05 March 2009

Back to Before

I saw this clip because one of my friends put it on facebook.  Anyway, I thought it was kind of profound that we do live in a society where we have pretty much everything.  The great majority have ALL of their needs met and most of their wants as well.  This is not to say that I think everyone is complacent and they don't want to improve themselves, I'm just saying that it's true how much we complain about stuff that is really so incredible!  We are truly a spoiled generation and if we don't count our blessings and give thanks to some higher being everyday for granting us the opportunity to live in this wonderful time we should truly be ashamed of ourselves.  Honestly, given everything we have, how can we get away with being such complainers?  Nearly everyday I hear people saying 'we're in a recession' and 'times are so hard' but heaven forbid our cable goes out or we don't have our text messaging.  10 years ago I didn't even own a cell phone and I sure didn't know what text messaging was and we lived just fine then.  For Pete's sake!  I remember when the first generation of cell phones came out.  They were the size of a LARGE brick and they only had one ring tone.  Yes, a frightening thought, I know!  We have it so good these days and I'm sure it will just keep getting better!  It's funny, it would probably be good for us to go back to how it was, but let's be honest, we can never go back to before.  Also, 10 points if you know where the title of this blog comes from. :D

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