02 December 2009

BYU vs. Utah Game

The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is no good evidence either way.  - Bertrand Russell

I am just putting it out there that I’m pleased with the outcome of the game last Saturday.  That being said, I hate the game itself.  I think it brings out the worst in everyone involved so I choose to not be involved in any way if I can help it.  When people get competitive like that they seem to do things that are not in character for them and I will not condone actions or words from anyone that are just unkind for the sake of a game.  I think it is so uncalled for and childish.  Now I am fine with a little clean competition, but honestly, both teams are, and have been for a long time, about the same in quality.  So get over it people.  There is no need for name calling or throwing things at people or destroying property.  I do not think it has anything to do with the fact that the LDS church owns one school or that most of the general authorities went to the other school.  If you use one of those reasons as an excuse, you are just stupid and petty.  Seriously, grow up and quit insulting the other school.  And all this Max Hall stuff is so lame.  Yeah, he said things that weren’t nice, but about half of you who are complaining about how stupid he is and how much he is a bad person have trash talked BYU and their fans so it’s about time for you to shut the hell up.  I’m just tired of hearing about it.  You do not know what he has had to deal with and he does not know what you have had to deal with.  Good, I’m glad that we had that talk.

Moving on, let’s all just try harder to be nice and just have a friendly game of football with some non-mean competition.  And while we’re at it let’s realize that everyone says things they don’t mean when they are upset and everyone (except for those people who are actually bad people) regrets saying those things after they have cooled down.  And everyone has done it.  I mean you.  I also know I’ve done it so there’s no exception for myself.  It sucks and it happens so like I said before, get over it and be nice.

That’s all.  Happy December!

19 November 2009

Health – or lack there of

October and November have been hard for me from a health aspect.  I was driving on the freeway on October 6th and as I was getting ready to exit I was rear ended.  My car was hardly damaged, but I took the major damage to my body.  I had a whiplash and a sprained back.  Car accidents are no fun.  And somehow in the accident the impact managed to put a massive dent in my stainless steel water bottle!  That’s interesting to me.  Then at the end of October I caught a cold.  It was unfortunate, but just a run of the mill cold.  Nothing too terrible.  Or so I thought.  I was working extremely hard and pretty long hours at that point and between that, the dust associated with working in a haunted house and just not getting the rest I needed and taking care of myself in general I became very sick.


This is the bacteria that causes bronchitis.  It sucks.  I have been sick for a month now and let me just say that I didn’t know that it was possible to be sick for this amount of time without having a disease like cancer or some serious something going on.  I have tried every single thing I can think of to get well.  I’ve tried over the counter cold medicine, home remedies, vaporizers and loads of extra sleep.  It’s been a long, long haul, but the good news is that I’m nearly over it and that I lost a significant amount of weight and now I have my flat stomach!  Woo hoo!  Now I just have to get into the gym and keep it that way.  I’m nearly well so hopefully I’ll be able to get in there on a regular basis.  It’s been over 6 weeks since I’ve really felt like a real, healthy human being, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that I’m nearly over this string of bad luck in keeping my health.  I’ve been coughing a lot less lately, but I really have pretty much no voice so if you call me either expect that I won’t have much of a voice or that I won’t answer my phone. 

Wow, I’ve been MIA for ages!

So life’s been pretty crazy the last few months.  September was mostly spent working and doing makeup on the weekends, so not a lot to write about there.  October, however, was crazy!  I was working during the day, then at night I went to the haunted house to do makeup.  This year was especially cool for me as I finally bought myself an airbrush!!!  This made it a lot easier for me to get out more makeup and to make it look a lot cooler!  Here are some of the people I did.

cell phone oct 09 085

cell phone oct 09 094

cell phone oct 09 151

cell phone oct 09 175

All in all it was a really great season.  I had a ton of fun and, even though I never really got a chance to dress up, I had a new corset made which is AWESOME!  I love it and I don’t have it.  Sadly I had to have it taken in and the guy who made it for me left for basic training without giving it back to me before he left.  Sad panda.  There goes about $160 until who knows when.  I also got these wicked awesome contacts and super long wig that I was going to use to be a character working in the front room.  Sadly, as I said, that only happened a couple of times during the season, but I sure looked cool!

cell phone oct 09 137

12 September 2009

Catching Up On Life 2

The following events did not necessarily happen in the order that they appear.  This is just the order in which I thought of them.

