27 September 2008

Skydiving Baby!

It's true! Today I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on purpose and I loved it! It was one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had! I can think of no words to describe it, but it was fantastic! I won't lie and say that for the last couple of weeks I haven't been nervous about the whole thing, but I dealt with it by living in a world of denial. I found it easier to just pretend that I wasn't actually going to do it so when today came around, I wasn't really that nervous! I did wake up at about 5.30 though and going back to sleep was out of the question, so at 6 I got up and ready and we were on our way by 7. We got there right about 8 am and had a brief training then they had us sign away our life (quite literately) and we suited up! My main worry was that I wouldn't be strapped into my harnesses correctly, but my expert tandem master Alec, was very careful to make sure I was totally secure and therefore, safe (as safe as one can be jumping from a plane at 13000 feet that is!). Keeping in mind that in my delusion world I had no real plan to jump out of a moving plane, we took some pictures, got on bored and took off! It took about 15 minutes to get to altitude, then we started to go. There was one group doing something in front of me (I really wasn't paying that much attention to them) then it was my turn. We scooted up to the gaping hole in the side of the plane and I scooted my toes just off of the edge of the silver platform, as I was specifically instructed to do, and I had about 1.5 seconds of total fear as I looked at the ground and thought, 'What have I gotten myself into?' then we were out the door and falling/flying through the air! It didn't feel at all like falling even ! I completely loved it! The free fall was incredible and the parachute gliding was one of the best experiences of my life! He pulled the parachute open and it was so calm! I was on a total adrenaline rush, but there was no sound or anything. Just Alec and me floating in space! I got to hold onto the canopy for a few seconds and then Alec spun us and we coasted to the ground! It was amazing! I didn't even know until the last few seconds how close we were to the ground so it wasn't scary or anything. I will definitely be going again sometime! What a fantastic experience! Here are some pictures, if you want to see more, email me or look on facebook.

Strapping into the harness


Alec and me before the jump


Boarding the airplane


Skydiving is amazing! YEAH!


After the landing. It was a total rush! So worth it!


24 September 2008


I don't do politics. Actually, it's not so much that I don't do it, I just DO NOT talk about politics. I find it a very defensive and unpleasant experience for me to talk about politics. I don't so much mind knowing how other people feel about different aspects of political arguments or whatever you want to call them as long as they aren't forceful about it or try to convince me that my opinions and feelings are wrong. Also, if you haven't noticed, I haven't said anything about the upcoming elections. I just want to say that I do care and I do have an idea about what's going on. I am not stupid or uninformed. I haven't been very involved in past years, so that was a different situation, but now I just choose not to talk about any of that. It makes most people get upset or agitated, it just makes me an angry person and I don't want to be that way. Everyone has an opinion about this and most everyone has made these opinions known to me so I will say one thing only about the upcoming election then I won't ever blog about it again. I think that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. There are, however, several issues that for me are deal breakers. So while I have chosen the candidate that has most of the same ideals that I choose to stand for, it really comes down to one thing. I will not get behind a candidate who will not get behind his country. Period.

19 September 2008

Life as a Designer

It's so sad, but I just tried to watch my senior project, Berlin, and I didn't get more then 10 seconds into it before I had to turn it off.  Now I know why so many people in the entertainment industry don't watch their own work.  It's a very uncomfortable feeling to see your work because it shows you all the imperfections only you see.  Everyone else thinks it's great, but it makes me feel so vulnerable when I see my work where everyone can see it.  At least I think it's good.

cast and crew

16 September 2008



So this morning I get a phone call from my friend that she got tickets to see Cats tonight and would I like to go?  OF COURSE!  It's not my favorite show, but it is my sister's favorite show.  So my amazing, awesome, phenomenal friend gets her a ticket too!  It was a pretty great show.  They had some parts added that I don't think were in the original show, but I've only ever seen the movie, so I'm not really sure about what is in the original play and what isn't.  Never the less, it was a great production.  I've always seen myself as the Egyptian cat Cassandra.  It's fun to look at the different cats and see who you know that is like them! 

All in all, it was a fun show and the company was great! Also, I got to see another great friend by accident in the parking garage afterward!  Hooray!


