15 May 2008


It is so much fun!  It is a crazy awesome dance workout and I loved it completely!  I went tonight with my friend Amy who introduced me to it.  I was (still am slightly) worried that I will be insanely sore tomorrow, but that story will wait until morning to be told!  It is a mixture of Latin dance and aerobics and... other stuff.  I'm not really sure.  It's a ball though!  I would recommend it to any and everyone who wants to have fun getting in shape!!!  Just in fair warning though, it WILL make you sweat!  If an intensive cardio workout isn't your thing then Zumba isn't for you!  Happy exercising!

12 May 2008

Mothers Day!

I love my mamma!  I just wanted to say that I love her so much!  I'm so glad she brought me into the world (though I'm sure she sometimes wanted to take me out of it!) and that she raised me the way she did!  I'm so thankful she was always such a great example to me and that she took me to church and helped me to grow my faith!  I'm also very thankful that she would always forgive me no matter what I'd done.  She loved me no matter how badly I messed up and I've made my fair share of bad mistakes.  I also wanted to thank all of my other 'mothers' who helped me become the person I'm growing into!  All of my sweet mothers from church and school who have taught me correct principles no matter what it applies to!  I love you all so very, very much!  You know who you are and if you aren't sure then consider yourself loved anyway!  Happy Mothers Day to all of the fabulous mothers out there!  Especially the ones who have new babies or will soon!  I sure love you all!  XOXOXO

27 Dresses

I didn't love this movie.  It was a funny movie in certain places, but I just wasn't so much in the mood for what it had to offer me today so I think that may have some influence on how I felt about it.  I won't be watching it again anytime soon, if ever again.

On a positive note, the editor was a woman which made me happy!  You don't see that nearly as often so it was kind of a treat!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go!

At long last I'm starting to get paid for the film work I do!  It's so exciting I can hardly contain myself!  It's kind of a funny story though.  For those of you who don't know, I was working on a film that I had originally thought would be paying me.  Upon arriving however, they told me that they couldn't pay me because if they paid one student, they would have to pay all of the students something.  They could give me class credit though!  Wait, did we miss something?  Could it be that I graduated and I don't need class credit anymore, but I do need money for all of those lovely student loans I've got to pay off.  Ah, but I digress.  So I told them I would stay around long enough for them to find someone to replace me, also that I would come back the next week Thursday and Friday when they had a lot of extras and would need extra help.  On Friday when I was down there, I woke up to a phone call from my mentor who had a job that she couldn't take, but she wondered if I would like it?  Let me think, YES!  I was so excited!  She asked if I could be there in 30 minutes because they were kind of fumbling around last minute for someone, so I showed up with my makeup mostly done, and my hair was a disaster, but at that point they sure didn't care!  They were just happy to have someone there to take care of things!  The cast was relatively small as was the crew, but they were great!  I had the best time working with everyone (and I'm not just saying that because some of them might read this!) and I made a lot of great new friends!  I can easily say that it's one of the best times I've ever had making money!  I was the only girl on set for most of the day so at some points it was definitely a tease Tiffany day, but I'm tough!  I can take it!  Plus, it was all done in good humor.  The guys were amazing and I would work with them again for sure!  We went from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.  We did some hiking and plenty of climbing around on things, plus we pulled very long hours!  9.30 am to 12.30 am!  Whew, but overall it wasn't too bad!  One of the best moments was when we piled me plus 4 full grown men into my little corolla and went into Orem for Burger King!  That was quite the sight to behold!  Plus, I told them that we should maybe not swear while in my car.  The conversations became quite noticeably less at that point!  They guys were sweet though trying to clean up their language a bit for me.  One of the other great moments was when they staged an explosion!  It was way cool looking!  It was very real looking (not that I've ever seen a real cave explosion, but that's not the point now is it.)  Here are a couple of pictures!

First summer and filming 020  First summer and filming 021







I wanted to also put up the video from the explosion, but unfortunately I am still figuring out this new program I'm using so I couldn't make it work.  Maybe later if I remember!  It's pretty amazing what they can do!  It totally looked like rocks were flying out of the cave when it was really bits of cork and stuff!  Anyway, it was great working with such talented people and having that kind of experience!  More to come shortly I hope!

04 May 2008

Onward and Upward!

Well, it has indeed been a while since my last post and since I promised I would have a new blog up... well, let's just say a while ago, I figured no time like the present right?!

So I graduated! SURPRISE! Yeah, for those of you who don't know (I don't know how many people who read this don't know I graduated, but I'll put that out there just in case!) Last Friday I officially graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Theatre Arts Studies. I majored with an emphasis in Costume and Makeup Design which is really just code for I majored in coloring. Not really, I LOVE what I do and it is really much more difficult and rewarding then it seems (so if you know anyone who needs a designer feel free to pass along my name!) I digress though... The graduation was awesome! For commencement on Thursday, Elder Bednar came and spoke to us! It was great! Don't ask me what he spoke about, but I found out that we share a birthday! That's pretty cool! I got to hang out with Jeff and Jess during the ceremony which was a life saver! We took tons of pictures and had just an amazing time together! Afterward, I found my family which included my cousins and we took some great pictures! (as seen below)

Jessica, Linzy, Erica, Tiffany, and Jeff before Commencement (P.S. It was FREEZING!)

Mom and Me after Commencement

Me and Matt after Commencement
I may have been falling off of the Cougar... What of it?

Friday was my actual convocation. It was pretty cool seeing all of my friends I've spent so much time with and had so many long days (and nights) in productions dressed up and ready to start out on our individual paths in life. I'm definitely going to miss everyone, but I'm so excited to be starting out into 'the rest of my life' whatever that means! I would have to say that one of the greatest moments of the whole thing was when we were all getting ready to walk across the stage and one of the slightly stranger girls we have classes with smiled at Jeff and me with her prosthetic vampire teeth in. Yes, she walked and had all of her pictures taken with fangs on. Jeff and I just stared at her, then at each other in absolute shock. For one of the few times in my life I truly had nothing to say. Scary. When we finished taking all of the last time pictures around campus I turned in my cap and gown, cleared out of my apartment for the last time, and headed home to Salt Lake City! Home sweet home!

Tiffany, Jeff, and Erica in all stages of being dressed before Convocation Me with Rodger (one of my most favorite professors ever!!!) before Convocation
Shaking the dean's hand I think
Getting the diploma cover from Rodger!
Jeff and Tiffany as graduates! Hooray!!!
My fabulous family!
In front of my home away from home
I couldn't resist!

Saturday we had a great BBQ at our place! It was so cool to have family around to celebrate the graduations of this year! Three of the four cousins who were graduating were able to be there with our families! It was really neat! Of course I didn't get to spend much time at home because I had to go right back down to Provo Monday morning to work on a film that's being shot down there right now. More to come on that later...Stay tuned!

Anyway, I am so excited to be starting off into who knows what! I am sure it will be exciting at the very least! Thanks to everyone who made my graduation weekend so special, especially my family! I love you all tons! XOXOXO

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