June was an interesting month.  A week after my grandma passed away I had my 24th birthday.  It wasn’t a big deal, but I went to lunch with a friend and overall it was a pretty good day.  24 isn’t a really important birthday so there isn’t really much to say about it.  During the summer I took a few fun little trips.  A few of us went down to Las Vegas to collect the ‘Tart Cards’ for a friend’s art project.  It was a pretty fun trip.  We drove down one afternoon, walked the strip until about 3 am, then we organized the cards in the spare suitcase we brought and headed home in the morning.  No pictures will be provided from that trip and I don’t think I need to explain why.  What happens in Vegas… Well, you know the rest.

I went to a Bee’s baseball game.  It was really fun!  I didn’t think that it would be, but it was a blast!  We went with the chiropractic association so it was great seeing some of my parent’s friends that I haven’t seen in a while, plus my dad actually caught a stray ball that flew up into our section!  He was so excited!  Truth be told, I just cowered and hoped I wouldn’t get hit or in any way be involved in the situation.

8 Aug 09 012 8 Aug 09 011

We went to stadium of fire.  It was pretty cool!  I couldn’t have cared less about the Jonas Brothers (sorry to any fans out there), but let’s be honest, we all go for the fireworks anyway.  I thought it was interesting though.  There were a plethora of tween girls there to see the concert and it was strangely reminiscent of an Elvis concert or a Beatles concert where the women were so excited and worked up that they would faint and the screaming was so intense that no one there had eardrums left by the end.  Honestly, if I couldn’t hear the music (because it wasn’t nearly the same caliber of one of the other mentioned artists) I would have thought it was something along those lines… Like I said, I went for the fireworks though, and apparently I ended up on TV!  I hope I looked ok.

4th of July 2009 030

Fire dancers4th of July 2009 034

4th of July 2009 059

I went to an ABBA recreation concert.  It was really quite good!  I still need to get the pictures from my mom and my cousin Lauren.  They got the best pictures so sadly there are none here.

The county fair was an experience as it is every year.  I learned how to make pottery though and that was awesome!  I made a vase that is so cute!  I think it has great character.  How about you?

Most recently I went to California.  It was a really nice trip.  Mostly it was just to chill out, but also I had the opportunity to visit Hearst Castle.  It was AMAZING!!!  I loved it!  Seriously, he would be the friend to have.  Get invited to all kinds of events and not have any of the bills.  Sounds like a winning plan to me!  I mean really, this guy had real Roman and Egyptian artifacts shipped to his California home just because he liked them and he could.  That is an intense amount of money.

This is an awesome sign by Las Vegas!last chance to pee




Now I’m just working pretty much on the State fair that started this week.  It’s off and running so now it’s just a matter of working some really long days. 

Also, the haunted house is open now weekends.  It’s going pretty well and I’m totally excited for the season!  Of course, you should all come see the show.  I’ll even be playing in the show when it starts getting busier.  I’d give it a few weeks.  Maybe until the beginning of October.  Then come see me!  Anyway, now you’re all caught up on my life… I think.  I could have forgotten something, but I don’t think so.  If I did, feel free to contact me and ask.

Catching Up On Life

So for those of you who read my blog (which is probably not very many of you anymore) I know I have been really bad about staying up on things this summer.  I have been chastised and felt the overwhelming remorse for my actions… Or something like that.  So this blog is going to be kind of a catch up on the highlights of my summer.

My family went to Disney World in May.  It was WAY fun!  It was a torrential downpour pretty much the whole time we were there, but it was still very fun and I loved being able to spend the time with my family.  I remembered a lot of the things we had done when we were there last, but everything seemed bigger then.  Of course, I had much shorter legs back in the day so that was probably not too far from the truth!  There were some changes, in the last 14 years (give or take).  Some of the rides had been changed to reflect the movies that had been inspired by them, and some had been changed entirely.  It was an overall great time though.  We went to all of the Disney parks (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot) of which I had only been to 2 in the past.  Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom were new to me and surprisingly good!  There were a lot of good times, but I would have to say that Hollywood Studios was the best of the new parks for me.  Tower of Terror was amazing!  The Rockn’ Rollercoaster was also freaking fantastic (we went on it twice!), but the best moment there was when one of the street performers was walking out in her 20’s inspired outfit and glorious hat saw a park patron who had a shaved head, a wife beater tank top on, and was quite buff.  She dropped her suitcase on the ground and in grand dramatic style exclaimed “Mr. Clean!”  One word.  Fantastic.  I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.  It was right then and there I decided that someday, somewhere I will use that line when I’m in a production.  Anyway, enough talk, here are some pictures.