I'm a bit perturbed.  I forgot to mention it, but at the fair there was a booth set up by a funeral home and they had a casket there and when I asked them if I could get in it and take a picture, they said no!  Now I would have understood if they had said it was disrespectful (which it kind of is), or if they had said that they didn't want to get it dirty (I offered to take off my shoes before I got in!), but the answer they gave me was so ridiculous that I had to stop and pause to take it in.  They said it was illegal because once a body has been in it, it's contaminated and therefore no longer suitable to have anyone else in.  Seriously!?  What if I wanted to try it out before I bought it?  I don't want some uncomfortable coffin for my body!  I am a firm believer in try before you buy!  Honestly though, is someone out there really worried that I'm going to transfer my LIVE germs to a DEAD person?  I ask you, all creepiness aside, does that make any sense to anyone else?  I realize that many (most?) of you may think I'm slightly weird or morbid for even thinking about getting in a coffin, but it's not like I was going to close it or that there had been a body in it before!  I just thought that it would be funny being that it's just before Halloween.  Now I just think the people making the laws have WAY too much time on their hands!  If they are making up laws that won't let you get into a coffin because you might contaminate it for the future user/occupant there is something really wrong with that situation.  I'd post a picture on here, but they wouldn't let me take one.  SO LAME!!!  That's all.

15 September 2008

Random Quirks

Link the person who tagged you
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Jenny tagged this to anyone who wanted to do it and since blogging is so much better then sleeping (what I really should be doing to get over a cold) I'm going to do it and leave it open to all of my friends and family!  If you should do it though, please let me know so I can read up on the weird things about you!

1)When I'm eating a lot of things on one plate I absolutely can't stand to have them touch! The items of food themselves, the juices, or any of it! I think that sectioned plates may very well be the greatest invention ever. Ok, maybe not ever, but definitely the greatest since the fork!

2)I organize my closet first by the color of the item, then by hue and the length of the piece, finally by the material. I then hang them on hangers which are organized by color and categorized by what is on them. Also do my shoes (if possible in the original box) by color, heel height, and occasion.

3) I love old names! I think that my favorite names ever are Charlotte, Isabella, Edward, and Richard (also 3 of those are family names).

4) I'm totally freaked out of spiders, but if I see one running along my floor I get very possessive of my space and I will kill the spider with a vengeance and then put something over it because I'm too scared to pick up the carcass and flush/trash it!

5) I collect quotes.  I have probably about 75 pages of typewritten, single spaced quotes and about half of them are organized into categories.  I'd like to publish them in a book form someday, but I have no idea who to go to or how to get permission to do something like that.

6) I love the smell of old books.  Not the mildew smell of a book that has been poorly cared for, but the smell that says it's been somewhere, read often, and it has a history.  I don't know how to explain it, but if you love the smell of old books, you know what I mean.

14 September 2008

Fairs are Fun!

Until you've been working at one for 11 days straight.  Now I'm not saying that I have the worst job ever, not by a long shot, but I just did 14 days straight both getting ready and then working for my dad at the fair.  I don't even know what all was at the fair unless it was between our booth and the food court.  I. Am. Tired.  I'm tired, and my whole body hurts, and I've managed to finally catch the cold that everyone else was passing around our team, but there were definitely some great things about working that much.  1) As material as it is, the paycheck isn't going to be bad.  I know when I get it, I'll be most pleased!  2) The people who come to the fair are super... Well, some of them are very... interesting!  It was so fun to people watch then swap stories with the other people I was working with!  (If you are interested in hearing some of these stories, email or call me and I'll be glad to share some with you!)  3) I got a free magnetic bracelet!  I was talking to the people selling them and they told me to try it and if I liked it by the end of the fair, I could keep it.  If not, I could bring it back.  When I was talking to them at the end, one of the ladies working there told me to just keep it!  SWEET!  I still haven't decided if it totally works, but I think it helped me get rid of a headache the other day, so I'll keep trying it for now.  4) There were some supremely awkward experiences which, at the time kind of sucked, but those are the ones that make for the BEST stories later!  Like the 4o+ year old guy who asked for my number, or the guy who was selling the salsa maker (also old enough to be my father, by the way) who told me me this afternoon that we should run off together and get married, then backpack through Europe for the rest of our lives.  Seriously, do I look like the backpacking type?  Also, no.  I will not run off and marry you, you're weird.  What's with the old men who try to pick up on me?  That's just not cool.  5) Last, but certainly not least, my friends!  I had some amazing friends who came to see me and some others who didn't even know I was going to be there that I happened to meet up with!  It was great to see everyone!  One last thing I just want to throw out there, I know that everyone has stuff that comes up on occasion, but personally I don't think it's acceptable to be late for your shift consistently.  Especially if it's 30 minutes at least and there isn't even a phone call.  I think it's irritating.  Overall, I think it was not a totally bad experience and I learned a lot for future use!  In other news, I finally got my new bed in my room and totally set up!  It's so nice and big and beautiful!  I'm so happy to have it out of the garage and in use!  I love it completely and thankfully I have yet to stub my toe on it or ram into it while running into my room!  :)


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