23 February 2009

P.S. I forgot this

As a finishing for the weekend, I watched the Academy Awards. It was very sweet that Heath Leger's family was there to accept his award. He was a stunning actor who deserved the award. There was really only one actor in particular who I thought conducted himself inappropriately. I'm sorry, but the Oscars acceptance speech is a completely inappropriate place to present your political platform. Whether I agree with what you have to say, or not, it is neither the time nor the place for your politics. Everyone else I observed acted quite nicely, why did he have to go and be an ass? I have no idea. Seriously! He should go play in traffic. My own blog is, for example, the perfect place for my personal and political opinions though. :)

22 February 2009

Time Flies 2

Well, the last post was getting a little long, so I'll continue here.

The baby shower (which technically took place before the closing show from the last post) was so much fun! I had the best time getting everything ready and actually hosting the party! My dear friend Amy is having a little girl in May and I had the great luck to be the first to call dibs on hosting her baby shower! Now, I had never hosted a baby shower before, but with 11+ friends who are currently pregnant or who have had their babies in the last couple of months, I have been to an ample amount of showers and I felt fairly confident that I could do it well. Before the shower, I was running around like a crazy woman! I am so glad I did most of the prep work the night before, but I still had to do little things like arranging the chairs and realizing that the baby onesies I had hung up were wrinkled and ironing them (I know I'm a perfectionist, but let's just say ironing baby onesies is another thing I can add to my list of things I never thought I'd do though). I did have some help from some of Amy's great friends who brought an awesome lunch of soup and bread bowls! They are awesome! I only wish I knew all of their names so I could properly thank them. WE had a great time chatting, playing a couple of little games, and opening presents in addition to the wonderful lunch! Just as we finished with the presents, the babies who were there with their mommies all started to loose it as it was nap time, but the timing was great! Overall the party was a success! Amy's going to make an awesome mom! I'm so excited to see her in this new phase of her life and I'm really thankful for having her as a dear friend my whole life.

My genius decorating! I just sent all of the decorations home with the mom to be. No clean up that way!

22 Feb 09 083

The party in action

22 Feb 09 087

Opening presents

22 Feb 09 091

She's adorable!

22 Feb 09 096

Time Flies

Well, the weekend has, yet again, come and gone. This one was particularly busy for me as I had the last performances for the murder mystery I was in as well as throwing a baby shower for one of my best and longest friends.

The shows were, as usual, a BLAST! I truly enjoy being able to be a part of the cast performing in these murder mysteries. It's such a different style from the acting I am used to and I LOVE it! They are interactive and 85% improvised. Normally a show is done for the audience. Well, ours is done with the audience. I love how we are able to tailor the show to each individual who chooses to come through. There are those who are sharp and pick up on every little thing (not to be confused with the idiots who focus in on the stupid, minute details. The things that don't actually matter to the show in any way and make them a big deal.) and there are the people who aren't used to this type of theatre. Who want to participate, but it's hard for them. Being able to customize the show for those who you are playing to is awesome because you can make it just right for everyone. It is one of the most personal expressions I've ever had the great opportunity to be a part of and I'm most grateful for that chance. Not only do I love the style of the show, but we had a PHENOMENAL cast, a great script to work off of, and (with less than a handful of exceptions) great audiences! It was a great honor to work with them and I'll keep the memories of this show forever. We had a crazy time on Saturday between the shows! We played around and took some really great pictures/videos! For those of you who have been in a show before, you know how many memories are contained in the back stage photos.

Our marvelous cast!

22 Feb 09 098

The scandal! Heaven forbid, we're showing our ankles!

22 Feb 09 102

The guys being... sexy?

22 Feb 09 103

It's the bowler hat man!!!

22 Feb 09 105

19 February 2009

25 Random Things aka Everyone's Doing It!

I’m pretty sure that only about 5 people read my blog regularly, and I would like to know some crazy, awesome, interesting things about all of you, so if you read this, you’re tagged!

Since I’ve been tagged about 25 times now, I figured I’d actually do the 25 random things about myself. So now, for the moment you have all been waiting for, here we go!