The Teacup rideDisney-no doubt-grandma 023

The AWESOME lady who called out Mr. CleanDisney-no doubt-grandma 003

Mickey’s Magic Hat from FantasiaDisney-no doubt-grandma 009

Animal Kingdom – Being Seesters!Disney-no doubt-grandma 084

We should totally be rock stars! Rock on!Disney-no doubt-grandma 096

If the Rock star career doesn’t pan out though, perhaps opera singers… Or Vikings.Disney-no doubt-grandma 111

In England!  Oh wait, Epcot England that is.Disney-no doubt-grandma 137

Next we had the No Doubt concert.  No Doubt was scheduled to go be in Salt Lake City the day we were getting back from Disney World.  Kim and I scored wicked box seats for the event and got there at exactly the PERFECT time!  It was a little dorky having our parents drop us off and pick us up, but we went directly from the airport to the E Center, so there wasn’t much of a choice if we wanted to be on time.  We got there just a few songs before No Doubt themselves came on and as it turns out, we didn’t really care about the warm up band anyway.  It was a blast!  And it wasn’t so bad at the end when we had a ride to pick us up and we didn’t have to deal with parking.  Huzzah!  We even got to sing to Gwen’s little boy who had a birthday the next day.  It was really cute!  The music was great!  A lot of it was from their older albums which I really liked since that’s my favorite stuff of theirs anyway!  Here are some pics from the concert.  Just random shots of them, my Seester and me, plus one of Gwen with her son.

Disney-no doubt-grandma 160

Disney-no doubt-grandma 179

Disney-no doubt-grandma 206

Disney-no doubt-grandma 208

Disney-no doubt-grandma 228

 Disney-no doubt-grandma 233

Disney-no doubt-grandma 239

As was previously blogged about, my grandma passed away at the beginning of June.  That was an extremely sad event, but I’m very thankful that I know I will be able to see her again someday.  It was very peaceful and in my heart I know that my Papa came and said it was time for her to go and do other things.  Her mission on earth was done.  I wish I still had her here with me, but I’m very happy for her at the same time.  This blog is getting exceedingly long, so I will post more in another blog.  Look for it in rapt anticipation!  It will be good!  Or maybe it won’t.  You’ll just have to wait and see though!  ;)

09 July 2009

Working out again

As of last night I’m once again working out with my personal trainer Chris.  This is, of course, what I wanted because I really want to get back in shape, but everything below my earlobes is sore today.  Sad story!  The muscle soreness isn’t anything new to me.  This happens every time I’ve started a new dance semester at school or any new exercise program, but today was different.  I woke up and couldn’t move for about 30 minutes.  I physically could not get out of bed.  My back was so sore that I couldn’t even roll over.  Blah.  All day there were stairs everywhere I went.  It was brutal!  This is how I felt:

Stairs Cat 

Actually, toward the end of the day I finally had my back worked on so I’m feeling MUCH better now! Hopefully I’ll feel even better tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

06 July 2009

Bikini’s and Butts

So I’m chronically behind in my blogging.  This we all know.  And while I have several other blogs that should make it up here before this one, I thought it was funny, therefore this is the one I’m posting.  I was reading an article on the history of the bikini and there was a whole slideshow on the progression of the bikini through different decades.  (The article wasn’t that interesting by the way.  Apparently the first bikini was shown in a French fashion show and it was so scandalous [for the time period] that the models wouldn’t even wear it, so the designer had to hire a stripper for the show.  That’s about all you get from the article, but I digress.)  Anyway, this is one of the pictures they have in the slideshow and really I was left thinking, was this picture really taken to show the back of a girl wearing a bikini in the background, or was it taken because it’s really funny that the guy has a super atomic wedgie and his butt is falling out of his suit?  Personally, I think it was the latter, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.


