27 March 2008

Dance the night away!

Well, it's been a while since I last posted anything up here and in that time I've done quite a lot! One of which was Dancesport. For those of you who don't know what Dancesport is, it's a national ballroom dance competition that takes place at BYU each March. Youth competitors and professionals come to compete from all over the country to compete as well as BYU students who compete in open events as well as class events. It is awesome to watch and even more fun to compete in! This year, being my last year at BYU, I really went into it hoping to do well and have a great experience. I had great partners and we practiced a lot so I was confident and it paid off! We did fantastically!!!

On Thursday we danced the Silver Samba and the Gold Foxtrot. In the samba (pictures above) my partner Josh and I danced into the Semi-finals which was so great! We were so stoked about that! Especially since we didn't do as well as we could have for a couple of the rounds, but all that matters is being seen when you are doing something amazing! This takes me to the Foxtrot.

My partner Mike and I are actually in the Silver level class but we decided to dance up to the Gold level just for fun (the classes are in levels Bronze - Beginning, Silver - Intermediate, Gold 1 - Advanced, etc.) This was the most incredible thing ever!!! We didn't dance the Foxtrot routine we had learned the entire night and to further that, we didn't always dance our best. We were actually wondering for a lot of the time how we were even getting called back all of the times we did when people who were more advanced were dancing all around us(I'm convinced it was that I had henna on my hand and they wanted to keep calling us back to see what it was!). It pretty incredible when we got called back to the evening session to dance and even more so when we ended up in the final round! We ended up taking 7th over all in a level that is more advanced than ours! I can't begin to tell you how exciting that was!

On Saturday Mike and I danced in our class event which was waltz. We didn't do as well as we expected to, but we were really pleased with the way we danced and we did get into the quarter finals! That's great! I was really lucky to have my Parents as well as my friends Jen and Trent come see me! It's so much more fun dancing for people you know and it means so much when people will come all that way to see you perform! It just makes you feel so loved! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to dance and that we did so well! I can't think of any way that I could have ended my BYU ballroom dancing career any better!

10 March 2008

Another good movie to see

The other night I went over to my cousins’ house the other night for a movie and just overall relaxing night. We watched the movie No Reservations and it was delightful! The movie was pretty clean and it had such a sweet story line! Just a great flick for anyone (mostly girls will watch it probably, but it could be fun for you guys as well! Give it a chance!).

After that we sat in the hot tub for a while and chatted until late into the night. It was a much needed escape from my busy life, and a great chance to hang out with people I love to be with!

Crazy life!

So my life has officially been crazy lately! I have Berlin (which is a whole other post in and of itself) plus I've worked on a couple of student films in the last month or so as well! One that was a great time was Best Wishes! Love, Adele. It was tough in some aspects, but great fun in others! We had a few days of filming at a retirement home and then we did a day filming back in the 1940s! It was so cool getting everyone done up in all of their awesome glamorous makeup and hair from that time! Here are some pictures from the production!

Filming at the retirement home

The cast and crew!

Lovely ladies all dressed up for the 1940s!

I was thinking deep thoughts... Are the lines of my stockings straight?

Filming a film set in the 1940s

On the last day we were at a house where an older couple had lived. One of them had just passed away and the other had moved into a retirement community, then their drug addict son moved in and ransacked the place. It's really quite sad, but it made a prime opportunity for the creative minds of a bored crew to make up stories and play around. Unfortunately, I also got caught and had to help out at a couple of points as well!

I was a stand in for a while. You stand there so that lighting people can focus the lights properly. It's really just code word for not fun.

This is our Emo band picture

On a treasure hunt!

Tim looking in the atic

Unfortunately there was no treasure up there...

Well, even though there was no treasure that day it was fun and we came up with some crazy awesome ideas for new projects! Good times indeed!

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