  1. I don’t like lima beans. At all. Ever. Eww gross!
  2. I had had 3 surgeries, all on my feet, by the time I turned 21.
  3. My all time favorite food is spaghetti
  4. When I was a little kid, I would run around saying lines from my favorite movies all the while, expecting everyone around me to keep up on which one we were in.
  5. I love to dance. I believe it’s good for the soul. I never feel quite as happy as when I’m dancing. There are not words in existence to describe it.
  6. I want to live in London (or very near there) for at least a year.
  7. I graduated from BYU with a degree in Theatre – Costume and makeup design
  8. I own my own makeup and hair styling business
  9. I am deathly afraid of haunted houses. Really, I am so petrified that I have a hard time even going near one I’m not familiar with.
  10. I work at a haunted house. (Ironic, I know. It’s ok though, because everyone there knows my haunted house rule: Don’t scare Tiff ever, ever, ever, ever, ever…)
  11. I teach nursery for my church calling (the kids are18 months to 3 years old for those who don’t know)
  12. I love to sing, but I will almost never do it except as a character in a production of some sort.
  13. I can fit over $1.00 in random change (not all pennies) in my belly button.
  14. I am still friends with two people (outside of my family) that I have known since I was 1 year old or younger.
  15. I have celebrated 2 of my birthdays outside of the USA
  16. I have been to the original Hard Rock Café (and I have the tee shirt to prove it!)
  17. I had my first swimming lesson when I was only 6 months old.
  18. One of my favorite things in this world is dark chocolate.
  19. My favorite show I’ve ever been in is probably Peter Pan even though it will make me cry every time I see it/listen to the music.
  20. My favorite musical ever is Mary Poppins. I saw it twice in London and it made a deep impression on me. I also bawled through it the second time.
  21. I do not embarrass easily (see my last post) although for the last couple of months, I’ve been blushing much more than I’m used to. It’s weird.
  22. I’ve been horseback riding four times in my life. One I was too little to remember, the second I had a GREAT time, my third the horse tried to kill me (several times) by breaking into a dead run, and the fourth time the stupid animal bit my thigh!
  23. I am afraid of spiders to the extent that I will put a shoe on top of a dead spider until I can get someone to throw it out for me.
  24. My bone density is 150% of normal for my age group. I have bones of granite!
  25. I’ve kept a journal ever night (with a handful of exceptions) since my freshman year at BYU.

18 February 2009

Story Time

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a girl who was in a dance class. One day in her class she did a quick stretch and ripped a HUGE hole in her pants. Unfortunately, she didn't realize that it was such a large hole, she thought it was maybe one or two stitches. She went the whole class with the giant hole in her pants (right up the seam in the crotch). No one said anything and she didn't check to see how big it was until she was nearly home, then she decided to feel and see if there was much of a rip. WOW! Yes indeed there was! Mortified, she went inside and did some dance moves in front of the mirror to see if anyone saw her brightly colored pink striped underwear. Upon investigation, she found that you couldn't see anything unless she really contorted her body or moved her leg around (which she only did once in the class so probably only a very few people, if any, saw anything). Thank heaven for small graces. She then put on pajama pants and ate dinner. Later, after the initial horror had subsided, she decided that no matter what she did, the situation was still the way it was and there was nothing that could be done about it so she took a picture of the pants in question and wrote a blog about it...

Oh wait, did I mention that the girl is me?


Good thing I have a self esteem of steel! Embarrassment is only temporary. In other news, I have no black pants right now. Since Friday I've either gotten my black pants dirty or killed them. Sad day!

01 February 2009

What I Did During the Superbowl

I got tagged on my friend's blog (it was my name anyway, I don't know if she actually tagged me, but I wanted to do it) so here we go!

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago:
I was a Freshman at BYU with no clue what I was doing or what I was going to study
I had my first set of foot surgeries :(
Learning a lot about myself and what I want
Driving between SLC and Provo... A LOT
Getting to know lots of people who came from many different backgrounds

5 Things on my to do list for today:
Church - done
Watch the Superbowl - sort of
Take a nap - sadly, probably not going to happen
Clean my room - good possibility
Watch a movie - most likely if I clean my room it will be simultaneous

5 Things I would do with a million dollars:
Buy a house/condo
Pay off student loans

5 Places I have lived:
Salt Lake City, UT
Provo, UT
London, England

5 Jobs I have held:
BYU Financial Aid clerk
Inventory/sales at a used book store
Makeup artist
Dillards Sales associate
Assistant manager/marketing/what no one else wants to do at my dad's office

5 Things I want to be doing in 5 Years:
Be a mother
Be through cosmetology school
Competing in ballroom dance
Have worked on a professional film

5 People I tag:

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