09 June 2009

Unexpected Changes

My grandmother passed away unexpectedly today.  Well, technically yesterday.  It was peaceful we think.  She was out on her porch reading the newspaper and her mail enjoying the sunshine and probably just passed very quickly.  She was still in her chair and her feet were up on the little cement wall in front of her door.  She just looked like she fell asleep and didn’t wake up again.  We should all be so lucky to go that way.  She was amazing!  She was truly a saint in every sense of the word.  She was kind to everyone and loved everyone.  I’ll miss her so very much.  I’m still kind of in shock.  I guess it will all sink in as time goes along.  I don’t actually know what to do now.  It’s hard because there was so much I wanted to do with her still.  Things I should have told her or done with her.  Now I can’t.  I don’t regret the time I had with her, I just wish I had more.  I wasn’t done having her with me yet.  I am so happy for her though.  She gets to be with her parents again and my Papa (her husband) who she has been without for 10 years this summer.  Also, now she can do the work that she wanted so badly to do, but she was inhibited by her physical body.  She’s free of all that now.  I love you grandma.  I’ll miss you so much, but I’ll always have you in my heart.

Camera clear 217

19 May 2009

What should we think? What should we say?

I found an awesome quote the other day that reminds me of how I’ve been feeling for the last little while.  “What this country needs is more free speech worth listening to.”  - Hansell B. Duckett

Warning, this is a slightly more colorfully worded blog than usual.  If you are offended by a little language, this may not be the blog for you to read.

So the radio station that plays at work has the Ryan Seacrest show on in the afternoon, so I am able to get my daily dose of celebrity gossip in.  I’ve never been so informed before which is a admittedly a little weird.  I now join in on conversations that I would have had no contribution to whatsoever in the past, but I digress.  A few days ago Ryan had Perez Hilton on the show.  For those of you who don’t know, he is the judge who asked the ever controversial question about gay marriage (which I thought was a little out of place for that particular forum, but it was what it was) at the Miss USA competition to Miss California that has everyone’s panties in a twist.  Perez has a blog where he often has very unflattering posts about celebrities and their goings on.  He also promotes new movies, whatever he feels like.  Ok, fine.  That’s what a blog is supposed to be.  The point I’m getting to is that when Ryan was talking to him, he made the comment about American Idol contestant Adam Lambert and how he was so glad that he was candid about who he was and that people should be honest about who they are and what they stand for, but in the same interview he trashed on Miss California, Carrie Prejean, saying that he wasn’t looking to hear the answer that Carrie Prejean would have given, but the answer that Miss USA would give.  WHAT THE HELL!?  This was only a few minutes after the Adam Lambert comment.  So what’s the deal?  I mean why is it ok for him to be true to his convictions, but it isn’t ok for her to stand up for hers?  Is this because he was personally offended by her answer to his question at the competition?  Is it because Adam and Perez are both gay?  Is it because they are both men?  I don’t hate gay’s or men, but it makes me wonder.  How is this considered alright here people!?  What a hypocrite!  Both are role models and have a lot of publicity, therefore a large impact on the people they touch.  In fact, it’s a pretty good chance that Adam will have more of an impact than Carrie because of the intense popularity of the show and the way our pop stars are idolized in our society, so I don’t really want to hear how she should be answering how a representative of America should be answering.  That’s a load of crap as far as I’m concerned.  This is why our government is shit.  It’s because our politicians are answering how they ‘should be’ answering and no one has the balls to stand up for what they actually believe in anymore.  It’s all about what they should say and not what they really believe in.  You know, I think that props should go to both Adam and Carrie in their respective situations.  They have both been true to what they feel and whether I agree with them or not, at least they had the guts to stand up for themselves in the face of the media that can (most) often be cruel.  And I think Perez can go to hell.  Get your standards straight before you start shooting your mouth off and being a total prick.  Just a thought.

15 May 2009

She finds herself at a concert that I am not at!

BEST QUOTE EVER!  My sister Kimberly and I went to the Celtic Woman concert on Tuesday which was amazing!  We had fantastic seats thanks to our good friend Chris!  We were first row off of the floor right in the center!  Fantastic view, great music, and the best company!  I love doing things with my seester! 

I didn’t know much about their music before hand, but they have beautiful voices and the violinist was wicked amazing!  The four singers are really wonderful but she steals the show!  The whole performance was quite the production actually.  They had a huge set up on stage for their musicians.  Well, for their percussion they did anyway!  The rest of the band was on one side of the stage doing their thing.  They had a bass player, a guitarist and the Celtic flute player.  Then there was the percussion.  They had the stage divided so that each guy had a massive station on their side to play the drums, chimes, symbols, etc.  It was way cool!  They even came out and did sort of a play off on the handheld Irish drum things.  I loved it!!! 

