04 December 2007


I've been tagged by Lauren so here I will be disclosing 6 facts or habits about myself.

1) I have never felt so perfectly complete as when I am dancing. There is something that I can't explain but I feel more myself then any other time when I am dancing and it is so powerful that I know I'll never stop.

2) I lived in London for 2 months this summer and it is my favorite place in the entire world! I did so many amazing things and had the best experiences! I can hardly wait to go back!

3) I count stairs. This is a fairly weird habit, but I have to count the stairs as I'm walking up them. I started this when I was a kid so I would know how many stairs I had gone up or down in my house and I wouldn't fall if I was carrying something, but it is now something I do because I can't stop myself. I also count the number of steps I take between cracks in the sidewalk and if at all possible, I won't step on a crack.

4) I am a theatre major and I've been working on film more recently. Last spring I worked on a student film that Kirby Heyborne was in. That was a blast and he is actually a very funny, nice person. Not at all like all of those other famous people I've worked with...

5) Music is my life. I couldn't live without music and I wouldn't want to. I love to sing as well as listen to most any music. Not so much with the country or rap music, but mostly anything else.

6) I love shoes! I love shoes! I love shoes! I have (at last count) 60 some pair of shoes and I absolutely adore them! I have a weakness for shoes and vintage hats. I just can't help myself, I have to buy them. Oh, and did I mention? I love shoes!!!

Now that I've done this I want to tag Amy and Chris so if they would be so kind as to take the time to do this I would greatly appreciate it.

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