09 July 2009

Working out again

As of last night I’m once again working out with my personal trainer Chris.  This is, of course, what I wanted because I really want to get back in shape, but everything below my earlobes is sore today.  Sad story!  The muscle soreness isn’t anything new to me.  This happens every time I’ve started a new dance semester at school or any new exercise program, but today was different.  I woke up and couldn’t move for about 30 minutes.  I physically could not get out of bed.  My back was so sore that I couldn’t even roll over.  Blah.  All day there were stairs everywhere I went.  It was brutal!  This is how I felt:

Stairs Cat 

Actually, toward the end of the day I finally had my back worked on so I’m feeling MUCH better now! Hopefully I’ll feel even better tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

06 July 2009

Bikini’s and Butts

So I’m chronically behind in my blogging.  This we all know.  And while I have several other blogs that should make it up here before this one, I thought it was funny, therefore this is the one I’m posting.  I was reading an article on the history of the bikini and there was a whole slideshow on the progression of the bikini through different decades.  (The article wasn’t that interesting by the way.  Apparently the first bikini was shown in a French fashion show and it was so scandalous [for the time period] that the models wouldn’t even wear it, so the designer had to hire a stripper for the show.  That’s about all you get from the article, but I digress.)  Anyway, this is one of the pictures they have in the slideshow and really I was left thinking, was this picture really taken to show the back of a girl wearing a bikini in the background, or was it taken because it’s really funny that the guy has a super atomic wedgie and his butt is falling out of his suit?  Personally, I think it was the latter, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.


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