They did several songs that were covers of other songs.  They did one of Enya’s songs, they did “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban, and a few others.  They also did some Irish folk songs.  Very cool!  Some of them were in English and some were in Irish Gaelic (which I intend to learn by the way).  I LOVE Gaelic!  It’s so beautiful!  They also had some very moving music that’s new for their tour.  One song I want so badly is their tour theme song Isle of Hope.  I got choked up when they sang it and I get choked up when I try telling people about it.  It’s about the immigration from Ireland through Ellis Island and it’s very moving.  They also had a really cool song about America!  They even dedicated it to the people of Salt Lake City because we are the most welcoming people they’ve come across in their travels!  Who knows, they could say that to everyone, but I thought it was cool anyway! 

The violinist was by far the most entertaining part of the show though!  No contest, she was phenomenal!  Not only did she make incredible music, but she was frolicking all over the stage while she was doing it!  It was more than just moving a lot while she did it though!  She was dancing while she played and at one point she was so into the music she started doing some violin head banging (which is where the quote from Kim came in).  Keep in mind that their music style is an Irish version of Celine Dion mixed with Enya and she’s up there head banging away.  It was awesome!  Kim just leaned over to me and said, “She finds herself at a concert that I am not at!” and I just lost it!  It was true though.  Her body language definitely said she was at a concert we weren’t at.  It was great though! 

Both at intermission and when it was over, we made a beeline up the stairs to beat the crowds.  We bought one of their CD’s at intermission and then at the end we got to the top right as they did an encore so we stayed for that, then we hauled out to our car and got right out of the parking lot!  It was practically a miracle! 

Their costumes were amazing!  The ones they wore for most of the night were just really cool evening gowns, but their end costumes were fantastic!  They were all coordinating in style, but all slightly different.  Very full skirts with strapless bodices.  The main fabric was a brocade in gold or silver with black, grey, navy and burgundy and corresponding insets in the skirt.  So cool!

Overall a great concert and I would go again in a heartbeat!  They definitely have a new fan!  I only got one picture in the concert (we weren’t supposed to have cameras) and it didn’t turn out so well so that’s what I get for trying to break the rules.  You can see how they had the stage set up though.  It was really cool with the big draped curtain things and the round disc in the center was used as a projection screen.  That was an awesome effect!  I borrowed the others from their website.CIMG0021

I got this nice guy to take our picture in front of the E Center after the concert.CIMG0025

This isn’t from the concert, but it’s a good picture to show the costumes they wore for most of the time.celtic woman 2-2

This guy was amazing!  He was one of the ones doing the drumming and percussion!  I think he was their main guy.celtic woman 3-2

The frolicking violinist of amazingness!  I was in awe of her talent!celtic woman 4-2 Celtic Woman 5

This one was my favorite.  It’s their finale.  They were so beautiful and they sounded fantastic!celtic woman 1-2

11 May 2009

Monday. Oh Monday.

monday cat

From this point, the weekend seems so very far away.  Good thing I have several fun things before the weekend gets here, like a concert tomorrow with my sister!  :D  I’m really quite tired right now though so this is pretty much how I feel.  Poor kitty.  Happy Monday everyone.

10 May 2009

Weird, people actually read my blog

So I recently put in a tracker to see where people are reading my blog and I have no idea who reads it because it only tells me where not who! Really, I don't know who would be reading my blog from Spain, Argentina, France, South Africa, Canada, Indiana, etc. It's kind of crazy not knowing who is reading this because I always figured it was just a couple of my friends here and there, but obviously it's not just them! Cool I guess! If I've never met you and you're reading my blog I'm quite flattered, and if you're someone I know and you're living somewhere I'm obviously not aware of, let me know! I'd feel like a bit of a heel not knowing you'd moved. Anyway, let me know who you are and where you're reading this from if you don't mind. I'm just curious! :D

05 May 2009


SERIOUSLY!!!  I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT SOME THINGS SHARED IN CONFIDANCE CAN’T STAY THERE!!!  I just had to get that out.  I’m feeling a little hurt, angry, confused, irritated, betrayed and I’m sure some others that I am not thinking of right off.  It’s not worth loosing the friendship over, but I’m just a little miffed because I thought it was pretty self explanatory that some things shouldn’t be shared with anyone outside of the immediate conversation.  Especially when it’s not about you! 

Also, I have a stomach ache and a headache I’ve not been able to shake for an entire day and then some.  Sad story.  I’m going to bed.

