21 November 2007

What a weekend!

This last weekend was so much fun! I went to Salt Lake City for two main purposes. My sister and I had our combined Birthday party (yes, my birthday is in June, but we have a combined Birthday party in the winter and another big party in the summer. It just makes things more fun that way, but I digress). The other reason is that we had our first snowboarding lesson on Saturday afternoon. There wasn't much snow, but that didn't dampen our spirits any (more on that later).
Friday evening we did the last of our shopping and went to the musical at our old High School. Damn Yankees and it was surprisingly good for a High School musical. The kid playing Mr. Applegate (the devil for those of you who don't know the show) was hands down just amazing! I was quite pleased and, I'll admit it, I was surprised. You don't usually get that kind of talent in a person that young.
Saturday was crazy! Kim and I headed up to Snowbird where we were going to have our snowboarding lesson. On arriving we found that sadly, 95% of the other students didn't even come to my armpits. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that there were a few parents there to take the course as well. Also, when I said that there wasn't very much snow I was being generous. There was only really about 12 square feet of snow that we spent most of the day on. There was plenty of mud though! I was actually ok that we didn't go onto the mountian much because my lats and arms were sore enough as it was.

My sister and I before our lesson

On the snow patch

I spent a lot of the day doing this

Look at me and my bad self!

That evening we had our masquerade ball! It was fabulous! We had tons of fun playing charades and running around in formal gowns eating tons of chocolate dipped sweets! Everything came together beautifully and by the time everyone left at 2.30 am we were about ready to collapse. All in all, it was an amazingly fun weekend!

Happy Birthday to us!

Fun with charades

The group at the end of the night

15 November 2007

My life

It's been five months since I've blogged on this site and I think I'm going to start again. I will be trying to get new blogs up here farily regularly so that those of you who are interested can stay up with what's going on in my life. I don't know if anyone will read this at first, but I'm hoping that people will eventually. I really need a place where I can put my thoughts and get some feedback and this is as good a place as any. So I will be on here much more often from now on and I hope you will be here with me. Thanks!


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