12 September 2009

Catching Up On Life 2

The following events did not necessarily happen in the order that they appear.  This is just the order in which I thought of them.

June was an interesting month.  A week after my grandma passed away I had my 24th birthday.  It wasn’t a big deal, but I went to lunch with a friend and overall it was a pretty good day.  24 isn’t a really important birthday so there isn’t really much to say about it.  During the summer I took a few fun little trips.  A few of us went down to Las Vegas to collect the ‘Tart Cards’ for a friend’s art project.  It was a pretty fun trip.  We drove down one afternoon, walked the strip until about 3 am, then we organized the cards in the spare suitcase we brought and headed home in the morning.  No pictures will be provided from that trip and I don’t think I need to explain why.  What happens in Vegas… Well, you know the rest.

I went to a Bee’s baseball game.  It was really fun!  I didn’t think that it would be, but it was a blast!  We went with the chiropractic association so it was great seeing some of my parent’s friends that I haven’t seen in a while, plus my dad actually caught a stray ball that flew up into our section!  He was so excited!  Truth be told, I just cowered and hoped I wouldn’t get hit or in any way be involved in the situation.

8 Aug 09 012 8 Aug 09 011

We went to stadium of fire.  It was pretty cool!  I couldn’t have cared less about the Jonas Brothers (sorry to any fans out there), but let’s be honest, we all go for the fireworks anyway.  I thought it was interesting though.  There were a plethora of tween girls there to see the concert and it was strangely reminiscent of an Elvis concert or a Beatles concert where the women were so excited and worked up that they would faint and the screaming was so intense that no one there had eardrums left by the end.  Honestly, if I couldn’t hear the music (because it wasn’t nearly the same caliber of one of the other mentioned artists) I would have thought it was something along those lines… Like I said, I went for the fireworks though, and apparently I ended up on TV!  I hope I looked ok.

4th of July 2009 030

Fire dancers4th of July 2009 034

4th of July 2009 059

I went to an ABBA recreation concert.  It was really quite good!  I still need to get the pictures from my mom and my cousin Lauren.  They got the best pictures so sadly there are none here.

The county fair was an experience as it is every year.  I learned how to make pottery though and that was awesome!  I made a vase that is so cute!  I think it has great character.  How about you?

Most recently I went to California.  It was a really nice trip.  Mostly it was just to chill out, but also I had the opportunity to visit Hearst Castle.  It was AMAZING!!!  I loved it!  Seriously, he would be the friend to have.  Get invited to all kinds of events and not have any of the bills.  Sounds like a winning plan to me!  I mean really, this guy had real Roman and Egyptian artifacts shipped to his California home just because he liked them and he could.  That is an intense amount of money.

This is an awesome sign by Las Vegas!last chance to pee




Now I’m just working pretty much on the State fair that started this week.  It’s off and running so now it’s just a matter of working some really long days. 

Also, the haunted house is open now weekends.  It’s going pretty well and I’m totally excited for the season!  Of course, you should all come see the show.  I’ll even be playing in the show when it starts getting busier.  I’d give it a few weeks.  Maybe until the beginning of October.  Then come see me!  Anyway, now you’re all caught up on my life… I think.  I could have forgotten something, but I don’t think so.  If I did, feel free to contact me and ask.

Catching Up On Life

So for those of you who read my blog (which is probably not very many of you anymore) I know I have been really bad about staying up on things this summer.  I have been chastised and felt the overwhelming remorse for my actions… Or something like that.  So this blog is going to be kind of a catch up on the highlights of my summer.

My family went to Disney World in May.  It was WAY fun!  It was a torrential downpour pretty much the whole time we were there, but it was still very fun and I loved being able to spend the time with my family.  I remembered a lot of the things we had done when we were there last, but everything seemed bigger then.  Of course, I had much shorter legs back in the day so that was probably not too far from the truth!  There were some changes, in the last 14 years (give or take).  Some of the rides had been changed to reflect the movies that had been inspired by them, and some had been changed entirely.  It was an overall great time though.  We went to all of the Disney parks (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot) of which I had only been to 2 in the past.  Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom were new to me and surprisingly good!  There were a lot of good times, but I would have to say that Hollywood Studios was the best of the new parks for me.  Tower of Terror was amazing!  The Rockn’ Rollercoaster was also freaking fantastic (we went on it twice!), but the best moment there was when one of the street performers was walking out in her 20’s inspired outfit and glorious hat saw a park patron who had a shaved head, a wife beater tank top on, and was quite buff.  She dropped her suitcase on the ground and in grand dramatic style exclaimed “Mr. Clean!”  One word.  Fantastic.  I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.  It was right then and there I decided that someday, somewhere I will use that line when I’m in a production.  Anyway, enough talk, here are some pictures.

The Teacup rideDisney-no doubt-grandma 023

The AWESOME lady who called out Mr. CleanDisney-no doubt-grandma 003

Mickey’s Magic Hat from FantasiaDisney-no doubt-grandma 009

Animal Kingdom – Being Seesters!Disney-no doubt-grandma 084

We should totally be rock stars! Rock on!Disney-no doubt-grandma 096

If the Rock star career doesn’t pan out though, perhaps opera singers… Or Vikings.Disney-no doubt-grandma 111

In England!  Oh wait, Epcot England that is.Disney-no doubt-grandma 137

Next we had the No Doubt concert.  No Doubt was scheduled to go be in Salt Lake City the day we were getting back from Disney World.  Kim and I scored wicked box seats for the event and got there at exactly the PERFECT time!  It was a little dorky having our parents drop us off and pick us up, but we went directly from the airport to the E Center, so there wasn’t much of a choice if we wanted to be on time.  We got there just a few songs before No Doubt themselves came on and as it turns out, we didn’t really care about the warm up band anyway.  It was a blast!  And it wasn’t so bad at the end when we had a ride to pick us up and we didn’t have to deal with parking.  Huzzah!  We even got to sing to Gwen’s little boy who had a birthday the next day.  It was really cute!  The music was great!  A lot of it was from their older albums which I really liked since that’s my favorite stuff of theirs anyway!  Here are some pics from the concert.  Just random shots of them, my Seester and me, plus one of Gwen with her son.

Disney-no doubt-grandma 160

Disney-no doubt-grandma 179

Disney-no doubt-grandma 206

Disney-no doubt-grandma 208

Disney-no doubt-grandma 228

 Disney-no doubt-grandma 233

Disney-no doubt-grandma 239

As was previously blogged about, my grandma passed away at the beginning of June.  That was an extremely sad event, but I’m very thankful that I know I will be able to see her again someday.  It was very peaceful and in my heart I know that my Papa came and said it was time for her to go and do other things.  Her mission on earth was done.  I wish I still had her here with me, but I’m very happy for her at the same time.  This blog is getting exceedingly long, so I will post more in another blog.  Look for it in rapt anticipation!  It will be good!  Or maybe it won’t.  You’ll just have to wait and see though!  ;)

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