28 April 2009


I wasn’t tagged but my friend Amy had this on her blog so I decided to put it up on mine because I wanted to.  No better reason than that (not that I need one it is my blog after all).  Fourth file, fourth picture.


This is my best friend Jeff (For those of you who didn’t go to school with us and/or haven’t heard me go on and on about him.  Pretty sure those people are few and far between though.)  This picture was taken ages ago when we had just met and I’m pretty sure of a couple of things: 1) He doesn’t know that this picture exists.  As clarification, I’m pretty sure he knows it exists, he’s just never seen it because… well, I’m not sure why.  I just don’t think he’s ever seen it.  2) It was taken during the BYU homecoming parade I can’t even remember which year.  He’s making a face and I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to fall into the favorite picture category for him.  It is one of my favorite pictures of him though!  It always reminds me of our good times in college.  Dance and spending WAY too much time in the HFAC.  I miss my dear Jeff. 

On a completely unrelated topic, I was cast in the current murder mystery at the Castle right now.  It should be fun, but as of right now it’s only being performed for private parties so call up and schedule one already!  :D  I’ll let everyone know if that changes and we have some open times for anyone to come and play though.

20 April 2009


We may or may not have been doing this at 4 AM in the Denny’s parking lot last night.  

It was closing night at the haunt and we decided to go out afterward and, well, needless to say we were having a party in the parking lot even after we left. :D  The haunt season is now officially over until the fall season.  It’s weird having a haunted house in the spring, I know, but I guess it’s cool!  I’ve had an awesome time this year.  I’ve made a lot of new friends and I’ve learned so much!  I' will be glad to have back some time to do stuff for myself on the weekends now, but I’ll miss being with all of those people every Friday and Saturday night.  People like my tall friend Jack! (I made my dress with no pattern by the way because I’m just that awesome!  And yes, it’s freezing which is why I wore the gloves.)


I’m pretty blessed to have so many choice people in my life.  I have fantastic friends and an amazing family I love dearly.  I may get a little bit morose sometimes or start thinking that life is hard and that things are bad, but when I think about it, really I have so much to be thankful for!  Obviously this is not to say that life is easy.  I promise I have my moments, but I know that everything will work out just great and that when my heart breaks it’s just temporary.  Actually, it’s good to get out of the haunt scene for a little while because I need to do some healing and hopefully that will give me the time to do it.  :)

Ok, so this blog has officially taken a direction I did not expect it to.  I love being a makeup artist and being able to do what I love with people who make it so much fun is even better!  Someday I’ll be able to do this as a full time thing, but until then I’m going to work my little booty off doing as much of it as I can!  I didn’t get many pictures of myself this time around, but I’ll post some of the pictures of different makeup that I did, well sometime.  For those of you who follow my blog you know how long it can take me to get things up here.  Much love!  :D

13 April 2009


So I haven’t blogged for a while. I’m sorry faithful readers! For the last few weeks I’ve been perma-tired. I actually fell asleep in a busy Denny’s the other day. That’s a sad state of affairs. I’m working full time for my father and with spring/summer coming up, we’re getting pretty busy. I’m also working at the Castle of Chaos for their spring scream. It’s been pretty fun this season as I’ve done some pretty cool makeup and pushed myself to new levels. I enjoy pushing myself and always expecting more than what I’ve done in the past. I’ve also branched out and, shockingly, been more involved in the haunt. No, I’m not one of the people who scares you. I’m morally opposed to scaring people. Do unto others and all that jazz you know. I stand at the front and entertain people while they wait in line. It works out pretty well I’d say. So fun times there! (We still have this coming weekend left so you should totally call me and I’ll give you $2 off coupons so you can come through!)

Anyway, sorry this post is kind of short. I got the world’s worst paper cut today which is super deep and has hardly stopped bleeding at all in the last 13 hours. It either really hurts to type or it takes a long time because I’m trying not to use that finger and I’m exhausted. More later on my many adventures! :D


