was a good year.  I got things I need for my new condo.  Dishes and such,  Good time with family and friends.

6) New Year’s Eve: Party at my friend Jake’s house.  Pictures don’t turn out all too well when taken on a camera phone with weird lights and strobes going off, but I looked cute and it was way fun and that’s what’s important. :D

IMG00324 New Year's Eve 1

New Year's Eve 5

7) Other than going to work, I’ve been keeping busy going to the gym with my trainer 3 times a week, dance class once a week, fight training with my friend, Nick (who happens to be a professional MMA fighter) and ward activities.  I have a great singles ward and I’m having a really good time getting to know them and going to some of the fun activities that they put on.  Like ice skating!

ice skating

Pretty sure I haven’t been on ice skates for YEARS!  Thanks to the guys who kept me on my feet and for Jake for taking this picture.  It’s nice to have proof that I did it!

I guess that’s all for now.  I really am going to be better about blogging.  I’m sure in the near future I will definitely have some things that are blog worthy. *cough* new condo *cough* Keep your fingers crossed though!  Nothing has been set in stone yet.  Good times though!

05 February 2010

Playing THE Game

It always seems like there is some kind of game to play so that you can please this person or get that thing you want and it can get tiresome.  I am right now trying to play the game where I please my family, don’t offend someone where I should have the option on how to spend my hard earned money and playing the game of buying a condo.  Yes, it’s true.  After all this time I’m finally striking out on my own and signing away my life to the ‘M’ word: Mortgage.  It’s by far the most frightening word I’ve ever had to deal with in my life thus far.  For that matter, it seems like all of the good things that are a little scary in my life/future are M words.  Mortgage, Marriage, Motherhood… But I digress.  So I’ve been back and forth on a couple of condos that I really, really like but I am not willing to overextend myself for these places and it’s frustrating that they aren’t being a little easier to work with.  I understand when I go in at a lower offer it’s not necessarily going to be a done deal at the lower price, but seriously!?  Let’s try playing a little nicer people.  It’s my first place and I really want to live there!  Plus, you need to get rid of it!  Now that we had that talk let’s get down to business.  Pen anyone?

21 January 2010

Bad Blogger

Ok, so I’ve been kind of a bad blogger for a while now.  I think that has been established.  The thing is though, I have so much to do to catch up that I keep saying I don’t want to do a current blog until I’ve done all of the back dated stuff and who knows when that will happen.  *sigh* I do want to say that I’m so full of stress and frustration and irritation though!  I feel like I am getting hit from all different sides and I can’t really vent anywhere because the places I usually do my venting (blog, facebook, etc) are the places that the people who are making my life miserable usually see my stuff!  For frustrating!  I mean really!  This is my space and I should be able to say/do whatever I want to on here, but instead I’m worried about saying something that will hurt someone’s feelings or make them mad at me when really, that’s what all of these people are doing to me so why should I give a damn?  I think that it’s super ridiculous that I’m busy watching what I say so that I can preserve relationships while other people are acting like complete children and say whatever the hell comes to their minds without a care over what reactions will come from that.  No worries that they are being selfish or mean or that maybe they could just be honest instead of going behind my back and lying because the truth will hurt my feelings.  Guess what.  I’m not stupid and I will find out sooner or later and it will still be what it is plus I’ll be hurt and angry that you lied to me.  So suck it up and say what you have to say to my face or leave me alone!  I don’t care if you are friends, family or strangers.  I HATE, LOTHE and ABOMINATE being lied to.  We will not be able to remain on good terms if you lie to me or try to manipulate me.  Period.  For those of you who are being good friends, I love you dearly.  You mean the world to me and I will indeed try to be better about my blogs and I will also try to be less full of angst while I blog from here on out.  Loves!

01 January 2010

New Year 2010

Ok, so I just finished reading 95 blogs that I was behind.  Wow.  That’s pretty bad even for me.  As we all know I’m also severely behind on my personal blogging therefore my New Year’s resolutions are to catch and keep up on my own blogging and to read the blogs that I am following.  Also, as some of you know, I am working out with a personal trainer and I am planning on being 115 lbs by June.  It will probably not be fun, but it will be worth it.  As a friend quoted to me recently, “Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels.”

On an unrelated topic, how much would you pay for this bag?





Please leave a comment or email me on how much you would pay for this bag so I have a real idea.  Thanks!

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