26 November 2008


For those of you out there who are going to get angry or offended if you read anything about this movie before you see it for yourself consider yourself warned and STOP READING NOW!  I take no responsibility for "ruining" your experience if you choose to ignore my warning.

That being said, I liked the movie more than I thought I would.  It wasn't the best movie ever, but it was better than I think lots of people are giving it credit for.  It was extremely cheesy, the effects weren't very good, and overall Meyer's writing doesn't translate very well into film, but somehow I still came out of the theatre glad that I went.  I had a really good time.  Most of that was probably due to the GREAT company I had! (Thanks Amy for getting me out of the office for a fun night! I always have fun with you even when we're arguing about freeway exits like an old married couple!)  I was surprised at how I actually ended up liking the characters better than I'd thought I would.  In the previews I really, really didn't like who they had chosen for Bella or Edward, but they were not completely bad.  I thought that the most distracting part of it all was the way the special effects were done.  None of it was particularly believable.  The fast running, the tree climbing, the jumping.  It all looked so fake to me!  It actually really bothered me.  Also, while I thought better of the actors playing Bella and Edward by the end of the film, I liked Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie less. :(  It all seemed like it was rushed through too.  Of course it had to be because Meyer actually writes a lot and it's mostly the characters thoughts or big monologues that wouldn't really work for a film.  The feel of the movie seemed right though.  It's not meant to be something that you want to go to for learning purposes, but for entertainment purposes.  Also, It had some of the most wonderful, snarky (Yes, it's a real word. Look it up.) one liners that just made me laugh!  I seriously enjoyed some of the lines so very much.  The writing wasn't very good for the most part, but it made me quite happy at times, so that helped even it out.  Overall, I really enjoyed it quite a lot!  It was really great times for all involved I think!  For those of you interested in some extra entertainment, here is a film critique/FUNNY rewrite of the screenplay, here is a link you should go to.  Anyway, here you have my humble opinion of the film.  Enjoy!


23 November 2008


I went through my cell phone tonight.  I deleted over 100 contacts who I almost never talk to.  At least on the phone.  If that is you and you call or text me, well I will probably not know who you are.  For this, I'm sorry.  If you have my number, we don't usually talk by phone, and you think I should have your number then send it to me.  If you don't have my number and you want mine, well, email me and we'll talk about it.  Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up.  Have a great night everyone!


I work in Salt Lake City, downtown.  There are loads of interesting people who live/work/hang out by my office and I see a lot of them on a fairly regular basis.  Some of them are not the kind of people I think I'd like to meet on a dark night, but they're cool in their own way.  Recently though, I've been thinking about a couple of them and I've been rather touched. 

One of them is a man who has more self pride and work ethic than most people I know.  He obviously has some problems.  Physically his body isn't as good as most people and I'd be willing to bet by the way he acts that there are some mental things going on as well, but every day I see him pushing a wagon or driving a tractor around selling something or doing some kind of work.  I really admire him for that too because he could easily sit around and let someone else take care of him, but instead he takes the initiative to get out there and do something with his life.  I think to myself that it has to be so much harder for him to do what he does then it would be for me, but he has more pride then to just sit around and do nothing.  I think it's amazing that he's always out there doing something to make the world a bit more beautiful.  He inspires me because of what he does in spite of his challenges.  He always seems to do it with a good attitude too!

The other man who is inspiring to me is a man I've never met, but who seems to exemplify the meaning of Christ like love.  I first saw him a long time ago and at first I was shocked and, truthfully, a bit frightened.  I saw a man carrying a baby and as he ran across the crosswalk this baby was shaking in his arms, at times looking like it was going to fall violently to the ground!  I was worried for the safety of the child, but as I watched him day after day, I realized that it wasn't a live baby he was carrying.  It was a doll.  Now this may seem a bit weird at first but he shows such love to this baby.  He always makes sure it is dressed properly for the weather, and he always has it with him.  In the winter, the baby has on a coat and sometimes little boots, while in the summer it has a hat on to shield it from the sun.  It is really quite tender how he treats the child that isn't even alive.  Sometimes I wonder if he lost a child or if he has some serious mental issues going on.  I've heard some people say he's just creepy.  A grown man with a baby doll?  Well I guess it's possible, but I just can't believe it with the tender, loving way he treats this baby.  He truly seems like one of the sweet spirits that has been put on the earth to teach us understanding and love toward others.

I know that these are probably not the people that most of us see everyday, not to mention the ones we aspire to be more like.  Most people probably don't even see them as they are walking down the street, but even though I may never meet them, I probably won't be able to thank them, and they will most likely never know what a great impact they have made on my life, I am truly grateful for their examples to me.  I hope that we will all take more time and think about the people we don't normally see.  Try to be more like them and most of all, think of those people who need us most and who we need in return.  They can all be really inspiring if we give them a chance to touch our lives for good.

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