05 March 2009

Back to Before

I saw this clip because one of my friends put it on facebook.  Anyway, I thought it was kind of profound that we do live in a society where we have pretty much everything.  The great majority have ALL of their needs met and most of their wants as well.  This is not to say that I think everyone is complacent and they don't want to improve themselves, I'm just saying that it's true how much we complain about stuff that is really so incredible!  We are truly a spoiled generation and if we don't count our blessings and give thanks to some higher being everyday for granting us the opportunity to live in this wonderful time we should truly be ashamed of ourselves.  Honestly, given everything we have, how can we get away with being such complainers?  Nearly everyday I hear people saying 'we're in a recession' and 'times are so hard' but heaven forbid our cable goes out or we don't have our text messaging.  10 years ago I didn't even own a cell phone and I sure didn't know what text messaging was and we lived just fine then.  For Pete's sake!  I remember when the first generation of cell phones came out.  They were the size of a LARGE brick and they only had one ring tone.  Yes, a frightening thought, I know!  We have it so good these days and I'm sure it will just keep getting better!  It's funny, it would probably be good for us to go back to how it was, but let's be honest, we can never go back to before.  Also, 10 points if you know where the title of this blog comes from. :D

23 February 2009

P.S. I forgot this

As a finishing for the weekend, I watched the Academy Awards. It was very sweet that Heath Leger's family was there to accept his award. He was a stunning actor who deserved the award. There was really only one actor in particular who I thought conducted himself inappropriately. I'm sorry, but the Oscars acceptance speech is a completely inappropriate place to present your political platform. Whether I agree with what you have to say, or not, it is neither the time nor the place for your politics. Everyone else I observed acted quite nicely, why did he have to go and be an ass? I have no idea. Seriously! He should go play in traffic. My own blog is, for example, the perfect place for my personal and political opinions though. :)

22 February 2009

Time Flies 2

Well, the last post was getting a little long, so I'll continue here.

The baby shower (which technically took place before the closing show from the last post) was so much fun! I had the best time getting everything ready and actually hosting the party! My dear friend Amy is having a little girl in May and I had the great luck to be the first to call dibs on hosting her baby shower! Now, I had never hosted a baby shower before, but with 11+ friends who are currently pregnant or who have had their babies in the last couple of months, I have been to an ample amount of showers and I felt fairly confident that I could do it well. Before the shower, I was running around like a crazy woman! I am so glad I did most of the prep work the night before, but I still had to do little things like arranging the chairs and realizing that the baby onesies I had hung up were wrinkled and ironing them (I know I'm a perfectionist, but let's just say ironing baby onesies is another thing I can add to my list of things I never thought I'd do though). I did have some help from some of Amy's great friends who brought an awesome lunch of soup and bread bowls! They are awesome! I only wish I knew all of their names so I could properly thank them. WE had a great time chatting, playing a couple of little games, and opening presents in addition to the wonderful lunch! Just as we finished with the presents, the babies who were there with their mommies all started to loose it as it was nap time, but the timing was great! Overall the party was a success! Amy's going to make an awesome mom! I'm so excited to see her in this new phase of her life and I'm really thankful for having her as a dear friend my whole life.

My genius decorating! I just sent all of the decorations home with the mom to be. No clean up that way!

22 Feb 09 083

The party in action

22 Feb 09 087

Opening presents

22 Feb 09 091

She's adorable!

22 Feb 09 096

Time Flies

Well, the weekend has, yet again, come and gone. This one was particularly busy for me as I had the last performances for the murder mystery I was in as well as throwing a baby shower for one of my best and longest friends.

The shows were, as usual, a BLAST! I truly enjoy being able to be a part of the cast performing in these murder mysteries. It's such a different style from the acting I am used to and I LOVE it! They are interactive and 85% improvised. Normally a show is done for the audience. Well, ours is done with the audience. I love how we are able to tailor the show to each individual who chooses to come through. There are those who are sharp and pick up on every little thing (not to be confused with the idiots who focus in on the stupid, minute details. The things that don't actually matter to the show in any way and make them a big deal.) and there are the people who aren't used to this type of theatre. Who want to participate, but it's hard for them. Being able to customize the show for those who you are playing to is awesome because you can make it just right for everyone. It is one of the most personal expressions I've ever had the great opportunity to be a part of and I'm most grateful for that chance. Not only do I love the style of the show, but we had a PHENOMENAL cast, a great script to work off of, and (with less than a handful of exceptions) great audiences! It was a great honor to work with them and I'll keep the memories of this show forever. We had a crazy time on Saturday between the shows! We played around and took some really great pictures/videos! For those of you who have been in a show before, you know how many memories are contained in the back stage photos.

Our marvelous cast!

22 Feb 09 098

The scandal! Heaven forbid, we're showing our ankles!

22 Feb 09 102

The guys being... sexy?

22 Feb 09 103

It's the bowler hat man!!!

22 Feb 09 105

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