17 June 2008

Seattle, Rain or Shine!

Seattle conference 016

So, I've kind of been slacking and I was going to write a blog about my Seattle trip all last week but alas, I never did.  So I shall do it now!

I went on a business trip two weekends ago with my father, one of his associate doctors, and the CA from his office.  We left on Friday afternoon and got there that evening.  We all had dinner that night with my grandparents.  That was a crazy hilarious dinner!!!  Carol and I absolutely could hardly keep from laughing the whole time! 

Seattle conference 001

That night when we finally got to our hotel there was a fabulous discovery!  We had sleep number beds which weren't the most comfortable beds in the world, but it made for several hours of entertainment during our stay there!  Ok, so apparently we're only 5 years old!

Seattle conference 003

Saturday was pretty much meetings during the day and I got to go out with my good friend Matt that night!  It was a blast!  He took me to a great Vietnamese restaurant which has, very possibly, the best name I've ever seen!  For those of you who don't speak Vietnamese there is a dish called phu (except that the 'u' has a little swish over it) and it's pronounced fa.  Anyway, this is a picture of the restaurant.

What the Phu

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I didn't get a lot of pictures from that night, but I did have my phone so I got a couple with that.  We went back and he showed me his apartment and I got to see his sweet puppy Luke!  He's such a great dog!  After that, I got to see where Matt works.  It's a great studio type place that is on Microsoft campus.  It has some crazy computers with an amazing amount of cables and some HUGE batteries! 

Microsoft batteries

It was a blast!  I had such a great time!

Sunday was pretty chill.  We went to some meetings then we went and played in Seattle all day.  We went to Pike market and browsed the little shops there.  We also saw them throwing fish at the fresh market and a couple of crazy street performers fighting over their 'turf'.  It was pretty entertaining! 

Seattle conference 011

It got nice and sunny so we decided to go on a ferry boat ride.  It was quite lovely and we even got to see Mount Rainier.  Pretty cool! 

Seattle conference 013

We got over to the airport with very little craziness!  Of course, with the given group a little bit of craziness is always present, but given that is par for the course, it was relatively tame!  Overall, it was a very fun trip and it was so great to see family and friends that I haven't seen in ages!  Good times!

14 June 2008


So I found a new blog theme that I want to change to, but I can't figure out how to make it work!  Someone who is good with computers should come teach me how to do it (aka, do it for me).  No really, I would like to know how to make it work, but unfortunately I'm just getting frustrated with the project, so I'm going to bed effective, now.


On a different note, I saw Kung Fu Panda tonight and it was great!  To be more specific, Amy and I went to dinner at Pier 49 pizza, dessert at Red Mango (Delectable!), and then after burning some time looking at pictures, we saw Kung Fu Panda.  Either way it was a great movie and I think a good time was had by all!  I give it two enthusiastic  thumbs up!  Skedoosh!


04 June 2008

Indiana Jones!

Warning!!! This blog may (does) contain spoilers!!!!!
Well there has been quite the controversy about the new Indiana Jones movie. Personally, I quite enjoyed it! It has the same feel as the other movies in the series, the main difference is that instead of having people as the main group Indiana deals with, it's a group of aliens. That's the biggest difference and while it was a little bit out there, I think it went over well. There also is an additional twist that (drum roll please!) Indie is a daddy!!! It was a great twist that really made an interesting new story line! I was also really impressed that Harrison Ford did most of his own stunts and that he fit into his old costumes! Hooray for him! Kudos to Ford for keeping it together all of these years! I got a little scared at the end of the movie when Mutt (Indiana's son) looked like he was going to follow in his father's footsteps, but luckily we avoided a Star Wars travesty. Seriously, can we avoid the stories that never end please? That's all, it was a great movie and I think it's right up there with the others! Good times all around!

So much happening, so little time!

I was meaning to write this post all of last week, but I was sick and trying to run my family's office while my parents were on their anniversary trip in Acapulco so it just didn't happen.  The last 10 days have been crazy busy though! 

First, I'm going to go back a bit.  A week further to be exact!  Whitney had her birthday party which was a fantastic time!  It was a Hollywood themMay 2008 020e party and along with Lucy, Shakespeare In Love,  Indiana Jones, and Tom, Katie, and Suri there was a full house!  I'll give three guesses as to who I went as!  It was totally a blast!  I have to give kudos to the group who came as Tom, Katie, and Suri!  That was a total hit!

May 2008 010

Now on to this last week or so!  I spent last Saturday costuming the Cottonwood High School Alumni production of The Good Doctor by Neil Simon.  It turned out so great, but it was pretty much exhausting because it took all day working on it and running around getting things done!  Whew!  I won't lie, I was very glad when that was done!

Monday dawned a chilly, rainy morning.  It was Memorial day in every way except for the great weather we're used to.  None the less, my cousin and I forged onward and went up to Centerville to find our great-great-something grandmother's grave!  I've kind of had a hard time when people say 'I feel such a connection with such-and-such relative', but I can honestly say that while I've never met my grandma Charlotte in this world, she is a constant presence in my life.  I like to think of her as my guardian angel!  So it was pretty exciting for me to go out and find her, even if it was combing the cemetery in the rain and getting my shoes totally soaked through.  May 2008 045

When we came back, we had an indoor BBQ picnic and I went to the Death Cab for Cutie concert!  It was a great concert!  Liz was great enough to be able to come on such short notice and it was great that she was there because I may have lost my mind waiting for it to start!  We got there at about 4.45 because the concert was supposed to start at 5.  Well, by 6.45 they let us start going in to get our seats.  The line that May 2008 064we stood in for 2 + hours was... well, colorful to say the least!  It was a massively long line and we were right behind the crazy group!  The concert was great, but honestly the opening band Tegan and Sarah were better.  They totally played to the audience and it was great!

So that's pretty much what I've been up to lately!  It's been great and I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get it all up here! And for those of you out there who actually read this regularly I'll try to be better about it in the future and I'll try not to get sick anymore!

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