28 April 2009


I wasn’t tagged but my friend Amy had this on her blog so I decided to put it up on mine because I wanted to.  No better reason than that (not that I need one it is my blog after all).  Fourth file, fourth picture.


This is my best friend Jeff (For those of you who didn’t go to school with us and/or haven’t heard me go on and on about him.  Pretty sure those people are few and far between though.)  This picture was taken ages ago when we had just met and I’m pretty sure of a couple of things: 1) He doesn’t know that this picture exists.  As clarification, I’m pretty sure he knows it exists, he’s just never seen it because… well, I’m not sure why.  I just don’t think he’s ever seen it.  2) It was taken during the BYU homecoming parade I can’t even remember which year.  He’s making a face and I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to fall into the favorite picture category for him.  It is one of my favorite pictures of him though!  It always reminds me of our good times in college.  Dance and spending WAY too much time in the HFAC.  I miss my dear Jeff. 

On a completely unrelated topic, I was cast in the current murder mystery at the Castle right now.  It should be fun, but as of right now it’s only being performed for private parties so call up and schedule one already!  :D  I’ll let everyone know if that changes and we have some open times for anyone to come and play though.

20 April 2009


We may or may not have been doing this at 4 AM in the Denny’s parking lot last night.  

It was closing night at the haunt and we decided to go out afterward and, well, needless to say we were having a party in the parking lot even after we left. :D  The haunt season is now officially over until the fall season.  It’s weird having a haunted house in the spring, I know, but I guess it’s cool!  I’ve had an awesome time this year.  I’ve made a lot of new friends and I’ve learned so much!  I' will be glad to have back some time to do stuff for myself on the weekends now, but I’ll miss being with all of those people every Friday and Saturday night.  People like my tall friend Jack! (I made my dress with no pattern by the way because I’m just that awesome!  And yes, it’s freezing which is why I wore the gloves.)


I’m pretty blessed to have so many choice people in my life.  I have fantastic friends and an amazing family I love dearly.  I may get a little bit morose sometimes or start thinking that life is hard and that things are bad, but when I think about it, really I have so much to be thankful for!  Obviously this is not to say that life is easy.  I promise I have my moments, but I know that everything will work out just great and that when my heart breaks it’s just temporary.  Actually, it’s good to get out of the haunt scene for a little while because I need to do some healing and hopefully that will give me the time to do it.  :)

Ok, so this blog has officially taken a direction I did not expect it to.  I love being a makeup artist and being able to do what I love with people who make it so much fun is even better!  Someday I’ll be able to do this as a full time thing, but until then I’m going to work my little booty off doing as much of it as I can!  I didn’t get many pictures of myself this time around, but I’ll post some of the pictures of different makeup that I did, well sometime.  For those of you who follow my blog you know how long it can take me to get things up here.  Much love!  :D

13 April 2009


So I haven’t blogged for a while. I’m sorry faithful readers! For the last few weeks I’ve been perma-tired. I actually fell asleep in a busy Denny’s the other day. That’s a sad state of affairs. I’m working full time for my father and with spring/summer coming up, we’re getting pretty busy. I’m also working at the Castle of Chaos for their spring scream. It’s been pretty fun this season as I’ve done some pretty cool makeup and pushed myself to new levels. I enjoy pushing myself and always expecting more than what I’ve done in the past. I’ve also branched out and, shockingly, been more involved in the haunt. No, I’m not one of the people who scares you. I’m morally opposed to scaring people. Do unto others and all that jazz you know. I stand at the front and entertain people while they wait in line. It works out pretty well I’d say. So fun times there! (We still have this coming weekend left so you should totally call me and I’ll give you $2 off coupons so you can come through!)

Anyway, sorry this post is kind of short. I got the world’s worst paper cut today which is super deep and has hardly stopped bleeding at all in the last 13 hours. It either really hurts to type or it takes a long time because I’m trying not to use that finger and I’m exhausted. More later on my many adventures! :D


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